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Foolywang Material


Lil Wayne Trolls Everyone Saying He Doesn't 'Connect' To Black Lives Matter -- 'My Life Matters To My B**ches'

Deep sigh.  Lil Wayne is back at his foolish antics again.  Nightline decided to interview him, and it all went to hell on a platter when he started talking about Black Lives Matter. 


Get the full video inside, and why Weezy is doubling down why racism must not exist because he's a rich black man.

Atlanta Pastor's Wife Opens Up About Husband Leaving Her For A Man…After 30 Years Of Marriage

Lydia Meredith, former wife to Reverend Dennis A. Meredith, opens up about her husband leaving her for a man after 30 years of marriage. Get the details on why she stayed AFTER learning he was sleeping with men and more inside…

REALLY DUDE? Former NFL Star Greg Hardy Reportedly Arrested For Cocaine Possession, Gives Bizarre Story About Why It’s Not His

So, former NFL player Greg Hardy was reportedly arrested for possession of cocaine, but he claims it’s not his! Details inside…

Wait, Ben Vereen Was Married To Two Women At The Same Damn Time....For 36 Years?!

There's no age limit on being a rolling stone, apparently.  Just ask Ben Vereen, who was just accused of being a bigamist.  The full bizarre story inside...

REALLY BRUH?! Rich Homie Quan Forgot (Or Didn't Know) The Words To A Classic Biggie Verse...At HIP HOP HONORS!

*Rolls Eyes* He had ONE job.  Rich Homie Quan hit the stage with Lil Kim last night during her VH1 "Hip Hop Honors" performance.   And it was absolute foolywang material.  Get it all inside....

Juvenile Just Cut Up At The Waffle House -- Punches Customer For Allegedly Calling Girlfriend A Ho

Juvenile is up to his juvenile antics, but this time it's because he wanted to stand up for his girlfriend.  Allegedly.  Deets inside on the Waffle House fight he just got himself into....

HARPO, Who 'Dis Woman?! Lil Kim Has Us Scratching Our Heads After Posting New Selfies That Look Nothing Like Her

Oh no! These selfies Lil Kim posted up on Instagram yesterday has the whole Internet going off! Why? Well, she’s almost unrecognizable. More inside….