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Foolywang Material


BUSTED: Khia Arrested For Trying To Stop The Repo Man!

"My Neck My Back" rapper Khia was arrested over the weekend for lashing out against someone trying to take her car. The only problem is that the "someone" was the repo man! Deets inside.....

JUST FOR LAUGHS: LaLa Anthony Demands The Right To Be A Pervert + Chris Brown Vs. Affion Crockett In A Dance-Off


In a funny video posted to Funny Or Die, LaLa Anthony and a team of women hope to "Take Back The Perv" as they demand their right to be perverts. 

And who's crazy enough to take on Chris Brown in a dance-off?  Funnyman Affion Crockett is up to the challenge.  Check out both videos inside.....

An ENRAGED Kobe Bryant Accused Of ASSAULTING Fellow Church-Goer


When the pastor said reach out and touch your neighbor this past Sunday, Kobe Bryant took it literally and sent a fellow church-goer to the hospital. Deets inside....

Lawsuit Alleges Lauryn Hill Was VICIOUS To Former Band Members + Katt Williams FIRED For Being DRUNK And Lashing Out At Audience


Now that she's back on tour, let's hope Lauryn Hill don't need any new band members because one former employee is suing for owed money AND her alleged verbally abusive ways!  Get the deets inside and find out why Katt Williams got kicked off stage at a gig last night.

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Hosea Chanchez's Rap Debut With "Booty Shotz"?!

I can't be mad at Hosea Chanchez for wanting to expand his brand, but we're still on the fence about whether music should be his next venture. Come inside and experience Hosea's hip-hop side with BOOTY SHOTZ...and decide if he should stick to acting......

REALLY!? Soulja Boy Cops Himself A $55 Million Private Jet + Man Calls NFLer Larry Johnson The "N" Word And Sues Him For Assault


Soulja Boy is celebrating turning 21-years-old with a $300K birthday bash in Miami...and a $55 Million private jet to top it off! Yes....you read that number right.

Get the deets on the king of conspicuous consumption inside and find out about the man suing Larry Johnson for assault, and who called him the "N" word!

Dwight Eubanks Leaves "RHOA", Says There's Too Much "Buffoonery"

In today's foolywang, Dwight Eubanks has announced that he won't be returning to "RHOA" because he can't take the buffoonery.  Get the deets inside...