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Weezy Cheating His Canadian Fans?

Rampant Foolishness

*Sigh* This just must be addressed:




So Lil Wayne hit up Love nightclub here in DC a few nights ago for a concert....in rare form. YBF DC correspondent Nicole was on the scene and caught Weezy in all his syrup-y glory. Apparently Weezy didn't even hit the stage until 1:30am. Too bad he was supposed to be on a little after the doors opened at 7p. I hear the patrons were extra pissy about the bootleg lateness...literally. Someone in the audience actually peed by the stage and Big Tigger (who was hosting the event) had to call them out. Still, I'm told Wayne gave a hot performance (for a dude that high) for about an hour while Snoop from The Wire and other celebs kicked it on stage with him.

Birdman came out on "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" and they did a couple more songs. Then semi-violence erupted when someone in the crowd threw a water bottle at Wayne. He screamed out, " Which one of you b*tches threw that bottle at me? It's alright though, they threw stones at Jesus. " He proceeded to say how whoever it was couldn't even admit they did it but it was cool...as someone from his entourage put a blue bedroom robe on him. He made like he was about to exit then came back and said he forgot something, at which point the DJ played Whitney Houston's " I'll always love you". WTF material indeed. Dude is killing me with the Jesus comparisons. More pics from the concert when you read the rest...

Rap Foolery: Lil Romeo Puts Us All To Bed+50 Gets Jacked

I'm not sure what Lil Romeo is doing these days but I thought he was already in college at USC. Either way, he and his friends are getting Facebook happy with the pics and videos. His latest vid is him doing his best LL impression while lip syncing to J. Holiday's "Bed":
Um.....so dude is 18 and all now so I don't feel that bad for having several impure thoughts all up and through my head right now while watching this vid. That was until I remembered this ish. *shudders* But still. I'm sayin' though... And as for who he's been spotted kicking it with around L.A.:

Singer Jesse McCartney's sister and friends. Go figure.
Facebook.com via ONTD
Footage of 50 Cent getting jacked for his chain when you read the rest...

Guess Who Got A New Tattoo?

Which Pop 'N B chick went and got a neck tattoo of the bar codes from her debut and sophomore albums? The skankerific answer when you read the rest...

Here We Go Again

Teairra Mari Is Back...Kinda+Yet Another Robert/June Bug Update

Word on the street says that Teairra Mari (the former Princess of the Roc) not only has a new look, but a new sound and new label. This is all right after rampant speculation on why Jigga let this chick go. I'm sure we will find out soon enough as I'm told her new deal was just signed and the ink is still wet. The deal is with industry powerhouse Cuda Love of Foreel Ent./Interscope--the same guy responsible for Nelly's success. Honestly she's another one who needs to go back to the drawing board and cop a modeling deal or something. But whatev. Time will tell...