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WTF Material: Scott Storch & Tommy Davidson

Well if that doesn't provide the afternoon swexy I don't know what does. 42 year old Tommy Davidson was spotted partying it up with some "friends" at Club Revolution in Vegas last night. I guess when you don't have another gig lined up you start twirking it for cash from the ladies.

I Would Have Caught You Method Man

So while Method Man performed during a Wu-Tang concert this week, he decided to stage dive. But y'all know certain folks are not trying to catch a dude who is flying mid air at them at a rap concert. Peep the video:

In a packed and ultra crowded club, nobody caught Method Man as he stage dived and he indeed hit the floor.

Dammit Jesse...Again!

Oh Hells No Pretty Ricky.

No Diddy, Have YOU Been Infected?

So it looks like Diddy is trying to send a subliminal message to all those talking ish about him. It's still not clear if he's referencing the "Diddy and Cassie coupledom" situation directly, but he's referencing something.

Dammit Jesse Jackson!+No Divorce For Shaq & Shaunie?+Kanye's New Absolut Infomercials+Pharrell And That Damn Purple Birkin Bag

Leave it to Rev. Jesse Jackson to do more harm than good. Peep the clip from his stint on Fox News last night that everyone is talking about. He thought his mic was off when he was talking ish about Barack Obama. He said he wanted to "cut his nuts off" for talking down to black people. And this is coming from a man who is Team Obama and on the damn campaign trail for the man. Even his own son Jesse Jr. has put out a statement saying he adamantly rejects his daddy's statements and essentially said they were horribly foolish. Schooled by Jr. That's gotta hurt.

And sources are reporting that Shaunie O'Neal has stopped all the divorce proceedings with her hubby Shaquille and is likely going to move toward reconciliation. Well we all knew that was coming since they all of a sudden have been hitting up every event together like nothing happened. They were even spotted in the Cayman Islands (above) for the Holiday this past weekend. Well congrats to them for working it out. More ish when you read the rest...

This Ish HAS To Be A Joke DMX

DMX was arrested today for the umpteenth time in the past few weeks as he stepped off a plane in Arizona.  He got slapped with the cuffs thanks to 2 outstanding warrants in the state.  I can't even tell his new mugshots from the "old" ones  anymore.  According to TMZ: DMX was arrested in Arizona this morning, as he exited a flight from Fort Lauderdale.