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Note To Sheree Whitfield: Girl Stop.

"ATL Housewife" Sheree "I'm just waitin' on my 7 figure payout" Whitfield is somewhere mad salty right now.  According to the AJC, she's appealing her divorce settlement in order to get more money.  But she already, in fact, was awarded approx. $1.1 mill when the divorce from her husband, ex NFLer Bob Whitfield was finalized back in '07.  Apparently that's just not enough for lil Ms. Sheree--who was ordered to leave the $2.2 mill house she was trying to stunt on people with during the Real Housewives show.  Mainly because it wasn't part of her divorce settlement.  The kicker is her lawyer's arguments as to why she deserves more money.  They're pretty much making her look like the helpless career groupie--and apparently she's ok with it:
Her attorneys argue that based on her lack of education and inability to earn income, the court abused its discretion by not awarding alimony and then ordering her and the children out of their $2.6 million home in Sandy Springs. Under state law, the trial court must consider a number of factors in determining the amount of alimony, including the standard of living established during the marriage, the duration of the marriage, the financial resources of each party and the time necessary for a party to acquire sufficient education and training to get a job. Her ex-husband not only received an $8 million signing bonus as part of a $30 million six-year contract, but he is also a sophisticated businessman with investment properties in Costa Rica, California and Atlanta, as well as founder and owner of a “world-class” recording studio, from which he draws $50,000 annually. To enhance his earning power, he has returned to Stanford University. She, on the other hand, has devoted her time to raising the couple’s two young children. The clothing boutique she managed for a brief time, “Bella Azul,” quickly failed under her management and oversight, her attorneys point out. With only a high school degree, she depended on her husband, with whom she had been in a relationship for 14 years. Despite her lack of education, marketable job skills and employment prospects, the court wrongly denied her alimony, even though her husband’s monthly income is almost 12 times her. The failure to award alimony is also contrary to the best interests of the children, her attorneys contend. Without alimony, she cannot afford to buy another home in the neighborhood where they have grown up, have friends and go to school.
Source has the whole story

Talking a pile of sh*t and not backing a lick of it up. Playing the helpless groupie bullsh*t role in court? WTF?  And she has an "inability to earn income"?  I know paraplegics who earn a damn income.  GTFOH Sheree.  This type of ish is a pet peeve of mine and I could give a damn who has a problem with my rant. Posers make me itch and this chick is going for Queen Bee status of Camp Poser.  Y'all already know how I feel about the Housewives and them trying to act like they're richer than rich when hardly any of them have anywhere near the mula that they claim.  And have the nerve to try to be condescending to others--who probably have more money than them.   Your bad you didn't pull a Shaunie O'Neal and take your "allowance" money and flip it for your damn self Sheree.  All these damn bailouts must stop in '09.  We're still being selfish even when kids are involved?  Get a damn job!  Womp womp! More on this foolishness when you read the rest...

Aubrey Pimped Out For $500k+The Dream Gets Tipper Love

Playboy must be hurting for skanks.  Because they've officially offered Aubrey O'Day $500,000 to pose nude.  Shocker isn't it?  The sad thing is I'm sure she thinks this is an upgrade from Whackity Kane and being under Diddy's thumb.  On a more positive note, at least she's getting paid for her skankaliciousness this time around.... The Dream

But His ________ Looks Nice.

I'm sure the British YBF readers will appreciate this. I don't know who or what this is but apparently he goes by the name of Mr. Motivator. And the foolywangery must be discussed. He's on GMTV (in the UK) for the first time in ten years with his trademark outfits to get people motivated and healthy again: Mr.

Pre-Weekend Foolery: Confirmed-Soulja Boy Got JACKED!+LeToya Jackson Goes "Big Brother" On Us

A representative for Soulja Boy has confirmed reports the rapper was the victim of assault earlier this week. Unconfirmed reports that DeAndre Ramone Way and several of his friends were robbed at gunpoint after six men invaded his Georgia home on Tuesday-Dec. 30th. Speculation heightened on Wednesday after two masked men posted a video, in which they took responsibility for the crime, online.

Ne-Yo: All The Prettiest Kids Are Light Skinned

I still haven't figured out WTH made Ne-Yo, who I thought was a smarter dude, hop on the Yung Berg train of stupidity.

Really Kenyon Martin?

I'm not sure where Denver Nuggets baller--and Trina's boyfriend--Kenyon Martin got this bright and tangy idea.  But he has gone off and gotten a kissy lips tattoo right on his neck.  When he had a sit down interview about it, he told the journalist it was an ode to his girlfriend (Trina).  And it's something he's always wanted--he just had to wait to get it for the right person.  I guess his former 2 wives weren't "right" enough.  And isn't he still legally married? Ei

Video Fab: Foxy Brown Pops Out & Kanye Pops Off+Plaxico Burress Losing His House?

Word has it Plaxico Burress is putting his New Jersey estate on the market. Now that his $35 mill NFL contract is out the window thanks to his lock up status--he likely won't be able to afford it. And he has a family to take care of.