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Evening Tidbits

Tameka Raymond is determined to get the liposuction she damn near lost her life over last month. Apparently she's planning to go back under the knife to get hat tummy tuck and whatever else she thinks will make Usher pay more attention to her or something. An "insider" says: "It was the worst few days of Usher's life -- but now he's frightened to death all over again because Tameka insists she still wants the surgery.

D. Woods' New J-O-B?

So D. Woods hit up a pajama party hosted by DJ Irie and Kevin Lyttle at Miami's Club Bed last night: And um, homegirl hit the pole like a pro.  Seeing that she wasn't one of the "celebs" hosting the party, and somebody made it rain on her breastesses....it's pretty damn possible ya girl found a post Danity Kane job. I hear they call it "partying" these days though. More pics when you read the rest...

Foolish Activites: Usher & J.D. Talk Ish About Christina Milian's New 'Do+A McNugget Outage Is An Emergency?!

So we weren't the only ones

Here We Go Again...

It was only a matter of time before a "cartoon/satire" about President Obama such as this hit the papers: Y'all already know Rev. Al has already spoken out on his own website and to media outlets. He says:
The cartoon in today's New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys.

FOOLISHNESS: Jayson Williams & Raz-B

Here we go again with a Raz-B scandal. Apparently he's uploaded nude and pornographic pics of himself on an adult entertainment website by the name of Adultspace. Honestly, I kinda doubt the pics that are nude and showing his "eroticism" are him as they don't show his face. The ones showing his face are not nude. But there is one particular nude picture that has the same background details as a pic that does show his face. No word on if Chris Stokes is one of his Adultspace friends. So what's a girl to think? You be the judge. His page is here and it's indeed NSFW. You freaks have been warned... In other news, we've got some interesting extra info about the NBA star Jayson Williams foolishness going on. Click on to read about it...

SCANDAL?!: "Danger" Says Ray-J IS The Father!

Never trust a chick with tattoos on her face.  Or could we?  "Danger", a contestant on VH-1's "Flavor of Ray-J",  is going extra hard telling everyone that she is three months pregnant and Ray-J is indeed the father.  She says they slept together toward the end of the first week on the show (we're working on verifying that the show was even taped three months ago).  Ray-J denies the entire thing.  His rep says none of it is true. Whether or not they actually slept together, I guess

Afternoon Bits: Octuplet Mama Drama+Aubrey Really Took It All Off+Wanda Has Some Words For You

OK I tried to not comment on this Cali Octuplet mom again because the situation seriously irritates me. But the newest developments are too outrageous to not discuss. Nadya Suleman said--on national tv--that she does not and will not ever receive monetary help from the government. However, Suleman receives food stamps and child disability payments for three of her children, her publicist has confirmed. She told Ann Curry “I’m not receiving help from the government. I’m not trying to expect anything from anybody,” and added that money was “superfluous” and “paper.” Damn lie. When she was confronted about her lie, Nadya said she does not believe food stamps are welfare. *blank stare* Apparently she's received over 300k in "help" from the government. Meanwhile, her mother confirms that she is obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Like we couldn't figure that out ourselves... It's been found out that Ms. Suleman has gotten a lot of plastic surgery to her face over the years. The pictures prove it. So now government money that she doesn't think is government money is being used for cosmetic surgery, IVFs, and living expenses since she's never had a job? All this while the state of California is giving out IOU's in place of tax refunds this year? GTFOH. I really hope all these kids have and get everything they need in some way because they should not have to suffer because of someone else's foolishness. In other news, Aubrey's Playboy pics are semi-out. And you know you want to see them just for the sh*ts and giggles: SMDH. More pics when you read the rest...