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Gregg Leakes Makes Statement (And Apologizes) For Leaked Audio About His Wife NeNe

Gregg Leakes just issued a statement today regarding that leaked audio where he was telling his friend/radio host Corey King about his divorce and marital woes with ATL Housewife NeNe and their financial woes.  Gregg went and hired PR people to clean his mess up.  Couldn't he have used that money to pay Corey back, since owing him money is what got him into this situation to begin with?  


We're also told that the radio host is releasing some very personal credit information of Gregg's today.

The Kat Stacks Tour-O-Foolery Continues...

And so it continues. Kat Stacks is back on somebody's computer camera airing out athletes and rappers. Why these dudes are still is knocking this chick down is beyond me. But her latest victims are Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson and rapper Chopper City.


Kat and her lack of phonics aired out Chad's phone number and talked about hitting up his mansion in Miami. She also aired out Chopper for the ish he was apparently talking about her. The vid when you read on...

FRIDAY FOOLYWANG: Look What "Sexy Spec" Started...


Now I typically wouldn't post something like this, but this ish is too foolish to pass up.  5 dudes--in 1 room--decided to tape themselves doing a "new dance" called "D*ck Slangin'".  You got to see it to believe it. 


The funniest thing is the fact that they think this is extra tight.  America, where are our daddies?


The NSFW vid when you read on...

Nicki Minaj Disrespects Rap Legend Eric B.!


Nicki Minaj has pissed off a legend in the rap game.  Eric B. of Eric B. and Rakim took to Twitter to give Nicki a genuine "Go f**k yourself!"  And it's all because she tried to play him out and acted like she didn't even know who he was when they met.  Well that;s a co-sign an up and comer never wants to hear.


The deets when you read on...


NFL baller Chris McAlister is not looking good to the female species.  His wife Marlene just filed for divorce-and it was mainly because she wouldn't abort their now 2 month old daughter.  And he hasn't even seen his wife or his kid since baby was still in the womb.

The deets when you read on...

MORNING FOOLISHNESS: Shaq Has Some "Fire & Desire"

So it looks like Shaquille O'Neal didn't take his soon-to-be ex wife Shaunie's new "Basketball Wives" reality show well. He took to UStream last night to play around Stephon Marbury style. He donned a wig, a shirt he ripped like a deep v-neck blouse, tried to pour water on himself...all while lip synching to "Fire & Desire". SMDH.

*UPDATED* VIDEO FAB: Kat Stacks Blasts Rappers On Shade 45+Kelis & Will.i.am Perform On "Jimmy Kimmel"

The Kat Stacks sex tales drama continues. Despite being kicked off twitter and Child Protective Services being called to her home in recent days, Kat (who is a mother) is still talking about all the rappers she's run through and airing their dirty drawers...and numbers and addresses. She hit Angela Yee's Morning show on Shade 45 today. And the audio gives Ms. Yee one of her most controversial interviews to date:


According to Angela, Kat "had a rough life growing up, having been abused by her uncles and mom, her baby’s father, running away from home, and even attempting suicide. When she felt she was being mistreated by these rappers, left stranded with no money and no way home, she lashed out by posting Youtube videos exposing them." I could say so many things but I honestly feel like it's a lost cause at this point. Stay in school kids. And if you were in a bad situation as a kid, please handle those demons so the cycle stops with you. That is all... *UPDATE* We've got a full summary of the entire interview with what you really want to know under the cut. Kelis' performance on "Jimmy Kimmel" when you read the rest...