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REVEALED: Ashanti's Stalker & His SEXT Messages!


Ashanti's stalker Devar Hurd has been revealed.  He appeared in court last week to plea his case as he was charged with terrorizing Ashanti and her family via text. Images of his crazy textz when you read the rest...

Serena & Common Take Pics In Barbados+The Salahis Crash ANOTHER Obama Dinner!

Here's more pics of Serena and Common kiki'ing it up with friends in Barbados over the weekend:

Cute.  Lookin' a bit tipsy.  But that is ALLLL good. More drama with the crasher Sahalis when you read the rest...

Real Housewives Of D.C. Foolery ALREADY!

Just when we thought only the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" were full of posers and foolery, "The Real Housewives of D.C." is off to the same start!  At the White House's first State Dinner last week, two people popped up in the mix--taking pics  in front of the media and with extremely powerful politicians--and they were NOT invited.  How'd they get in?  Secret Service is still trying to determine.  But they are now facing criminal charges because they were not on the guest list or seated at a table. The couple in question, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, are actually casted for the newest installment of "The Real Housewives of D.C."  And they decided to CRASH the State Dinner like it was some club or some ish.  D.C. and the White House are going nuts trying to figure out how some random people got so close to the President and the Prime Minister of India (the honoree) and other politicians like governors, mayors, and VP Biden.  The Salahis actually posted ALL the pics they took with these politicians at the party on their Facebook page, and that's how they got caught.  Smh. This is reportedly not the first time this couple has crashed a very high powered and tight security party.  It's also well known that Tareq's family business(a winery) has been facing several financial problems.  The couple's friends have even told the media they believe the Salahis are embezzling money from their own "charity organizations" that they founded just to keep their business afloat.  Michaele's hairdresser says they got a call hours before the event and when they asked homegirl to see the "White House State Dinner" invitation she kept talking about, she refused to show it.  Womp.  A film crew was also spotted filming the couple getting out of their SUV and walking up to the White House.  And Mrs. Salahi had a makeup artist fluff her up before getting out the car. More when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Sh*ts & Giggles


Beyonce Lives It Up In London+EGYPTOLOGIST: Beyonce Is STUPID!

Beyonce was spotted arriving at Kanaloa Nightclub in London last night in this cute off the shoulder silver sequin dress.  And sources report that earlier in the week while in Liverpool, she took out a room at the just to store her 12 bags.  A staffer said: “She had seven suitcases, three hand-luggage bags and two boxes, all for her mammoth gig. In the cases there were, apparently, 14 dresses, lots of shoes, make-up and 25 wigs.” Damn.

More pics and Bey getting called "stupid" when you read the rest...

Rihanna Bares Leg+The Jackson Kids Have Some Fun+WTF T-Pain?

Having her own little catwalks around Paris this week, a leggy Rihanna was spotted heading to the Vivienne Westwood show today with her stylist Mariel Haenn:

A slight wardrobe malfunction wasn't stopping her show...

And T-Pain had a birthday party the other night.  Monica, Polow, Usher, and other folks came out.  WTF was really hood?? More pics when you read the rest...

RAPPERS' DELIGHT: Boosie Goes To Jail+Rick Ross Gets JACKED By Strippers?