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LATE NIGHT FOOLERY: Mel B.'s Hair+Gary Coleman Pops Off

Mel B. was spotted arriving into LAX airport tonight after leaving her hometown of London.  Why she has insisted on rocking this half baldie with hair decor as if the ish is still (or ever was) hot is beyond me. More pics and Gary Coleman on "The Insider" when you read the rest...

NAKED BALLER ALERT: San Antonio Spur George Hill Gets "Greg Oden'd"

And another NBA baller gets caught out there....nekkid.  But y'all might be feelin' these a little more than Greg Oden's.   San Antonio Spur George Hill has some naked pics on the net that his former girlfriend or former jumpoff just leaked.

We've never heard of him but from the looks of his pics (the ones where he's actually clothed), dude is a ka-yutie!  We may just have to start paying more attention to the NBA games. We hear George spends more time on the bench than in the game so this may just be a good look for him. Just looking at the silver lining here.... The NSFW naked flicks and texts thanks to TheDirty.com and the email from his lawyer confirming it's him when you read the rest...

DRAMA: Usher's Mom Quits As His Manager AGAIN!

Warren Sapp Cops Domestic Violence Charges In Miami

ON BLAST: Celeb Wanna Be's Getting Bamboozled By Former "Celeb"?

In Atlanta, former "artist" Tariq Alexander started a company called TSW--which is supposed to be a referral based company to "get people in the entertainment industry". And he's allegedly bamboozling folks who are trying to become a star out of tons of their money. The pyramid scheme is getting blasted in ATL right now. DRAMA. Here's what former employee Yolanda Neals says:
I am a former employee of a growing pyramid scheme here in Atlanta that has robbed many aspiring artists who are desparately seeking to platform their careers in the entertainment industry. There is a so-called "mogul" selling pipe dreams to people by using other black celebrity names to entyce aspiring artists to pay him to get them connected. I blew the whistle and local news station- CBS Atlanta ran a 2 part story on this that aired a few nights ago after the Grammy Awards. We really need a more in depth, nationwide coverage of this story because this company has members all across the country who are still being robbed! Here is the links to the recent news story that CBSAtlanta aired regarding TSW (aka The System Within) which promises to make dreamers stars yet simply took their money instead.
Wow. Dude just looks suspect... Videos under the cut...

*UPDATED* NBC Gets Racist?+Danger Gets DETAINED By Cops For Arson!

So Questlove of The Roots Twitpic'd this foolishness today.  Apparently this was the sign hanging outside of the NBC cafeteria (The Roots are the house band for Jimmy Fallon--on NBC).   And folks are up in arms about the racist and stereotypical tone of this menu. Hmph. $7.50 is a good special for all this though.  Don't front. *UPDATE*: The NBC cook who came up with the menu speaks out:

*eyebrows raised*

Um, Dwight Howard...Come Get Ya Baby Mama!

So Ludacris and T.O. hosted a "pool party" in Miami yesterday. And in true exemplary groupie form, Dwight Howard's baby mama Royce Reed (who used to be a dancer for the Orlando Magic) got it in at the "How Low" contest. She's the one in all black. She's also the one Dwight is suing for $9.2 millie and is banning from even speaking his name on tv. The prize: Tickets to a basketball game. Guess she's trying to find her a new baller to fund her life since Dwight ain't having anything to do with her anymore. More after the cut...