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A Six Flags Nariah Lovefest

Get your *blank stares* ready because Mr. and Mrs. Cannon are about to present to you the Nick and Mariah Love Story straight from Six Flags Magic Mountain. I was seriously hoping this was a terrible rumor when the news of it broke earlier this week, but it was indeed true.
Oh yes, there's more. The Nariah lovefest continues when you read the rest....

And The Nariah Show Continues...

Newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon made their first public appearance together in NYC as they depart the Waverly Inn after having dinner:


That Lovey Dovey: Crihanna Can't Keep Their Hands Or Lips To Themselves & The Full Scoop On Nariah...With Nick's Wedding Band

We've got more pics of Chris Brown and Rihanna's now widespread KFC lovefest. And it's ever so clear Rih Rih loves her some CB. I guess the two forgot that they still need to put on their "we're just really close friends" act even when paparazzi cams aren't around--because security cams are always watching. Chris did reveal to EBONY in his upcoming cover story that he is officially "off the market". But remained mum on details of course. Check out the lovebirds getting their lovey dovey on in a Miami KFC yesterday:



Some folks would say fried chicken is an aphrodisiac. Regardless, now that their "cover" is blown </sarcasm>, I can't wait to see the well written story the publicists of these two are about to come up with. Gotta love it.
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The full Nariah story when you read the rest...

The Carters' Alleged Pre-Nup Details

Couples Fab

It's time to check in with our YBF couples. Omarion was spotted out on a lunch date in L.A. yesterday:


OK let me stop. I'm sure it's just his friend. Y'all know LBDub ain't having that. Note: Chill people. I'm well aware that is Omarion's lil bro Orion and said what I said for a reason. The folks who actually get it laughed and understood why. More couples when you read the rest...

Couples Hit The Streets: Reggie & Kim+Janet & J.D.

Saints baller Reggie Bush was spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday: And just when we thought he was taking a breather rom being underneath his girl Kim Kardashian... Y'all know she popped up right behind him. And who gave this chick a movie role in a "major comedy film" shooting later this year? It's conveniently shooting in Louisiana too. Loves her dress though.

Candid Fab: The Raymonds, Diddy & Kim Hit Up The Beckham's Party+T.I. & Other YBF Folks Get Political

Look who looked extra coupled up hitting up the Beckham's party at Via Veneto restaurant in Santa Monica last night: Oh really Diddy and Kimmy Porter? Spending the weekend together and looking extra cozy is the new definition of being "just friends for the kids"? Interesting. Especially when you put that man on blast not once, but twice, in Essence magazine Kim--and you publicly said you were officially done with him and his cheating/commitmentphobe ways. He must be really workin' with something... More pics when you read the rest...