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Concert Performances


Lauren London & Bad Boy Party It Up+Raisin In The Sun NY Premiere+Erykah Badu Performs

The Bad Boy crew and co. hit up the Bombay Sapphire & GIANT magazine party hosted by Lauren London and AJ Crimson last night at the Plumm in NY.  And Diddy looks mad unentertained.  But you picked 'em Diddy...

Bobby Brown & Sisqo Going Country?+New Ish From Erykah Badu+Other Fabness

  Bobby Brown and Sisqo (where the hell's he been) are on a new show on CMT called "Gone Country".  The synopsis: In each episode, the cast competes against each other in challenges that will test them musically and physically to adapt to a country music lifestyle, both on and off the stage. At the end of the two weeks, the artist who is most prepared to impress a country audience, as determined by Rich, will record and release a song. This is a whole new level for people who we thought fell off the face of the earth to try to revamp a "career".

Jada's New Movie+Celebs Do Sundance+Other Fabness

Jada Pinkett's in a brand new movie with a fabulous female cast:  It's the remake of The Women and they're now in post production.

Friday WTF Material

  So Katt Williams performed at South Beach's Comedy Fest last night.  And with fans like these...what pimp really needs hos?

Daaaaaamn Chris Breezy+Raz B says He's Not M.I.A.

Look at the Christmas package Chris Brown brought us last night at his Florida concert:

Either it's a part of the costume or dude is really packin'. I'm tempted to go with the former but I wouldn't be too surprised about the latter...

Bigga Goes Courtside+Alicia Keys Hits Up The Z-100 Concert

It's that ooh-look-at-me-I'ma-celebrity-sitting-coutside time again.  Our fave courtside couple hit up the Nets v. Cavs game last night in Jersey: Jay and B were looking laid back but still fabulous.

Go To Work Fanny+Erykah Badu Talks Honey+Naomi & Alicia Make Appearances


This is beyond CP time Fanny.  The folks at Browadway are pissy that Fantasia is causing havoc at their box offices since she's missed 50 shows since her summer debut.  Their policy is to refund a patron's cash or re-ticket them for another day if the star is out.  And it's been happening way more often than it should.  According to the NY Post

Since the American Idol began dropping performances, producers have refunded tens of thousands of dollars worth of tickets. Fantasia did show up for work the day the strike hit and sang for disappointed fans outside the theater. News of her impromptu concert reached Sardi's, where a group of Shubert executives were lunching. Said one, acidly: "There's no show, and she's out there singing. Now if we could get her to perform when there is a show, we'd be in business." Sources say Fantasia's out a lot because she's simply not up to the grueling Broadway schedule.

Damn Fanny.  I never believed those pregnancy rumors before, but ummm....