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Concert Performances


It's A Knowles Family Affair At J&R MusicFest

The Carters hit up J&R MusicFest in New York yesterday to catch lil sis Solange, Michelle, and Terrence Howard perform: Beyonce was looking extra laid back in jeans, red pumps, a plain grey tee, Ray Ban shades, and a scarf--like she usually does these days.  And Jay was clearly trying to dodge the cameras.  Probably because from the looks of it he hasn't had that head shaped up in a while.     Solange, Michelle, and T. Howard all took to the stage to perform their latest singles.  Can't say I would have been pressed to hit this ish up myself but to each her own...   Lots more pics from the concert when you read the rest...

Event Fab: The Longshots Hollywood Premiere+The Heineken Red Star Soul Event

YBF folks hit up Opera last night in the ATL to catch Estelle and others perform at the Heineken Red Star Soul Event: D. Woods was there too. Those nails are killing me Estelle but cute look all around.   And Kim Porter even showed up with her 3 Brown Girls crew: Rocking her gladiator Balenciaga shoes.  And um, that's an interesting choice of finger you decided to rock that diamond ring on Kim.  Mmhmm.  Keep wishing boo.   And over in Cali, YBF folks turned out for the premiere of The Longshots starring KeKe Palmer and Ice Cube: Look at KeKe getting her grown woman on and stuff.   Looking fabulous.  And Ice Cube brought his wife Kimberly and fam along for the red carpet action.   More pics from both events when you read the rest...

Music Fab: New Music From Case & Monica+Exclusive Pics From D.C.'s Stone Soul Picnic

Monica is back with another new single and this one is the full version of "Still Standing".  And it's featuring her cousin Ludacris.  Check it: [audio:mohq.mp3] Nice.     Remember Case?  "Happily Ever After" Case?  Well he's on the comeback tip and we've got his first new single off his upcoming album .  Back from a seven-year absence from the music scene, Case is set to release The Rose Experience, his 4th and most reflective project yet. I'm told The Rose Experience stays true to his signature sound - soul music with a twist of new jack and hip-hop. The single is called "Lovely": [audio:02_Lovely.mp3] Check it.  And his myspace page is here if you want more info.  

Video Fab: Solange Performs At Stone Soul+Eric Benet Sings With His Daughter

Solange performed at the Stone Soul Picnic/Concert here in DC last weekend. Peep the vid and the stan that ran up on stage to join her set around the 3:21 mark. But chick rolled with it.

YBF Exclusive: Flicks & Video From Tamia's LIVE CD/DVD Taping

  The YBF was on the scene at Tamia's first LIVE taping for her first LIVE CD and DVD here in DC the other night.  The performance was absolutely fabulous since we all know this YBF chick is the business with the singing.  I can name a few folks in the industry who would slap their damn selves for even trying to record a live cd.  Anywho, I caught up with Tamia backstage to chit chat and found out that she...along with her hubby Grant Hill...are huge YBF fans.  Here's some more exclusive pics:   She brought the fabness with a custom made blouse, Prada shorts, and Lanvin pumps.  Loves it. And after I was told by her people to wait for Grant because he just had to chop it up with me about YBF, what's a girl to do other than follow orders: He's a sweetheart and so is their 6 year old daughter Myla Grace.  She's a true YBF chick in the making and is NOT scared of the limelight.  Their 1 year old daughter Lael was elsewhere sleeping.   Here's video from the performance:   She did all of the songs we know and love and of course it sounded great Live. More pics when you read the rest...

Solange At The House Of Blues & New Interview+Other Celebs Out & About

Definitely a cute look on her.  She also just did an interview with Parlour magazine.  Here's a few snippets: On how she handles the comparisons to Beyonce... "At first I didn't want to make people uncomfortable in interviews, I didn't want to come off rude or arrogant. Now, I just really don't care." On how her upcoming album "Sol-Angel" is different from her 2003 debut Solo Star... "Then I just didn't know how to execute what I wanted. I was 15, and made a record with no identity. I was at a label [Sony] that didn't develop me, they just got all the big heads together and hoped to formulate a big song.  I started writing all these Sol-Angel records three years ago but no other artists wanted to cut them. It wasn't cool yet because it was before Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy. A few people asked, "why aren't you cutting those records yourself." Geffen gave me the opportunity to record, turn it in and sign when I was done. I thought for sure I'd do an indie record, where I am happiest, but the key and the challenge now is trying to work with label and get them to know me." On why she's not your average R&B artist... "I have never felt at home in one demographic. That's my struggle with management and my label, getting everyone to identify that just because I'm African-American, that doesn't mean that I'm an urban artist. I make music for people that have a sophisticated ear and are brave enough to support something non-traditional. People complain about the state of music, but there are alot of diverse and talented artists with people that support them. But their fans aren't the ones calling the radio station, they just want to see a good show. So I said, we should just do a tour and all of the artists that are going to be a part of it will have the same voice and stance on music. So, we, Janelle Monae, Chester French, the Knux and I, got all of our managers on the phone and started making a tour happen. It's in the very early stages, but we're trying to put something together."
I'm actually really feeling Solo's sound this time around.  More ish when you read the rest...      

Kanye & Jay-Z Perform A Brand New Track From BluePrint 3+Celebs Do Vernon Davis' Weekend+Lauryn Hill's Story Featured In People

Kanye West and Jay-Z hit the stage together last night at Madison Square Garden for a surprise performance of a new track Kanye produced for his big brother.  It will appear on Jay's now confirmed Blueprint 3 album releasing sooner than we think.  No name was given for the track, but check the video to watch them perform it.  Nice.    Celebs hit up DC a few weekends ago to celebrate NFL baller Vernon Davis' Weekend: Vernon looked nice in his suit at his event at The Park on Fourteenth.   Neicy Nash was in town to party it up.  Looking fab even with that damn flower.  And um, I have a feeling her new man "Wood" has nothing to worry about in regards to that last pic.   More pics when you read the rest...