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UPDATE: Ne-Yo Speaks On The Double Up Tour Drama

Ne-Yo on the Double Up Tour Ne-Yo hit up DC's 93.9 radio station a few minutes ago to discuss with EZ Street and the listeners about the real reasons he was dropped from the Double Up tour. Reports broke today stating that Ne-Yo had been dropped from the tour because of a certain unsigned contract.

YBF Exclusives: Video Chick Angel Does KING+Golden Brooks May Become A Mrs.?

A lil something for my fellas:

Alicia Keys' New Vid For "Like You'll Never See Me Again"+Chingy Used To Date Ciara & Trina?

Alicia and Common did a fabulous job in this vid.  Loves it.

Nelly Talking Ish About Halle B.+Christina & Alicia Make Appearances+ Lil Kim Is "Chillin Tonight"

Nelly says Tip Drill isn't as bad as Monster's Ball So Nelly talked to the folks over at SOHH.com about why Essence will never put him on the cover.  He says there's a double standard of hip hop acts v. TV acts:
You look at Essence magazine, and they wouldn't put a rapper on the cover...They wouldn't put Nelly on the cover of Essence. Why? I don't know. Would I like to do it? Of course I would. Why not? You wouldn't put me on the cover because of the 'Tip Drill' video ... that's probably your main focus," he added. "But yet still, you put Halle Berry on the cover. She's had a 15-minute sex scene with some white guy in front of a couch ... I mean you can't tell me that 'Tip Drill' was worse than watching that sex scene between Billy Bob (Thornton) and Halle Berry. You can't tell me that. That was longer than four or five minutes. You feel what I'm sayin'?
Boy stop.

B*tch Please: Dog The Bounty Hunter

Dog The Bounty Hunter apologizes I've refrained from giving much publicity to the ignorance that is Dog The Bounty Hunter since this whole Kramer Part Deux went down.  And mainly it's because getting up in arms about what one has to say about my race has grown to be pointless in my opinion and just not on my list of things to do.  HOWEVER,  dude hit up Hannity and Colmes last night with the foolishness.   And this man chocked up his N-word throw around ses

J-Hud Says YOU Want Her Body+Diddy & Cassie Aint Foolin' Nobody+Tyra and Mel B. Hit the Streets+Beyonce's Next Album?

Jennifer hudson So J-Hud told OK! magazine that she's not changing ish about her body since it's what everybody wants anyway:
“I have the height of a model, the breasts that people pay for and the lips that everybody wants, so why should I change?”
I can't co-sign the height part after meeting her in person, but you gotta love it overall. I'm still Team Jenny. And what.

J.Lo About To Get Dropped?+Angie's Got Words For D'Angelo+Alicia Hits Madrid

jennydropped1.jpg Sources from J. Lo's label Epic Records/Sony are saying they're wanting to drop Jenny but may only keep her to push out a greatest hits album:
She costs too much money and doesn’t sell enough,” says the source, who is familiar with the issue. “Her last album cover alone cost $60,000 in hair and makeup, lighting, photographers, re-touching, etc.