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Chris Brown's Aunt: Chris' Step-Dad Is A LIAR!+Other Drama

Now Chris Brown's aunt Christine is hopping in the mix. She called into the same station as Chris' former step-dad and pretty much called step-dad Donnell a liar as he said he never beat Chris' mom. The radio host also pulled court docs saying he was indeed charged with abusing Chris' mom. So he lied to Access Hollywood last night and to folks on the radio. He also told Access Hollywood that he tried to commit suicide a while back because of all the drama in his life and went blind because of it. *blank stare* Something's fishy about all this ish. Christine did defend her nephew and said the step father was horrible to him.

Here's the audio: [audio:chris brown aunt clip 1.mp3]
Shout out to TT Torrez over at iPower92 for the audio. You can check out more on this interview over at The Urban Daily as well.

As for the rest of the drama unfolding, word has it Rihanna's working pretty hard with LAPD to build a complete domestic violence case against Chris. So it's now come out that LAPD has already had to deal with Chris on some domestic violence issue. Apparently, the police were called out to his hotel room when people called the cops after hearing screaming and breaking dishes:

"He was fighting with his mom. Neighboring hotel guests alerted security and they came upstairs to the room, saw the broken dishes and the mess, and then asked his mother to leave the room. Police were then called, but charges were not filed as Chris simply paid the hotel bill and left the hotel.”



And Jay-Z's pissed too. More on all this and more when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Jennifer Hudson

Kanye West hit up our friends over at Big Boy's Neighborhood yesterday morning to chit chat.

Afternoon Bits: Octuplet Mama Drama+Aubrey Really Took It All Off+Wanda Has Some Words For You

OK I tried to not comment on this Cali Octuplet mom again because the situation seriously irritates me. But the newest developments are too outrageous to not discuss. Nadya Suleman said--on national tv--that she does not and will not ever receive monetary help from the government. However, Suleman receives food stamps and child disability payments for three of her children, her publicist has confirmed. She told Ann Curry “I’m not receiving help from the government. I’m not trying to expect anything from anybody,” and added that money was “superfluous” and “paper.” Damn lie. When she was confronted about her lie, Nadya said she does not believe food stamps are welfare. *blank stare* Apparently she's received over 300k in "help" from the government. Meanwhile, her mother confirms that she is obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Like we couldn't figure that out ourselves... It's been found out that Ms. Suleman has gotten a lot of plastic surgery to her face over the years. The pictures prove it. So now government money that she doesn't think is government money is being used for cosmetic surgery, IVFs, and living expenses since she's never had a job? All this while the state of California is giving out IOU's in place of tax refunds this year? GTFOH. I really hope all these kids have and get everything they need in some way because they should not have to suffer because of someone else's foolishness. In other news, Aubrey's Playboy pics are semi-out. And you know you want to see them just for the sh*ts and giggles: SMDH. More pics when you read the rest...

ChrihannaGate UPDATE: Rihanna's Grandmother & T.I. Speak Out!

Rihanna's Grandmother has told the Barbados newspaper (Rihanna's hometown) that her granddaughter is well and does not have a broken nose like previously reported:
"I don't want people to worry. Rihanna is fine and she is doing well."

Rihanna sent a message to her family back home via her close friend letting them know she is ok.   As for the exact charges against Chris Brown in reference to Rihanna, Police Sergeant Bridget Pickett says:
"The exact charge was criminal threats and it is going to be investigated as a criminal threats investigation.  There may be domestic violence charges added later, but that will be up to the district attorney's office."

Interesting. What T.I. had to say about the situation when you read the rest...

Morning Rumble: Octuplet Mom Shows Her Face

Nadya Suleman spoke with Ann Curry in New York on Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009 in Suleman's first interview since giving birth to octuplets last week. The interview is planned to be broadcast on the 'Today' show on Monday, Feb. 9 and 'Dateline' on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Etta Says She Was "Just Playing"

Etta James says she was just playin' in that now infamous audio attacking Beyonce and Prez Obama. I guess she felt bad about making ya girl cry. She tells a media outlet today:
"I'm a comedian besides a singer," James said in a telephone interview from her home on Thursday morning.

Diddy's Running For President?+Lil Wayne's Katie Couric Interview+Tiny Says She's Not Leaving T.I.

So Tameka "Tiny" Cottle chit chatted with Essence.com about her man T.I. going to jail. And she's letting everybody know she ain't going anywhere:
ESSENCE.COM: At any point during T.I.'s trouble with the law did you ever feel like throwing the towel in on your relationship? TINY: No, not at all. It never crossed my mind, especially not for what we have as a family.