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Quote Of The Damn Day

Ok so I thought this was an old quote so I didn't post it yesterday. But now that I know this is some new ish, this mess needs to be addressed. Voletta Wallace told Hip Hop Weekly this week that Lil Kim needs to sit down and STFU. Why?  Because she's still talking mess about Notorious. Kim's latest foolywang comment:
"She felt the character we chose for her was 'too dark,' " Wallace said.

Bow Wow: Video Chick Dollicia Bryan Owes Me Sex!

Bow Wow is running his mouth again about video vixen Dollicia Bryan.

Ish Talkers: Khloe Kardashian Says Stop Hating Her Swirl+Charli Baltimore Gives The "Real" Scoop About Biggie

So Khloe Kardashian "needed to vent" and posted some words on her site yesterday about people not respecting the sanctity of her and NBA baller Rashad McCants' interracial coupledom. She says:
My site has been bombarded with cruel and unnecessary remarks about race and I can’t sit back and keep my mouth shut any longer. I personally am shocked that in this day and age people are still so judgmental and racist — it blows my mind! I was raised to believe that all people are created and viewed as equals and never judged by something as meaningless as the color of their skin! I guess I am blessed to have parents that didn’t brainwash me and cloud my thoughts with their petty views. I was raised to judge a person by their spirit and heart. I base my opinions of people by how they treat me and others. Point blank! How does one person’s color,… …weight, height, language define who they are? It is sad that people are so mean and so willing to promote their ridiculous views! It’s almost like they think it’s cool to be racist and prejudiced. Leaving comments like that are just wrong! I love all my fans, I really do! And I love when you guys defend your opinions but I can only read so much foolishness before I feel I have to say something. I hate erasing comments that you guys post because I want you all to feel like your voices are valid but some comments are so brutally heartless that I have to get rid of them. I feel like I am playing a game that I can never win — if I hung out solely with my own race then I myself would be considered racist and someone would comment on that issue. If I have friends of all different races, then what? Is that unacceptable too? I have friends of all different races and ethnicities and I am blessed to be exposed to so many different cultures — I wouldn’t change it for the world. If I want to date a man that treats me great, then I will! I don’t care what color his skin is as long as I am treated and loved the way I want. If I want to be friends with someone who is loyal and lives up to my expectations of a friend, then I will! I don’t care what she looks like. People, we have so many other things in this world to focus on. Get a life! And if you don’t like who my friends are or if you don’t like who I am dating then get off my website! It’s that simple!
I feel you and all Khloe. But it would have been way less hypocritical if you weren't just on the Chelsea Handler show going on...and on...and on about how you only do black guys. Just sayin'... Charli Baltimore's speaking out about Biggie when you read the rest...


LisaRaye has given an "exclusive" interview to Essence.com to clear her name. She says she's not a gold digger like everybody's accusing her of, and she's never claimed to be "hood" since her father was a multi millionaire who owned hotels. motels, and all kinds of things on the South side of Chicago:
ESSENCE.COM: Many balked at your whirlwind romance and marriage and accused you of being an opportunist. How do you feel about that assessment of your character? LISARAYE: First of all, I'm a fan of love and partnership. I would say this to my critics: If a man comes to you there obviously has to be a connection. I had a man who's smart and powerful and who I fell in love with. He's embracing my family. Add the fact that I have an opportunity to bring tourism to his country and be involved in something historical. Who in the hell would say no? But what scared me was the idea of being First Lady? ESSENCE.COM: What frightened you about assuming that role? LISARAYE: I knew nothing about being a First Lady or politics. I'm thinking, What am I going to have to change? I'm on a successful sitcom, my daughter is in high school and I'm the breadwinner. What am I going to do? Then Prince Charming comes my way and I'm saying, "God, did You send this man to me to take me away like Calgon".
Girl stop. The best quote out of this whole interview:
“I like the finer things in life so I don’t make any apologies for the men I choose to date,”
So basically you're saying you ARE a gold digger? Just asking. I mean, if you're not going to make apologies for it, then why deny the "accusations" of your "opportunistic ways"? Again, just asking. And honestly, my attention span isn't even allowing me to care any further than me typing this ish. Here's Kanye and his crew at Paris Fashion week: Ummm. More on this when you read the rest...

Morning Foolishness

Mr. West says we should now address him as "Martin Louis The King, Jr."
"I know I've been called the Louis Vuitton Don, I know, I've been called a lot of names, uh mostly The Don, the Louis Vuitton Don -- due to what happened -- when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name, to, Martin Louis The King, Jr. Address me as such. And until then, I will be in the building, swagger on a hundred thousand trillion." "Overwhelming -- I've wanted to be a fashion designer my entire life," West said to the Los Angeles Times after seeing his kicks on the runway. "And to see my stuff in the Vuitton show was something else. It was a dream come true. And the way those guys were styled -- they were dressed better than me!"
Sigh. Congrats to him for actually getting money from Louis Vuitton while spreading their name everywhere. Unlike most of these rappers...
There have been new developments in the murder case of NY Knick Eddie Curry's ex-girlfriend 24 year old Nova Henry and her 9 month old daughter Ava. The man, who once had a romantic relationship with Henry and served as a lawyer for her, was taken into custody Sunday in Michigan City, Ind. Police believe a domestic dispute is the cause of the murders. Eddie says he is not the father Ava, but is the father of Nova's 3 year old son who was found at the scene unharmed. Many people are speculating that Eddie is the father of Ava though and the lawyer suspect has been stalking and threatening Nova for some time now likely because of that fact. She had a few protection orders out against said lawyer. Such a sad story and foolish actions. More ish when you read the rest...

Celebs Speak Out: Jill Sott, First Lady Michelle O. & Michael Jai White

Jill Scott says she was surprised when she found out she as pregnant. Because she was actually told she couldn't conceive. She had given up hope of becoming a mother. Check out Essence.com for the full interview about her and baby to come.
Jill and her preggers belly
By the way, she's remaining mum about her new baby boy's name--she wants him or her to be the first to hear it. First Lady Michelle Obama is not playing around when it comes to her girls.  She's reportedly upset with the Beanie Baby company for making these "Sweet Sasha" and "Marvelous Malia" dolls.  Through her spokesperson, she released a statement calling them "inappropriate".  Ty (the company who makes Beanie Babies) says these dolls have nothing to do with the First Daughters and people are misunderstanding them to be dolls modeled after Sasha and Malia Obama.   Even thoughthe spokeswoman for the company originally told Crain.com that the dolls were designed with he Obama girls in mind.  Now she's retracting it.  Um, how stupid do these people think we are?  The dolls hit shelves right before Prez Obama's Inauguration this month. By the way, the Obamas are the cover of this week's People mag. Pics of Michael Jai White, his new baby girl, and his new wife when you read the rest...

Afternoon Tidbits: T.I. & Tiny, Michelle Obama, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000 & More

T.I. and Tiny are seemingly on Cloud 9 these days: He had her on his arm for every event during Inauguration. And even told everyone at the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball--during his award acceptance speech--that Tameka is the love of his life. I thought I saw a tear. I guess the picture of an impending jail cell will make you man up to your true feelings real quick. And yes, I'm holding off on believing those pregnancy rumors about these two---for now. Michelle Obama's hairstylist Johnny Wright has reportedly landed a development deal to star in a hairy reality show. Here's the scoop:
Former Chicagoan Johnny Wright has styled the first lady's coif for the Democratic National Convention, her upcoming appearance on the cover of Vogue magazine and other occasions. He has signed a deal with 44 Blue, which produces such reality shows as Style Network's "Split Ends" and A&E's "L.A. Gang Unit."
Wright has also been Oprah's hairstylist. By the way, we hear Michelle O. just has sent out invites to very special VIP ladies around the U.S. to come to her brunch where she will be discussing her initiatives as First Lady. Nice. Interesting... Congrats to Andre 3000 on being named one of GQ's Best New Designers In America with his new Benjamin Bixby line:
The philosophy: “During OutKast’s Stankonia period, I looked like I was from Mars. The music was otherworldly, and my character reflected that. I wanted to put that spirit into classic clothes, but ones that people could actually wear.” The look: “I think the cut of Benjamin Bixby comes from comic-book characters, which I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. In comic books, the waist is always pinched, but the legs are full-cut, kind of like the Cracker Jack man.” The influence: “In high school, in Atlanta, when Grand Puba told us to wear Girbaud jeans, I wore Girbaud jeans. Then you had this prep movement happening: Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, Bass, Sebago, and Timberland. So imagine me walking through [local housing project] Bowen Homes in the morning to catch the bus, but I’m dressed like a prep. As you get older, you go back to those things.”

Nice. More ish when you read the rest...