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50 Cent Puts Olivia, Lil Wayne, & Rick Ross On Blast...Again!

Omarion Speaks On Rihanna & The "Devilish Industry"

Teyana Taylor Talks Virginity & Lipgloss+Tyra Becomes Kim K.+Caron Butler Is ADDICTED

The homie Egypt interviewed Teyana Taylor recently and got to the bottom of those promiscuity rumors, her crush, and finally answers the question of what Teyana does to be a "celebrity."  Here's a snippet:
You’re a twitter maniac lady, over the past 3 months we’ve seen pictures posted on twitter by either you, Chris Brown, or Soulja Boy. These pics of course prompted rumors that maybe you were dating both of them, first Chris and then Soulja. Was there any truth to the rumors? Yeh I know. I mean No…no. Chris is my brother. I’ve always said that. People say a lot of things about me and I’m like I’m only 18. Really??? Is it that serious? People have said I was gay and all type of stuff. Hmm I didn’t hear that one… Yeh some bloggers, well not really bloggers, but the commenters have said that about me. How can I be gay if I’m still a virgin? . Wait Wait Wait…your still a virgin?? I’m really happy to hear that. Yes. The one thing people can never say is that I’m a hoe. I have a purity ring. The only time you get in trouble is if you attempt to do something. If your laying up on a boy then something is going to happen. So I just keep my legs closed until I am ready for that. I can’t have a boyfriend because the only thing they want to do is have sex. I don’t want no fingers up there, no penis, nothing!!! Uh uh (shaking her head no). You know many young girls think that virginity is lame and promiscuity is cool. They succumb to peer pressure and then find themselves in grown folks situations that they aren’t equipped to handle. So I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that you have your head on straight. Egypt I even try to teach these girls. I hold bible study class at St. Lukes church in Harlem when I’m home. I actually teach the class because I want them to know its okay to praise God and keep your legs closed. I’m just trying to be a good example right now. It’s funny because when I had my 18th birthday I wore this Herve Lager dress and peeps were like Whoaaaaa Teyana. I guess that’s because I always try to dress my age, I just started wearing dresses so they were shocked. But that night I had to make people know that if I want to get on my girlie stuff then I will do that. These female artists need to know that if and when I’m ready to bust out and throw it on….Be afraid…..be very afraid!! (laughs) But I want to be a good example. I’m a lady and I think people respect that. You told me you’re a virgin, but certainly you have a crush on someone. Every teenage girl has a crush…Who is it? I had a crush on Chris Paul (NBA) but I hit up La La (Alani Vasquez) and she gave me all the basketball scoop. She said he has a girl and lives with her in New Orleans. My crush was over in 2.5 seconds flat because I don’t want noooooo drama. He’s a nice guy and he’s just my friend now. Shia lebouf is my baby daddy though! Recently, a certain radio personality put you on blast by asking “What exactly does Teyana Taylor do?”, as if to question your relevance. A few other websites have mistakenly called you a rapper. Do you want to respond? Yeh I know who your talking about and when it happened I was like Wow!! That’s just so fake because he was just smiling in my face before that….but nevermind that. Here’s the deal. I have a Lipgloss line coming out called “Dope lips.” We are still developing it but I’m excited because we have ‘Salute The Nude’ under the lipgloss line for all the girls who like nude colors. It will come in all different shades. The website is www.DopeLips.com I’m a Songwriter too, I’m about to write for Blackstreet and Usher. I wrote a Timbaland track for Usher, Teddy Riley heard it and said “That’s crazy!! If Usher don’t want it then bring it here.” So now I’m about to write for their album. I’m writing stuff with Chris Brown, Omarion, oh and I’m about to start getting in with Brandy too. So I am really heavy into songwriting. I have my own publishing company called “I Am McLovin Publishing”. I am also hosting the Jamaican Awards (YVA) in Kingston in February because the kids in Jamaica love me. I didn’t even realize I had so many Jamaican Fans. I’m in the newest Source magazine with Yung Money on the cover and I’m about to do the covers of Persona and Bleu Magazines. I’m a model too! I modeled for Zac Posen and Deisel during “Fashion Week” in Miami. And I did a campaign for “Married to the Mob.”
Well allllrighty then.  We posted pics of Teyana's brand new "Dope Lips" photoshoot here if you missed it. Look who Tyra B. is for Halloween:

She does Kim K. better than Kim K. does Kim K. News on NBA baller Caron Butler's addiction after the cut...

BET's Rocsi: I've Always Made Good Choices With Men

Well well well.  HoneyMag.com interviewed 106 & Park's Rocsi Diaz for their “Honey Girls” in media featurette.  And we've got some real interesting quotes from the interview where Rocsi talks about bloggers and the public simply hating on her "just to have something to talk about", her anorexia, and how being a Latina on BET is rough on her. Interestingly, the Honey Mag crew was specifically instructed to not ask questions relating to Rocsi and LisaRaye's then husband's relationship: The drive to be a TV host and the price to be pay to get there and stay can be can be draining so Rocsi is perfectly aware that her demeanor comes off a bit cold. She admits it took her BET producers months to realize that she didn’t hate them. “Rocsi the personality and Rocsi the person are two different people,” she says. Rocsi sits down with HoneyMag.com to discuss the rumor mill, cyber attacks, dealing with anorexia and how she’s learned to deal with it all. On the Cyber attacks
“I think a lot of these Web sites need a story. They need to find somebody to pick on, and I just so happen to be one of those girls. I’ve always had that coming up against Free on a black network and not being black.” “With men in my life, I’ve always made good choices. I would love to think that. It’s just really hard to trust people, and that’s just coming from not knowing everybody’s intentions,” Rocsi says. “It hurts when my brothers call me,” Rocsi says. “I mean it’s real bad when it gets to the point where everything’s so unbearable. You really got to have that strength, because if I didn’t have that strength in me, I would kill myself. There are some days when I’m like ‘How bad do I want to kill myself right now? What is the point of going on when so many people despise me or hate what I do?’” “I got where I’m at because of my work,” Rocsi insists. “I never had to lay on my back to get where I was. I come from a Latino background where family and the way we were brought up was very important. That’s how we conducted ourselves as ladies. And that’s a very important thing to my family, so yeah, when these blogs come out and they start talking shit — you’re messing with what my parents instilled in me. And I know it isn’t true. But I’m glad I have great family members who know that I wasn’t brought up that way, to not be blinded by this industry.”
*blank stare* I'ma just let y'all have at this.... More pics and snippets when you read the rest...

Tyler Perry On Spike Lee's Criticisms: I'm Pissed Off!

Tyler Perry was on "60 minutes" last night speaking about his empire, owning everything he does all out, his hard c

Tracy Morgan Gets Ass-tastic+Celebs Arrive In Rio+Rashida Jones' New Boo

Tracy Morgan is a fool.  Here's his latest ass-tastic quote that he told Playboy magazine in his recent interview:
"I like fucking ass! Ain’t nothin’ like the butthole. The ass is a delicacy, goddamn it. I’d put hot sauce on it. When you eat the brown hole, that’s when her toes do this. [sticks legs out and curls toes] You got to be willing to do anything to please your woman, to satisfy her. I didn’t invent it. You think I was the first one to think of having anal sex with a girl? Hell, no. I’m quite sure Adam fucked Eve in the ass. In the Garden of Eden he tore her ass up, and she was screaming like a motherfucker."
Classy. And celebs have arrived to Rio, brazil this weekend for concert performances:

Ciara and Diddy were spotted arriving. More pics when you read the rest...

Eddie Murphy's Daughter Is Gucci Mane & Usher's "Spotlight" Video Chick+Rihanna's Producer Slams Satanic Claims

Here's the stills from Gucci Mane and Usher's upcoming video for "Spotlight".  It was shot in Atlanta by director Benny Boom:

Click Thumbnails to Enlarge Images

And yes. That's Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy's oldest daughter Bria as Gucci's leading lady. She's 19 and is now a model for Macy's and other folks. Lookin' just like her mama...

Rihanna's producer slams the satanic claims when you read the rest...