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Kelis Pops Off On PETA+Trey Songz & His Jump-Off Ophilia Make The Bed-Rock

Now we all knew this ish would happen. After Kelis rocked this furry coat and hat set this week, PETA sent her a personal letter reprimanding her. So, instead of brushing it off, Kelis took pen to paper to write their asses back. Check out her letter when you read the rest. And check out Trey Songz's jumpoff Tweeting about their bedrocking...

VIDEO FAB: Jay-Z Talks Illuminati Conspiracy+"American Idol" Contestant POPS OFF On Mary J Blige!

So Jay-Z hit up Angie Martinez' show over at Hot 97 yesterday. And they discussed all these rampant and rumors of Jay and Beyonce and Swizzy and lots of others in the industry being a part of an "Illumanati conspiracy." The "On To The Next One" video fueled the rumors even more. Jay says he does not believe in religion because it separates people, but he does believe in 1 God. And he confirms he's NOT a part of the Illuminati--"Being a part of a cult is just stupid to me." Speaking of Mr. Carter, he and his wife Beyonce were just ranked #1 for the second year in a row as Forbes' top earning entertainment couple for '08-'09: The "Single Ladies" and "Empire State of Mind" singers sold plenty of records and put their names to high-end ads for American Express and Budweiser between June 2008 and June 2009. All that business paid off, to the tune of $122 million, the Forbes analysis showed. Beyoncé wore the financial pants of the house, raking in $87 million in comparison to Jay-Z's $35 million in chump change. NICE! Mary J Blige's stan when you read the rest...

Danger Backpedals on "Ray-J Is Gay" Comments

Danger Says Ray-J Isn't Gay

What Beyonce Wants To Do On "Break"+Sisqo's Baby Mama Drama

Beyonce taking a break

Beyonce has confirmed she is going on a break for the next 6 months. After her Grammy performance at the end of the month, a few photo shoots, and the South American leg of her "I Am..." tour that is. She tells USA Today:
"It's definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries," says Beyoncé, 28. "I'd like to take about six months and not go into the studio. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again."
About her whopping 10 Grammy nods:
"I still haven't really digested it yet," Beyoncé says. The Grammy nominations were announced Dec. 2, two days before her spouse and fellow pop icon Jay-Z turned 40. "I was focused so much on my husband's birthday — I threw a big party — that I didn't really think about it. But it's really an honor."
And what she wants to do on this much needed break:
In the spring, the singer launched the I Am ... Tour, which took her to 110 cities around the world. Despite her hectic schedule, Beyoncé was determined "not to just perform and stay in the hotel. I visited the pyramids in Egypt. I saw the Great Wall of China and went out in the middle of the ocean in Australia to see the whales. I actually got sprayed in the face. I made some great memories this year and really learned to enjoy life." So much so that "when I got home, I wrote out a contract with myself. I made a list of everything I want to do that has nothing to do with music. Well, some of it does. But I promised myself that I would not go back on tour or in the studio until I finished these things." The to-do list consists of "random things. I want to go to restaurants, maybe take a class, see some movies and Broadway shows." (Beyoncé says she would love to do a stage musical, eventually.) She's also keen to spend more time with her 5-year-old nephew, Daniel, whose mom is Beyoncé's younger sister, Solange, 23. "He's a wonderful kid, amazing, so smart. And I spoil him, so it's a lot of work. He's a 24-hour job."
Sweet. News on Sisqo's baby mama when you read the rest...

Lloyd Banks' Alleged Victim Speaks Out+Lil Kim Says Aaaah

Lil Kim at the club

Oh Kimmy.  Lil Kim hit up the club scene at M@ in NYC this weekend.  And this is what she did to celebrate.  Trey Songz would be so proud... More pics and statement from Lloyd Banks' "alleged" victim Chris Hines when you read the rest...

Keyshia Cole Speaks Out About Her New Family...And Frankie

Keyshia Cole speaks out about Frankie

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Frankie Still Craves Attention

Frankie talks about Keyshia Cole's Marriage

I will thank profusely the first person who can tell me how and where Frankie shops.  I have been dying to know for a couple years now.  And my craving has not yet been satisfied.  I feel like a lot of things will make a LOT more sense to me once I get those pieces of information. Anyways, Frankie hit up V103 in Atlanta this week.  And, as usual, she had lots to say.  Frankie says her daughter Keyshia Cole is already married to Daniel but she wasn't invited.  As well as other foolery.  This is the same woman who smiled for the cameras in this outfit like she just hit the Best Dressed winner's circle on the red carpet. Video of her interview under the cut....