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Alicia Keys Readies New Album+Nia Long Talks Career & Motherhood

Alicia Keys will release THE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM, her 4th studio album on December 1st. Her first single is “Doesn’t Mean Anything" of course. While Keys’ collaboration on Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” and “Doesn’t Mean Anything” continue to climb the charts, Keys will make her television debut performance of the single on Regis & Kelly on October 12th. According to the press release: Alicia describes THE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM as a dichotomy of strength and vulnerability: “The music is really strong, and the drums are really aggressive, but my voice is vulnerable and delicate,” states Keys. THE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM encapsulates Keys’ process of “eliminating all of the boundaries and all the limitations, so that you can feel your freedom and express your freedom in every way you possibly can and that’s what I did with this album,” adds Alicia. She's also premiering her video exclusively on the 16th with a certain site. Interesting that she pops off about black blogs and sites being too negative, yet she goes to one of the most negative mainstream sites on the net to premiere her vid. Just sayin'.... Snippets from Nia Long talking about Hollywood when you read the rest...

Usher Called The Cops On Tameka!

W-T-F is going on with Ursher and his soon to be ex wife Tameka??  Usher has reportedly called the cops on Tameka twice in the last few days for coming on to his property and f'in up his car.  *cue Jazmin Sullivan* But apparently there's no evidence to back up his claims: TMZ has learned Usher Raymond recently called the cops on his soon-to-be ex-wife -- accusing her of sneaking onto his property and scratching up one of his cars. Law enforcement sources tell us when officers arrived at the scene, Tameka was nowhere to be found. Police later interviewed both Tameka and Usher -- but determined there was no evidence or witnesses to substantiate Usher's claim. But the drama didn't end there -- law enforcement sources tell us Usher called the cops on Tameka a second time several days later, complaining that Tameka again got onto his property and wouldn't leave. By the time cops arrived, Tameka had already split.
This divorce just turned extra ugly.  Her publicist says this is all B.S. and Ursh is just trying to destroy her.... How convenient that 'Meka posted a lengthy essay the other day about certain people in the industry lying and using  publicity stunts to further their celebrity.  That soapbox letter when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Lamar Odom Needs More People, Chris Rock On "Tyra Show", & T.I.'s "Behind the Music"

Our friends over at WorldStarHipHop posted some interesting nuggets today:

Lamar Odom chatted with CBS about his marriage to Khloe K. I guarantee you he didn't believe his own bullsh*t he was talking in this interview. Check it. For all you folks missing "The King", here's T.I.'s "Behind The Music" that aired on VH1 last night:

Chris Rock on "Tyra" under the cut...

Jay-Z Sells Out & Kanyes Eminem

Do-Gooders: Robin Givens, Lil Mama, & President Obama

Robin Givens joined the folks at Marshalls in promoting Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Union Square yesterday.  And she looked fab while doing so.

Lil Mama kicked it with the kiddies yesterday at Brooklyn Public Library's Central Library.  She was reading to the babies for Jump Start's "Read for the Record".  Nice.

And congrats are in order for President Barack Obama.  He is the 2009 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  Here's what the committee had to say about it: “He has created a new international climate. We are awarding Obama for what he has done. Many other people and leaders and nations have to respond in a positive way.” Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland added, “We are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future but for what he has done in the previous year. We would hope this will enhance what he is trying to do.” Huge honor.  Congrats to the Prez! More  pics under the jump...

Um, Sheree Whitfield...Your Ex-Husband Has Some Words For You

Serena Gets Nekkid For ESPN+HIP HOP NEWS: Jim Jones, Beyonce On Kanye, Jay-Z, & XXL's Def Jam Cover

Common's girl Serena Williams is showing alllll her ass-ets on the new cover of ESPN magazine. I mean...really. Can anybody be mad at her for it?

Jim Jones was spotted leaving the Manhattan courthouse yesterday.  He had just admitted to punching a friend of Ne-Yo's (Jayvon Smith) the face in a Louis Vuitton store during a scuffle that erupted back in December.  Jimmy pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in his Dec. 22 dustup with Javon at the LV store on 5th Ave. Jimmy was all smiles though because he was sentenced to time served the few hours he was in custody after turning himself in to police in January.  That slap on the wrist was a rough sentence...

Beyonce finally spoke out about the Kanye/VMAs  incident.  After receiving her Billboard Woman of the Year 2009 Award a few days ago, Gayle King interviewed her in front of the audience where she gave her take on what happened that night:

Well, I knew his intentions, and I knew he was standing up for art; and he told me before, when they said the nominees, he's like, 'You have this award,'" Beyoncé told O: The Oprah Magazine editor Gayle King after accepting her award. "And when they didn't call my name he was, like, completely shocked. And when he walked on the stage, I was like, 'No, no, no!' and then he spoke, and I was like, 'Oh, no, no, no!' "But in the end, it ended up being a great night, and Taylor Swift did get her moment — and I didn't have to make an acceptance speech."

Here's video of B accepting her Award and her sit down with Gayle. More with Jay-Z and Def Jam's hip hop heads when you read the rest...