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Chris Brown Goes In On "Famous Girl" Rihanna+Rih Is Pro-Naked Pics For Boyfriends+Fantasia's Reality Show Details

Here's a brand new track leaked from Chris Brown's Graffiti album. It's called "Famous Girl" and he's clearly going in about his ex Rihanna. Lines about "I never should have written Disturbia" and "I should have known you'd break my heart" and much more. Check it. On a side note, you can listen to his whole "leaked" album now here.

Meanwhile, Rih Rih stopped by KIIS FM in LA today to chat. Here's some snippets of the interesting convo:
"Normal? I wouldn't say normal," she says. "It's definitely more intense. Every day is another curveball, but now I know how to handle it. Every time you get put in a situation, it somehow makes you stronger." Unfortunately, Brown isn't the only man who's contributed to the Barbados-born babe's admitted trust issues. "I haven't heard from my father in over a year. I try though, I've reached out to him," she says. "He turned his back on me and went to the media and got paid to talk about stuff, like all these interviews after the situation in February." As for future romantic relationships—and even someday walking down the aisle—nothing's out of the question. "Maybe," she admits when asked if she'd ever have a wedding. "Marriage is much more than a gown." Dating is difficult at the moment, but not for the reasons you'd expect. "I'm just too busy," she says. That said, she confirms the pool boy has spotted her walking around her house naked on numerous occasions and that she believes every woman should have naked pictures taken while she's young. She also wants pepper pot—a stew with cow knuckles—for Christmas.
Source: E! Online
Well alrighty then. News on Fantasia's reality show under the cut...

SPOTTED: Rihanna & Her London Umbrella+She Talks About Her Sex Life....Again

Rihanna looked cute and smiley as she and her BFF Melissa hit up Bungalow 8 nightclub early this morning in London.  The party girls reportedly hit the club around 2am and left close to 4am. And she's set to perform on UK's "X Factor" tonight.

There was a fight with an umbrella as it was a stormy night, but the gals managed to have fun anyway. She did an interview with UK Media "eXSclusive" recently and here's the snippet from it:
"Dating would be fun to incorporate. It's a lot of commitment so I don't want a serious relationship. "I'm linked to so many men it's ridiculous. I AM single. And I would put love on the side for what I do because it means so much to me." But, in a sign of her re- discovered cheeky side, she then winked: "I don't miss sex because I still have fun by myself. You get what I mean?"

Somebody get this chick a Rabbit already.
More pics when you read the rest...

RIHANNA MANIA: Rih Arrives To Tonight Show, Interviews With Angie Martinez, & Slashes Album Down To 99 Cents

Rihanna hit up the "Late Show with David Letterman" today:

She is extra crunk to see that baby.  Very cute Alexander McQueen foldover checkered booties too. Rihanna hit up Angie Martinez's show on Hot 97 tonight.  She talks about her spirit being in the best place it's ever been, getting drunk when her BFF Melissa leaves to get boo'd up, and not giving a f**k about what people think: Meanwhile, Def Jam slashed Rihanna's Rated R album to $3.99 pre-sale earlier this week. And today, on its release date, they slashed the price to $0.99. Many sources are reporting it's because of the low projections of sales. Gotta move those units.... More pics of Rihanna arriving to "Letterman" when you read the rest...

Fantasia: You Need More People.

Jennifer Lopez: I Meant To Do That!

jennifer lopez falls on stage

So the morning after Jennifer Lopez busted her 40 year old ass on the American Music Awards stage, she attempted to cover it up like nothing had happened.  Here's what she said  yesterday morning when asked about it during an interview: “Did I trip a little bit? I don’t even remember. Yeah, I meant to do that. That was part of the choreography.” “The measure of things isn’t what happens when you fall, it’s how you recover when you fall.

Amerie Gets Fab For Honey

YBF chick Amerie chatted with Honey Magazine about her upcoming album Love & War, and snapped some fab pics for her spread:

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On relationships I think in general I’ve always pretty much had a good handle on what’s going on in a relationship. I’ve always trusted my intuition and I’ve always known that my intuition is right. Now whether I decide to go with that or not is a different story. But I always knew, and I tell women this all the time, intuition will never lead you astray. Never. We have it for a reason. But we choose to try and turn it down or try and turn it off. And that’s something that I’ve always known but it wasn’t until I got a little older that I learned to just listen to that, because I think we all hear it. Women, we always know what’s going on. Whether we choose to act on that is a different story. Something that my Dad always told me a long time ago…. guy is always going to show you his cards. Whether you choose to look at those cards for what they are or whether you just choose to act like you don’t’ see them, a man will always show you his cards. So don’t act surprised later when something happens, because you saw it already in the beginning and you chose not to heed that. And that is really true. So how did that change me? I didn’t hang around and try and figure a guy out a million different ways, like maybe this or maybe he was sick or maybe he just whatever. It’s like, it is what it is. We’ve got to start wasting time and energy on a situation when there’s nothing to figure out. And we tend to do that all the time. We’re so good at that.

More snippets from her interview under the cut...

Beyonce: It Ain't Time For Kids!