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Que Accuses Day 26's Manager Screwface Of B*itchassness

So Que (formerly) of Day 26 just put out this video explaining what went down. Kinda.

From The Desk Of A Homewrecker...

So Gabrielle Union got the bright idea...and audacity...to publish her whole take on the public  judging the Chris Henry situation and Tiger Woods scandal.  Honestly, I have no clue what she's talking about where Chris Henry is concerned as all that has been reported--and what commenters on the internets have said--are purely the facts of the fatal situation.  So it sounds like she just felt like getting some attention. But Ms. Union even speaking on the dos and don'ts about what's "right" when speaking about relationships is laughable at best. Please check out what everyone's favorite holier-than-thou-mistress-turned-#1- girlfriend had to say....
Today we lost another young, talented, black man. Like so many men and women in this world, Chris Henry had seen his share of trouble and adversity...and just like so many other men and women in this world, he realized it’s never too late to turn your life around. How many more lives need to be lost before we realize that as good Christians (as many of us like to call ourselves), spiritual beings or just plain old good folks we need to STOP THE JUDGEMENT and try to lift each other up when we've fallen off the path. Why are we all so quick to stop looking in the mirror at our own troubled lives...bad credit, lack of education or job skills, poor choices with the opposite sex, trying to live like Diddy when our homes are getting foreclosed, gossiping, jealous ranting or hating, or even not communicating with loved ones...its soooooo much easier to be obsessed with Tiger and Elin than dealing with our own troubled relationships...why get counseling for your daddy/mama/brother sister/relationship issues when we can hunt down a distraught woman and her 2 young children like animals??!! Why worry about how to pay for healthcare when we can laugh and joke about Lindsey Lohan. Journalists COULD do their jobs and sift through fact from what's in the National Inquirer but why when it’s sooooooo much easier to print lies/half truths or straight up fairy tales to sell newspapers or magazines...forget about journalistic integrity when you’ve got to compete with the internet...who needs truth and compassion when we can't wait for the next senseless tragedy or starlet scandal??!!
More when you read the rest...

Rihanna To Her Haters: "I Don't Give A Sh*t!"

So Ms. Rihanna did a press conference in Paris this week to discuss her upcoming French tour plans and album promo.  And when questioned about her style that keeps everyone talking, she made it known she dresses the way she damn well pleases. As usual, she kept it ~classy~ with her remark about those who hate on her fashion style by saying "I don't give a sh*t" about people's opinions.   I actually got a tinge of like for this chick when she said that.  Then it faded away minutes later as usual.  Oh wells... Pics of her hitting up London's Whiskey Mist nightclub last night under the cut....

T.I. Getting Early Release Into Halfway House?+J.D. Shuts Down Ish Talkers+Cassie Moves To Interscope


Tiny's gonna be a happy girl for Valentine's Day 2010. Maybe. Reports are swirling that T.I. may get an early release from prison and into a halfway house. Apparently this is done for very good mannered prisoners who have done what they are supposed to do. They get placed in a halfway house 1-6 months before their release date. T.I.'s release date was set for March 2010. And his lawyer claims T.I.P. could be in a halfway house by next month:
"We are hopeful that T.I. will be placed in a halfway house within the next month or so, which would be about two or three months before his projected release date. We are hopeful for that, we do not have any control over it. The Bureau of Prisons makes that decision entirely on its own, they don't share that decision with the public and they don't share that decision with the defense lawyers, but we are hopeful because we know that T.I. has handled himself accordingly and conducted himself correctly while he has been incarcerated, we are hopeful that the Bureau of Prisons will give him two or three months of halfway house."
Source: Yo! Raps
The party promoters are already gearing up their "T.I.P. IS FREE" parties as we speak.... More ish when you read the rest...

Gabby Sidibe & Mo'Nique Grab Golden Globe Nods!+Halle Berry Reveals Mother's Abusive Past

Serious CONGRATS are in order.  Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidibe have both been nominated for a Golden Globe!  The nods were announced yesterday and it is so well deserved.  Gabby has been nominated for Best Actress for Precious (this is her first movie EVER) and Mo'Nique for Best Supporting Actress.  The film itself has been nominated for a Best Picture award in the Drama category.  Loves it.  Awards season kicks off next month! News on Halle when you read the rest...

Willow Smith Gets A Half Baldie+Kelis Dishes On Knight & Anti-Celebrity+Amber Rose Does VIBE

Amber Rose is featured in the new comeback issue of VIBE magazine.  This is her first shot.  Nice.  And her behind the scenes vid. Look at Will and Jada's daughter Willow who now has a half baldie:

She rocked it at the Nobel Peace Price concert last week. More pics of her and Kelis dishing about her new life when you read the rest...

Christina Milian-Nash's Baby Shower+The Dream Is Pissy About The Grammys

The details of Christina Milian's baby shower are here. It went down Saturday in L.A. and seemed very cute and girly: The actress and singer, married to mega record producer the Dream, 31, treated guests to a decadent day filled with manicures, pedicures, and make-overs provided by Valerie Beverly Hills. Other shower attendees noshed on delicious Asian inspired goodies from Philippe West Hollywood. But, to top off the intimate party, Christina also served bite- sized cupcakes from Famous Cupcakes just to make sure everyone’s sweet tooth was satisfied.
Awww congrats to the couple. News on Dream's Kanye-rant when you read the rest...