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Q Of Day 26 Talks About His Dawn Tattoos+More Images From The NoH8 Campaign

Everybody was trippin' over Q's tattoos that he showed off in his newest photoshoot with girlfriend Dawn. He has her name on his waist and her lips on his neck. And here's the explanation he gave GG: Speaking of love and tattoos, whose lips are those on your neck? I figured I would get DAWN's lips because she will be mine forever and I’m hers forever, so why not. It's the best example of how honest I am in my relationship and about our love. Her lips and her name is an example to others that it’s ok to LOVE YOUR GIRL. It’s an example on how to be HONEST. I actually got her name when we started getting serious , so I had that way before the lips on my neck. I’m sure there will be more tattoos to come. With all the celebrity break ups and hook ups. What do you think makes your relationship different? Why did you decide to go public instead of hiding your relationship? It is what it is. I have to be real with myself. What ever is meant to happen will happen. But our relationship is built off of trust, honesty, and love. It’s definitely that fairytale ending that people don’t believe in anymore. There's no hiding that. There’s no point in fronting when you are happy. Snaps in a heart... And here's some images from the NoH8 campaign. Certain celebs decided they wanted to express how strongly they believe in same-sex marriage by (tastefully) baring it all for equality!:


Tatyana Ali

Celeb publicist BJ Coleman
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Raven Symone: I Never Had A Baby!

Beyonce Makes Nice With LeToya Luckett At BET Awards

Drake Speaks On BET Fiasco & Rumored $4 Mill Deal+On The Set Of Fabolous' New Vid

Complex magazine talked to Drake about the BET fiasco. Drake explains what happened with the pre-teens being up on stage with them during "Every Girl", why he chose to perform with a hurt ACL, and his alleged $4 mill deal with Wayne's Young Money: Complex: There were rumors of a $4 million bonus… Drake: [Laughs] Where is it? Tell me where it is, I’ll go pick it up right now. I got some money. I got a little money. I’ll be alright for a couple months. Complex: Damn, that’s horrible. At the BET Awards this past Sunday, everyone was shocked to see you sitting on a stool. Did you ever think to yourself, Maybe I shouldn’t perform? Drake: That, actually—to be honest—was a terrible idea that I’ll never do to myself again. [Laughs] But I was being pressed from different areas to perform, and I think what really happened at the BET Awards is with the passing of Mike, the climate really changed, as far as the award show goes. I don’t think it called for us to perform “Every Girl” and “Always Strapped,” and I think it was an award show filled with tributes and music and these genuine heartfelt speeches. And to sort of climax out of a very tongue-in-cheek point, and then people misconstruing Wayne’s daughters and her friends coming out on stage… Complex: Yeah, it really was an awkward moment. Drake: Yeah, it was just timed very poorly and it definitely wasn’t planned like that, but with that being said, it is what is. I believe in Wayne and myself and it’s nothing we can’t bounce back from. To anyone who was offended, my personal apologies, it wasn’t intended to offend anybody. Complex: Watching it at home, the BET Awards seemed to be a mess. Did it seem that way in person? Drake: Well, I can only speak for my portion of it. I had asked for something very specific for my performance and none of those were met, as far as production value, so… Complex: That’s BET for you… Drake: I understood my situation, as far as sitting in one place, and figured there was a way to make it interesting. But when I looked around and noticed that none of that was going on [laughs], I kind of just realized that it was going to be a loss for me. But at the end of the day, it is what it is. So there you have it folks... Fabolous shot his video for his next single, "Everyday, Everything, Everywhere," last week in LA during BET Awards weekend. Guest included Ryan Leslie, Keri Hilson, Tamala Jones, Trey Songz & Amerie. Loso's Way the album and movie drops July 28th:

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Beyonce Jets Out Of MIA+Kelly Rowland Thanks Mama Tina

Beyonce was spotted on her way to her private jet in MIA the other day after taking a dip in the ocean:

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Frankie Is Still On Some Other Ish+Jeezy's Still Making it Rain On Strippers

WTF is going on in this interview? Jamie Foster Brown interviewed Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie and foolywangness ensued. Fierce Kitty Frankie told us all about her being "a firefighter by trade"--and she was dead ass serious when she said this--and a gymnast who had a scholarship to college in Oregon. What went wrong in her life that ended her up in jail? She blames one of her exes. And says the sex f'd her mind up. All the sniffing and nose wiping in the video is almost a dead giveaway confirming that I think she's still on that ish.
Please watch the video because it's a must see. My description does it no justice. I couldn't even focus on the obvious questions like why I am I confused about this interview's setting and what the hell is going on with her "look". Slightly NSFW pics of Jeezy and friends with the skrippers when you read the rest...

FOOLISHNESS: Angel Lola Luv Pops Off On Superhead+Foxy Blasts The Rikers Special Treatment Rumors

Video chick beef time. Angel "Lola" Luv--the stripper turned video chick turned rapper--is popping off on Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. And Angel's breaking down the difference between video hos and video "models". Here's a snippet from her recent blog:
There are a lot of different reasons why I could never ride with the choices that ‘Superhead” made. I feel as though she played a major part in people really believing that all video vixens are just like her. Which is TOTALLY wrong! There is a difference between a ‘Video Vixen/Model’ and a ‘Video Hoe/Groupie.’ From the way they conduct themselves, their mentality and of course their agenda! The perceptions that people have of me and most video models are the total opposite of reality. They see things from the outside. So they have no idea about what goes on behind the scenes with the ones that do this to benefit themselves in a positive way. In order to book me for any gig or video people would get in contact with my manager. I wouldn’t meet these artists until I got on set. While on set I didn’t fraternize with the artists. I would either be shooting or waiting in the trailer until it was my time. As soon as I was done shooting I would leave. If anyone asked for my contact they would either get directed to my manager if she was nearby or I would give them her contact info. If they were really trying to do business then they wouldn’t have a problem getting in contact with her. I never went down the same path Superhead did. I hold my head up high when I walk because I never had to sleep with anyone to get this far. So when people claim I slept with this person and that person all I can say is check my record. I get my respect in the industry because no one can say they dealt with me beyond a friendship or associate level except 1 person. Period! There are a lot of video vixens that haven’t either but because of Superhead people think other wise. There are a lot of respectable females in the video game that are taking on these jobs to get exposure so that they can take that next step to pursue their choice of careers. Whether it’s behind the scene or in the lime light. There are also females that do it so they can pay their way through school or even need the extra money on the side in order to make ends meet. So why knock the hustle based on the actions of the weak minded video groupies?

And a video of her going hard on Superhead:

Honestly, the sex aspect of these chick's lives is not even the main problem many people have with chicks in this type of industry. There's a much bigger picture. Respectable? Silicone injected asses plopping up and down on a pole in a club for money and/or being 98% naked on tv for money and tricks from rappers? I must have missed that memo... I'm sure Superhead will attack back since it's been a while since she's had a publicity fix. And most folks still won't care. How funny is the idea of video chick beef though? News on Foxy B. when you read the rest....