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YBF Chicks On The Scene+Naomi Campbell Calls The Fashion Industry Racist+Al Reynolds Is Hitting TV?

Sanaa Lathan, Paula Patton, and Rashida Jones all hit up the I Heart Ronson dinner last night at Bar Marmont in L.A.  The ladies are looking fab as usual.

TV One is giving Al Reynolds his own show.  Not a whole series, just a show. The new series is called "Life After" and follows "celebs" dealing with major turning points in their lives. GAl will be one of the features and he'll be showing--of course--life after his split from ex-wife Star Jones. I'm going to watch just for the major LOLz we all know will ensue.

Naomi Campbell is talking to German Vogue in its new issue about how racist the fashion industry is. She says:
“You know, the American president may be black, but as black woman, I am still an exception in this business. I always have to work harder to be treated equally...In the past, there were more opportunities for black models but the trend towards blond women has again become extreme. In magazines, on the catwalk, I see blond, blue-eyed models everywhere.”
Interesting. More pics of Sanaa and co. when you read the rest...

SPOTTED: Zoe Kravitz & Jennifer Hudson Head To TopShop Opening+Jill Scott Covers JET

Both Zoe Kravitz & Jennifer Hudson were spotted hitting up the TopShop boutique opening in rainy NY last night:

Um.  Jury's still out for me on both these outfits. And Jill Scott is this week's JET covergirl.  She's talking about her new show and new baby boy due this month:

Three-time Grammy-winning singer Jill Scott is counting down the days before she gets to lay eyes on what she calls her most precious gift yet. The soon-to-be-mom, whose due date is April 25, looks forward to her little one, since past doctors told her that she was unable to conceive. He's my little warrior, Scott told Jet magazine. So far, he's been to Africa with me, he's worked in extreme heat and during 14-15 hour days. He's hung in there with me through this whole thing and I just cannot get over it. This is incredible. If things had gone as intended, Scott would have married Lil John Roberts, 37, her band's drummer, last month. The pregnancy, however, has since altered their plans. We are just people, of course, so we have to deal with one thing at a time. We may get married. We may not. Who knows? We don't. We're just taking it as slow as we can. This issue hits stands next Monday 4/6. More pics of J-Hud under the cut...

KeKe Palmer Pops Off On The Haters+Method Man Clears Up His Tax Situation...Again.

If you have ish to say about KeKe Palmer's purple leather mini dress she rocked to the Nick Kids' Choice Awards over the weekend, she's got words for  you too.  KeKe took to her myspace page yesterday about the hurtful "slutty" comments people have been making in the comments sections of blogs, and she even named YOU--yes, YBF's commenters--as an example.  Funny:
Before I go I just want to say something, at first I was going to ignore comments, but I decided that I should speak. Yesterday on the blogs below several people left comments saying that my purple leather dress that I wore to KCA's was" too short", or that I was " inappropriately dressed" for the KCA's. Again, at first I was going to ignore their comments because I know haters are going to be haters, but a lot of people wrote comments that were totally incorrect like : " she is 14 and too young to wear that dress" " they are turning her into a slut , where are her parents" " she is way too dressed up for Kid's Choice" I feel I need to address some of these untrue statements, first of all I am not 14, or 11 like I was when I played Akeelah 4 years ago. Secondly, I will be 16 years old and I wore a mini dress nothing was showing my breasts were covered, my thighs were covered ,when I bent over you could not see my panties or anything like that, it was a perfectly cut mini dress, and my parents are great parents they liked the dress and saw nothing wrong with it. As you can see from the picture below with Emma Roberts, her dress is the same length and we are teenagers what do you want us to wear? Both of us made Vogue's Look -of- the Day, hey that's not shabby! Lastly, I have to wear heavy make up when taking a ton of pictures because if I don't my skin will photograph with blemishes and then people will write, " she looks bad, she should wear make up", so you see I cannot win for losing! I just want to set the record straight, I know everyone will not like everything I wear, but a lot of thought goes behind every single outfit, trust me before I put it on Larry and Sharon Palmer have approved it ! So, please to all of my fans when you see me wear something that's young, hip, and might show my legs off a little bit don't freak out , I appreciate all comments the good ones and especially the bad ones , because that means you are paying attention! So please keep watching I promise I will never disappoint........thanks to all the fans for your continued support, I love you guys! Much Love Ya'll, Keke P.
Source Dammit I heart this chick. Pics from her Teen Vogue photoshoot and Method Man's "explanation" for why he's getting his ish repo'd when you read the rest...

Jennifer Hudson Covers Entertainment Weekly+Kelly Rowland's "The Fashion Show" Promos

Jennifer Hudson is rocking the cover of the upcoming Entertainment Weekly hitting stands April 6th: On feeling "the church" while singing: “In church we call that the Anointing, that’s what you’re feeling. Music is my home. When I’m trying to find my inner peace, when it seems like everything is overwhelming, I put music in my ears...We were what you call ‘born in the church. I would go with my grandmother and my mom, and when I was little, I would fall asleep on their laps in the choir stand....The church has given me balance. Too often we look at things through human eyes. But when you look at the world spiritually, it makes far more sense. I don’t think I would be here without it.” Jennifer's Godmother Debra on Jennifer's first time singing: She was less than a year old. She hadn’t said a word, and all of a sudden she hit this soprano note, such a beautiful, clear, high-pitched note. I jumped up and ran to the front of the church and said, ‘This baby’s going to sing!’” Jennifer's manager Walt on how they got to where they are: “I would take her to the gay clubs and they would have these talent competitions mainly for drag queens, and I would put Jennifer in them as the only real female. And she would win all the time and take all those drag queens’ money. They were so mad! Walt on Jennifer's American Idol tryouts: "I paid for the hotel room and she paid for the car, I think. I’d buy her clothes on my American Express card and then she’d perform in them and I’d return them the next day. I promised her that I wouldn’t stop until the whole world saw her. On her fans: “It’s one of the most beautiful things, to see that love from fans, but it can be a bit much. I don’t like it when people get all emotional and cry. I don’t want you to cry. It makes me uncomfortable. The other day this lady came up to me and got really close to me, and I thought, ‘What is it that makes people want to…embrace me? And how do I react to it?’”

And Kelly Rowland has a brand new hosting gig. She's a judge on the upcoming Bravo show "The Fashion Show":


Fifteen designers were chosen to sew, stitch, and and backstab for the chance to score $125,000 and have their designs sold in retail stores. Sounds like Bravo's version of "Project Runway". More promo pics and video when you read the rest...

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Jennifer Hudson Talks Wedding Secret & New Album

Jennifer Hudson did a taping for "Ellen".  And apparently she got a new bike.  Jenny talked about working on yet another new album as well.

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