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Problems In Carter-ville?+Swizz Beatz Confirms His Relationship With Alicia Keys

Beyonce and Jay-Z hit up Solange's concert in Switzerland right after Bey performed Saturday night.  But the Swiss press are going bananas over the fact that The Carters barely spoke 2 words to each other all night.  Reportedly, Beyonce sipped on her champagne while Jay chatted it up with friends.  They didn't even sit next to each other the whole night.  Lover's quarrel or just living their regular life comfortable with their relationship? A couple doesn't have to be swapping spit and fawning all over each other in order for them to be on good terms.  But sometimes, when there's smoke there's fire.  Hope not though.

And Swizz Beatz let his relationship status with Alicia Keys slip.  He told the Daily News that he is indeed in love with her and yes, she's the one who threw that party for him at the Guggenheim Museum a while back.  Despite him trying to tell everyone it was a lie.  Here's what Swizzy had to say about his new "Best I Ever Had" remix track (which is rumored to be about his mistress chick Alicia):
"But we're nowhere near ready for a baby or a ring," laughs Swizz, aka Kasseem Dean. "This whole song is not about Alicia. The part about her cooking breakfast for me naked — she never done that for me." "What we have is so precious."
I hear he and Mashonda are still trying to get that divorce squared away.  The verses in question:
Wake up in the morning and my baby cooked me breakfast, A's naked wearing nothing on but a necklace … Yeah, she say she wanna treat me like a king; I get big gifts so the money ain't a damn thing She gave me a party at the Guggenheim … What's next? The ring? The baby? She really loves me!
Mmmhmm. More dish when you read the rest...

Friday Tidbits

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to third graders at a D.C. public school this week looking fab in a polka dotted dress.  And model Iman told Parade mag about the beauty of our First Lady--and she says it's great in its own way:
"Mrs. Obama is not a great beauty. But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther. When you’re a great beauty, it’s always downhill for you. If you’re someone like Mrs. Obama, you just get better with age.”
Um, if "downhill" is what Michelle or Iman looks like, I'm putting on my skis to go faster... And in other news:

WHY is Jamie Foxx's jacket so damn tight???  He was spotted leaving Mr. Chow last night looking like he was hiding food under his jacket.  What's really hood?

Remember Laz Alonzo?  He was spotted out getting yogurt in L.A. yesterday.  Still a cutie. More pics of Mrs. Obama when you read the rest...

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Celeb Speak: Russ' Ex Talks About His New Boo+Matt McConaughey On Black Women

So Katie Rost--Russell's 29 year old model ex-girlfriend--took to her blog on Global Grind to give her take on the EIC of GG himself and his new younger model boo Julie:
I’m at Russell’s apartment and Julie Henderson just walked down stairs. I’m not saying she was doing the walk of shame (but it was 12:15 pm) Let me be clear, I have no beef with Julie! We’ve just fallen at different times for the same man… The first thing she said to me when she cascaded down the stairs was, “When are you leaving?” I said, “in two weeks" Her eyebrow rose in skeptic dismay. I waited a looooong minute before telling her I wouldn’t be staying with Russell the whole time. Ok, let's move past all of that. I’m not a petty, competitive woman! (Yes I am) but I'm totally ok with the fact that my time with Russell was beautiful but brief. I am genuinely happy that our friendship has formed in the wake. I'm also happy that he has found someone else whose company he enjoys. No, no, no people, I’m not going to hate on Julie Henderson! She’s extremely cute for a White girl. (I’m more partial to the ethnic look, but to each their own.) I’ve got to give it up to Julie for getting like 5000 hits on the Sports Illustrated pics and video (which are indeed smoking hot) when they were posted on Global Grind. Anyway, when Julie and Russell got in last night and came to say goodnight to me, I was chillin in the downstairs guestroom. I had passed out listening to a Deepak Chopra's self-help lecture with a mud mask on. Russell opened the door and asked me if I had a man in the bed. Julie told me I looked oily. They then ran upstairs giggling and having a “we’re a couple and you are a loser who is alone in bed with a f*cking mud mask on your face” moment. But like I said before, all of that is absolutely fine with me. I’m fine in the guest room, Fine fine fine! I’ve written a lot about the big 29th year on my blogs. It’s so crazy that 30 is approaching and it's so bizarre to look back and see that my modeling career has been a decade long. As I start to contemplate the next phase, sometimes the young 20-something-year-olds like Julie challenge me to face my ego and to consider what’s next. I've had my time and now she is having hers. Russell always instills in his friends to consider what your gift is and how you can give to others. He was flipping through my portfolio as I recounted the Julie Henderson-meets-Katie Rost moment (unfortunately he was hiding out and missed the whole thing). With his always pleasing and serene glow he said, “You’ve been steady and you’ve been in this game for a long time. Maybe everyone doesn’t know your name but you’ve had a really great career and now you get to think about sharing your other talents with the world.” Ahhh, sharing and giving back, that’s always a good place to start… - Katie Rost
Ummmm....all this over Uncle Russ? What Matt McConaughey had to say about black women when you read the rest...

Tyra Talks "Good Hair"+Ciara Denies Curtis Is Her Man+Other Ish

Tyra Banks' show tomorrow will focus "good hair".  According to Tyra's people, Good Hair" is an expression that some African Americans use to describe hair that is not kinky, coarse or short. "Good Hair" is so ingrained in the African American culture that comedian Chris Rock just made a documentary bearing that name. Tyra, who examines what is "good hair" and how it impacts African American women socially, their activities, self-esteem, financially and more, also speaks with a mother who currently relaxes her three-year-old daughter's hair. Too many jokes I could make. So I'll just link you to the preview video. Mario is growing his har back--thank goodness:

Mario is taking to the streets with PUMA and the 2009 Gumball 3000 Rally. The 3,000 mile motorsport event took place from LA to Vegas, Santa Fe to Dallas and from New Orleans to Miami, all in eight days. Mario got to drive a custom Puma Masarati. More with Ciara and D.Woods when you rad the rest...