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Jennifer Hudson Bites The Big Apple+Details On Usher's New Boo Grace

Jennifer Hudson was spotted braving the NYC rain today and taking a stroll through the Big Apple:

Chris Brown Plows Through Service+Raven Symone's Photoshoot

Well that's one way to say hello to your supportive fans.  It's Day 2 of Chris Brown's labor and community service.  And he was plowing weeds and cleaning up rural Virginia looking like the country boy that he is:

His bodyguard even came to the area to visit him during his break.  Rocking one of Chris' new shirts he's promoting.  2 days down...178 more to go.... More pics of Raven Symone when you read the rest....

MUSIC NEWS: Kanye, Jay-Z, Janet, & More

The BET Hip Hop Awards--going down in Atlanta next month--nominations are in.  And Kanye West leads everyone with 9 nods.  Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are second with 7 nods.  No word yet if Kanye's seats have been confirmed in the nosebleed section.

Speaking of Jay, here's some pics of him in Glasgow, Scotland today doing promo runs and signing an autograph for a young fan:

He'll be in Europe promo'ing BP3 for the rest of the month.
More after the jump...

CANDID FAB: Ludacris, Vivica, Serena, & More

Vivica Foxx was spotted at a WNBA game yestedray.  She took in the L.A. Sparks vs. Seattle Storm playoff game.  And she loves her Hello Kitty... Serena hit the NY streets in a casual outfit after her appearance on "Good Morning America":

Priceless side eye. And Ludacris showed off his new Rolls Royce as he pulled up to a lunch spot in West Hollywood yesterday:

Nice. More pics when you read the rest...

Mya Should Fire Her Stylist+Keyshia Cole On Preggers Watch?

Who and what was this next to Mya on her shopping trip yesterday? Chick hit up Paige Premium Denim on Robertson in this getup--a multicolored summer dress, bright blue patent shoes, a purple python print back, and a black leather jacket. Just when I started to ask who in the hell dressed her yesterday, I saw the foolywang material behind her and in the fitting room with her:

Trying on clothes for the Emmys.

If that's your stylist boo, your comeback journey with "DWTS" is going to be a moot point. Just a guess.... UPDATE: Homeboy is her stylist and his name is "Joe Exclusive".  Apparently he used to style Eve too....

So Keyshia Cole stopped by a Wal-Mart this week to sing and pub the Luster's Pink Oil products as she's the new face of the line. But what caught our eye in this video is a seemingly protruding belly under those clothes. Y'all know Keyshia loves wearing extra tight pants and tees and such. So this flowy dress and cardigan is indeed a changeup. Not to mention a bump we can't help but see. And she has been out the spotlight for a minute now. Are she and her NBA baller boyfriend Boobie Gibson expecting a little one? Ms. Cole, you're officially on Preggers Watch. More pics of Mya under the cut...

Where Are Your Pasties Rihanna?+Halle Tries To Hide Her Baby Belly?+Day 26's Willie In Nude Scandal...Again

Rih Rih was just spotted on her way to eat at Da Silvano's in NYC. And decided to leave her bra...and pasties...at home despite rocking a sheer black tank:

Well that's an attention grabber.  More pics under the cut...

And yet again...Willie Taylor of Day 26 is in a nude pic scandal. A nudie pic--showing ALL the goods--was "hacked" from his girlfirend/wife? Nyanna's computer and blasted on the net. Last time this happened, his people said it was photoshopped and fake. But this new pic he has a different statement:
"It has been brought to my attention that private and personal photos of mine are currently circulating the web. As a man that is barely home with his family, my wife and I share some intimate moments the best way that we can. It is incredibly disturbing that someone with bad intentions would illegally hack into my email account and distribute these private moments to the world. I ask that everyone respect the privacy of my family. Also, I offer my sincere apologies to my fans."
*clutches pearls* Check the scandalicious very much NSFW pic here. I warned ya... Willie just Tweeted: Im So sorry to all my fans, ya'll know me better then that!!! Im not home alot and that was a way we kept the excitement in our relationship, some hater hacked her email and tried to share my privacy. Meanwhile, over in L.A., Halle was spotted leaving her home trying to cover up her belly with an oversized purse:

I thought the baby secret was already out. She did the same thing with Baby #1 so I'm not surprised.... More NSFW Rihanna pics under the jump...

SPOTTED: Tameka Foster's A Do-Gooder

Tameka Foster was spotted in Atlanta speaking at the Power Generation Conference for the kids. The do-gooder stylist was pubbing the foundation she started for teen girls and their self-esteem: