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Who's Threatening Fanny?

MODEL MAYHEM: Naomi Hits The London Catwalk+ANTM Chick ARRESTED

Naomi Campbell has taken her Fashion For Relief: Haiti campaign over to her home city of London.  She hosted another fashion show for her org to raise money for Haiti Relief.  She hit the catwalk herself and looked gorgeous while doing so.  She's rocking a hot multi-colored mini dress and shoes you would commit 3 felonies for from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 RTW collection. This entire look is delicious. More pics and news on which ANTM chick got arrested when you read the rest...

*UPDATED* BREAKING: Pregnant Keyshia Cole Is In Labor Hospital!

*UPDATED* NBC Gets Racist?+Danger Gets DETAINED By Cops For Arson!

So Questlove of The Roots Twitpic'd this foolishness today.  Apparently this was the sign hanging outside of the NBC cafeteria (The Roots are the house band for Jimmy Fallon--on NBC).   And folks are up in arms about the racist and stereotypical tone of this menu. Hmph. $7.50 is a good special for all this though.  Don't front. *UPDATE*: The NBC cook who came up with the menu speaks out:

*eyebrows raised*

NFL BALLER SCANDALS!: Eric Green Rapes A Transgendered Woman?+Steven Jackson Beats Up Pregnant Girlfriend?!

The Daily News has a breaking story claiming that NFL player Eric Green raped a 38 year old transgendered named Angelina Mavilia, who he met in a casino in early 2009 when Green still played for the Arizona Cardinals. He's now with the San Francisco 49ers. The tranny claims that 27 year old Eric assaulted her when they went back to his condo. Angelina's lawsuit claims she was forcibly sodomized. And she is demanding $10 million dollars. WOMP. Another NFL scandal when you read the rest...

Pre-Weekend Bits: 50 Cent+Wacka Flocka Speaks+Tyrese+Star Jones

50 Cent spoke some real words this week about why more money creates more problems. And why most people with egos aren't really stars: "$400 million? I’m not sure how much I have, but that sounds great,” he said. "I don’t really think it’ll ever be enough. I used to equate success with my finances because I didn’t have anything, and when you don’t have any money, it seems money is the answer to all your problems. Then you get money, and you realize that you’ve got a whole new set of problems." Despite his worldwide successes, 50 — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — insists he is still down to earth because he is happy to travel economy. "I really don’t mind flying coach if I have to," he said. "If the front of the plane is sold out, I’ll sit in the back. Some people are like, ‘Oh, first class is sold out. I can’t go.’ I guess they care about people seeing that they’re not sitting in first class. "But I’m clear with my financial space — I don’t need to get any validation by someone else who sits next to me in first class. If you think a seat in first class makes you a star, then you’re not one."
50 may do some dumb ish like dedicating time to his enemy's baby mama and exposing the enemy just for s's and g's. But he speaks real talk most of the time.... More bits when you read the rest...

*UPDATED* Rihanna's NEW Boo Matt Kemp BEAT His Ex-Girlfriend?!

New dog...old tricks.  Rumors are in a flurry today that Rihanna's new baseballer boo Matt Kemp isn't a fresh change of pace after all. Reports have been revealed that allege Matt has a restraining order against him...by his 30 year old ex girlfriend Felisha Terrell. All because of his violent ways. Sound familiar? The scoop when you read the rest...