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Call 911 Snitches!


Solange Admitted & Released From Hospital!

Solange Knowles was treated by medics after taking some flu meds onboard her flight from NY to LA last night and then suffering an adverse reaction to it.  And just when we thought the Twittering/Facebooking/Myspacing was starting to get out of control with the extra personal info (like births and ish) while the very things are happening, it continues. Solo posted a bunch of odd Twitter and Facebook messages while she was aboard the plane, while she was in the hospital, and then when she left.  Three hours into the trip, her messages suddenly stopped after she complained of feeling sleepy - and three hours later she logged back on to the website to tell fans: "Woaah...... How'd I end up in the hospital?" During the flight, she told fans she had swallowed NyQuil tablets to treat a cold.  She wrote:
"I took a nyquil and i think maybe im getting high off it because im not sleeping. maybe i should close my eyes..."
Minutes later she added:
"think im certified loosing (sic) it on nyquil. going to sleep before i start freestyling on the plane... omg i didnt know nyquil could do this to you. i took the pills tho. cant stomach cough syrup. trying to be proactive on this flight." She then added: "Never taking nyquil again. I feel so weird."
More when you read the rest...

Suge Got Knocked The F&*# Out...AGAIN!

Well All-Star weekend isn't complete without a hood ass fight at an afterparty.  Suge Knight--once again--got punched in the head twice at an All-Star afterparty last night at the W hotel in Phoenix.  The man arrested for the dirty deed is Robert Carnes, Jr., who claims he's Akon's manager!  Damn! Apparently a fight was abrew in the VIP sectio

Trina Supports Her Man Courtside+Tameka Raymond Slipped Into A Coma!

Trina was spotted sitting courtside at the Denver vs.

Tyra Banks Spotted At The Airport+An Update On Tameka Raymond

Tyra Banks was spotted trying to look incognegro at LAX the other day: Girl we know that barbie doll wig from a mile away with cataracts.

Daily Dose Of Chrihanna: Love In The Club & Chris Brings Rihanna Home For The Holidays

It's home for the Holidays for Chris Brown and Rihanna: Chris brought home his main chick to Tappahannock, VA yesterday fresh off their Paris trip.  And they made their rounds to signing and PR events: Chris' mom was in the mix too.  Holiday cuteness. And look which "BFFs" got all frisky in the club in more pics from their Parisian night out this weekend: Mmhmm. More ish when you read the rest...

Seriously Plaxico Burress?

In the dumb criminal move of the weekend, star NY Giants baller Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg at a club this weekend. Apparently the gun, which he owns, fell down his pants leg while partying, and it accidentally fired off, hitting him in the leg.

UPDATES: Brandy, Jamie Foxx & The Roots

Brandy is speaking out about her farse of a marriage to producer/her daughter's father Robert Smith when she was pregnant with Sy'Rai.  She says to Us Weekly: "I lied because of the fear of what people would think and the pressure to be a good role model," Robert confirmed this years ago and everyone pretty much knew it from jump.  She's about 6 years too late.   But her album is about to drop so maybe not.