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Hello all of my ultra fabulous readers. I'm writing to let everyone know that I am A-OK. I had to evacuate to my parents' house in North Louisiana, so I have no clue if my apartment in N.O. is still standing. I haven't had good internet/phone access in days. Thanks for all your prayers and words of hope and concern.

The stars come out at night

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And on to the drama....

Hmmm so Nick really does need to be wonderin where his girl Christina is. She was all up in the BMI Urban Music Awards last night in Miami.

Hate it or Love it

Remember ya'll....haters never prosper. Now let's keep it movin shawtys...

{Said in my squeaky little girl voice} When I grow up..I wanna be Coral from the Real World. Then I can set up my retirement fund off the endless amount of reality shows I do. And everyone around me will be scared of me cuz I love to talk crap...non-stop. And everyone will only put up with my crap cuz they love to look at my huge boobs.

Aint it funny?

Here's a piece of wonderful fanmail I got on my comments today:

Disappointed said...

*sigh* This blog really sux. You need to really represent better and you fall short everytime I view your less than entertaining rehash of bet.com. I should start my own black entertainment blog. I shall name it blackisthenewblog.

What the…..?

Hey my fabulous readers! Hope you're enjoying the columns. Make sure to send the YBF link to your friends if they wanna stay up on what's hot. Aaaaaand on to the drama:

Throwback Flashback


Apparently Ms. Milian has been living the glamorous life. Here's some pics from recent photo shoots.