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Beyonce Is Scared Of Her Influence Over Girls

This is another pic from Beyonce's April issue of Vogue.  And here's what she had to say about her weight and her influence over young girls: “It’s easy for me to gain weight,” she says. “I’m not a naturally stick-thin girl.

Rihanna Set For A Bodyguard Movie Remake?

Word has it Rihanna hit the Big Apple this weekend to take a bunch of movie meetings. Apparently she's in talks to reinvent Whitney Houston's starring role in The Bodyguard--an update version. There's also talk of her getting scripts for another Charlie's Angels installment alongside Justin Timberlake. Rihanna's camp denied the movie meeting gossip bits.

Neffe Is Pregnant...AGAIN!+Mo'Nique's Radio Show Gets CANCELLED!

Keyshia Cole's extra fertile sister Nefferteria has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant...again. She told S2S:
"I'm pregnant and I got an attitude with him and don't want him to f***ing touch me right now—or ever. Because I—was not supposed to happen this way.

YBF EXCLUSIVE: Dawn Richard CONFIRMS Split From Que AND Danity Kane!

Dawn Richard has definitely gone solo. She dished the goods to YBF snitches during her special guesting duties at Majestic Group's Majestic Saturdays at Nikki Marina in Hollywood, FL this weekend. Here's the juice: Dawn exclusively revealed to YBF snitches that she is definitely solo, and there won't be another Danity Kane. She also indicated--in her own way--that she and Q of Day 26 are no longer dating. But she did say they are "cool". Our source says:
When Beyonce's single ladies came on...homegirl danced around as if she caught the "holy ghost". Seemed like another confirmation that she may be SINGLE TO MINGLE.

By the way, Dawn also revealed that she will make her "I'm going solo" anti-climatic announcement on the "Making The Band 4" Season Finale. Damn--officially split from both Danity Kane and your man? Can't say we didn't see it coming. Especially since we were the first to call this solo act of hers over a year ago.... Dawn and Q talking about their sex life very recently on the radio when you read the rest...

SPOTTED: Kerry Washington & Her New Man

Kerry Washington was spotted strolling the Hollywood streets and bookstore over the weekend with her new mystery boo: Looks like she's moved completely on from that called off engagement a while back from producer David Moscow.   These two were looking extra lovey dovey whil

Details On NeNe Leakes' Book Deal+Fierce Kitty Frankie Wilds Out

Ummm.... Keyshia Cole's mama Frankie hit up a "Real Housewives of Atlanta" party--which not one Housewife was in attendance at--this weekend.  And chick is killin' the two step on the dance floor.  Actually, there is no dance floor.  What the hell is going on here Frankie?  Did Six Flags upgrade the spray paint to real graffiti shirts?  Is that a matching jacket completing the jean outfit.  Sigh.  Somebody call up the Dancing With The Stars producers.  I would pay money to see this chick compete against Lil Kim... More pics of Fierce Kitty Frankie after the jump... And we've got some exclusive dish on NeNe Leakes and her new book deal.  Even though she's saying she's "writing" a book--she's not writing it.  She's just telling it to a writer who writes it. An editor from Simon & Schuster revealed to YBF that "Real Housewife" NeNe got a pretty hefty sum to write her memoir - which is due out this summer. There wasn't even a standard book auction. It was a preemptive deal where Schuster just threw an obscene number out there that supposedly topped all others who may have been interested in a book deal. NeNe grabbed at the offer, but later stated to the editor and book agent that she probably could have gotten more from someone else. And the editor actually confirmed that she could have. Womp. The book will be clarifying rumors that are out there and discussing things that aren't. *side eye* It's set to be released during the season and the episodes will show her working on the book with her writer. More pics of Frankie when you read the rest...

Rapper's Delight: Phantom Of The Kanye & Amber Opera+Jim Jones Gets Shot At In Detroit?

Kanye and Amber hit the Metropolitan Opera's Anniversary Gala last night in NYC: Both looked dapper and pretty damn fab. I see Kanye's upgraded her look, taught her how not to speak, and taught her how to kick the same pose at all times. Sounds like a master plan's in action....
And word has it Jim Jones got shots fired at him in Detroit last night. He likely was there to do a concert and clearly not everyone was happy he was in town. Here's what we heard went down: Detroit rapper Trick Trick brought Jimmy to a nightspot called Esko Saturday night. Four guys dressed in all black stormed into the spot and started shooting. Trick Trick got hit and so did another person. Both of those dudes are in the hospital, but Jimmy somehow escaped getting hit all together. Some sources say Trick Trick set Jimmy up and it went wrong. Others say Jimmy just has some serious haters in Detroit and the bullets were actually meant for him. What's up with people going to Detroit and always getting slapped up or shot at? Damn. UPDATE: Trick Trick called in to WJLB in Detroit this morning and said he was NOT shot, is NOT in the hospital, and wasn't even there at the club.  Audio No word from Jimmy's people just yet.... More pics from the Met when you read the rest...