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CROPPED CANDIDS: Rihanna & Halle+Video Of Rihanna's Nokia Live Concert

After a long tipsy night at her concert afterparty Monday night, Rihanna was spotted out in London grabbing a bite to eat at the Met Bar and Grille last night.  Interesting outfit combo. And if you missed her Nokia Live concert Monday night, check it here:

And Halle has gotten colorful in NYC.  She's in the big city doing some promo and visiting. More pics of these ladies when you read the rest...

Beyonce: It Ain't Time For Kids!

Rappers' Moms Launch A Show+Other Ish

Who needs "The View" when you got T-Pain's mama, Lil Wayne's mama, and Ne-Yo's mama (l-r in above pic) to dish the goods for you?  These ladies have apparently gotten together to do a "dinner time talk show" of the sorts.  Here's what this ish will be about:
Aliyah “Mama Pain” Najm (T-Pain‘s mother), Jacida Carter (Lil Wayne’s mother) and H. Loraine Smith (Ne-Yo’s mother) will serve as hosts of Dinner Table Discussions, which aims to present a quality and informative program. According to the women, their aim is to create a show that will enhance their viewers “educationally, economically, socially and culturally,” by discussing current events, important topics, interviews and feature segments. "Our vision is to be a premier talk show that delivers a creative and informative format that assists viewers in educating and solving challenging issues," Najm said in a statement. "There are situations in our communities, cities, states and even nationwide that people have made us aware of and they want to resolve the issues, but they just don’t know where to get help or how to properly handle certain issues,” Najm said. In addition to discussing relevant topics, Dinner Table Discussions will also provide solutions for young people as well. Dinner Table Discussions is scheduled to launch in 2010.
T-Pain Tweeted the above pic earlier.  This ought to be interesting...to say the least... More after the cut...

Cassie & The Cannons Out & About+Gucci Mane's Management Denies Stealing Money

Cassie was spotted at the CFDC/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in NYC last night:

She kicked it with Alejandro Ingelmo and looked fab while doing so.

Gucci Mane's management is being accused of stealing money from club promoters.  We received this email from a promoter yesterday:
I am writing to put gucci management and booking on blast. They have been takin money for supposed date, 60k for performances that they know gucci could not make due to his probation. I am a promoter who has many friends in the same situation. They take your money assure u he will be there then call u a week b4 and say stop promoting cuz he can't make it then they give u a new date that never comes through. Debra Atney needs to run her business in the correct manner instead of stealing money from hardworking promoters. It's a shame she couldn't keep her number 1 client out of jail to go and make millions but that's what happens when u pretend to be sumtin your not, you get exposed
The owner of Ozone magazine also popped off about the management stealing money from them as well.  Then Gucci's manager Deb called into Blog Talk Radio last night to clear her name.  Check the audio: Pics of The Cannons when you read the rest....

SPOTTED: Misa Hylton & Son Justin Shop For Diddy

Well look who's all grown up.

AFTERNOON BITS: Tyra, Robin Thicke, Beyonce, LaLa & Carmelo

LaLa and Carmelo Anthony hosted Denver's largest food giveaway yesterday:

Here's what LaLa posted on her site about it:
Yesterday we had our annual "Feed the Children" food drive. What an amazing event! So many families came out and collected food for Thanksgiving. It was such a great feeling to make a difference in someone's holiday. No matter how big or small, giving back is what it's all about. I'm looking forward to the Christmas holiday to do it all again! Thanks to the Boys and Girls club and all the volunteers for making this event a huge success! We could not have did it without you guys.
One of our loyal YBF readers who attended said it was a fab event, Lala and Carmelo paid for everything and stayed the entire time.  Loves celebs who give back.

Check out this video of Beyonce at her concert in London last night: Chick stage dived into the audience and Julius damn near lost his mind. Funny funny. News on Tyra and Robin Thicke's new "Sex Therapy" video when you read the rest...

Trey Songz Is Dating A Reality Reject?!

One of our production sources at VH1 tells us that Trey Songz is "dating" model Ophilia b.k.a. Just Right from "For The Love of Ray-J 2."  And the reason Just Right got sent home this week wasn't because Ray wasn't feeling her. It was because he couldn't handle the fact she had been seeing Trey Songz on the sly. And VH1 allegedly edited the Trey discussions out of the show.   Here's the scoop straight from the source's mouth:
I'm sure A LOT of your readers are puzzled as to why Ray-J sent home Just Right instead of Luscious, who slept with his homie. Just Right being boring and not connecting with him is the furthest from the truth because there is footage of him holding her hand and having a solo date that they decided not to show. The real reason why Just Right was sent home was because Ray-J was falling for Just Right, but could NOT stomach that she was dating and was still in love with rival R&B singer Trey Songz while in his house. So he voted her off because he knew he could not win her over enough to cut Trey off completely. Ray also made sure VH-1 cut out all mentions and footage about Trey Songz out of that episode that is why they made her appear boring and like he did not connect with her.
We're also told Trey is trying to keep her on the low to not upset us his fans. But they seemed inseparable at this party in Indianapolis a few weeks ago that we got pics of.

I'm getting Janice Combs vibes and not liking it one bit.  More when you read the rest...