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Will & Jada Hit The Today Show+Tameka's Lawyer Speaks Up

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted hitting up "The Today Show" this morning:

Jada is pubbing her new Hawthorne show on TNT.  And she's looking fabulous while doing so.

And Tameka Raymond has not only lawyer'd up to ready for the divorce proceedings, but her lawyer--Randy Kessler--is speaking up about the rumors of her infidelity: ...A lawyer for Usher's suddenly estranged wife is making clear from the get-go that his client had no love for anyone other than the R&B star during their marriage. Tameka Raymond's attorney is preemptively nipping in the bud any theories that either infidelity or a third party played a part in the duo's decision to divorce. "She's a great mom," Randy Kessler said. "She's been a loyal wife. She's trying her best to take the high road and not attack him."
Kessler goes on to say Tameka has completely healed and is just enjoying spending time with her kids. What Ananada Lewis has been up to when you read the rest...

Kelis Puts Her Brokeness & Nas On BLAST!+The Dream Defends Christina Milian

Kelis is broke. According to her standards that is. She still has her wedding ring worth almost $200 g's and other pricey jewelry but she says she is suffering from brokeasness. TMZ reports that Kelis is saying that her soon to be former husband Nas is NOT paying for a damn thing for her and their unborn baby. She says he hasn't helped pay for any pre-natal care and all her expenses getting paid is dependent upon him:

Kelis is asking the judge to order Nas to pay for spousal support, child support, all pregnancy-related expenses, and one-half of all medical expenses after the child is born. She also wants $3,500 for the baby nurse after the child's birth, and $20,000 for strollers, cribs and other baby supplies.

Kelis says, "My survival is based on [Nas'] will at this time. If he does not want to pay for an expense, it does not get paid." The couple was married in 2003. The baby is due this month.

Kelis says she's entitled to maintain the lifestyle to which she became accustomed during their marriage -- they have 5 homes, fly first class, go to fancy restaurants, and on and on. Most interesting -- "There were many expensive pieces [of jewelry] such as a princess-cut diamond tennis bracelet that was recently appraised for $190,000. My engagement ring is an approximately nine-carat cushion-cut diamond solitaire. I have numerous watches...such as Cartier, Rolex, Frank Muller and Chopard."

This divorce is about to get ugly. Womp.

Remy Ma has penned her first public letter from behind bars.  And she wants you all to know what she's been up to.  Check it:
I get a lot of fan mail and everyone asks me how I’m doing? I say fine, the way I see it I never imagined making it this far with my sanity. Not being able to go somewhere when you want, see your family when you want (on many occasions when you need to), can't use the phone, take a shower, wear clothes, or even eat when you want - super aggravating. Whenever, which is almost everyday I get visits, a lot of kids ask for autographs. It’s something that I used to do almost everyday but now it actually feels weird, I really feel like an inmate. And as much as I hate to admit it, I really am an inmate. I mean, it kind of grows on you when certain people go out of there way to make you feel like that. ......... Everyone in prison isn't innocent but everyone in prison isn't guilty. So whether you end up here on purpose or by accident, the pain you’re feeling is still the same. And I can quote a lot "gangsters” by saying that “I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy…”

The rest of the letter is at the source.  Hopefully she makes it through ok...

What The Dream has to say about his fiance Ms. Milian when you read the rest....

PHOTOSHOOT FAB: Fantasia's New Derek Blanks Shoot

Fantasia has a brand new photoshoot out by photographer Derek Blanks.  Check it:

More pics when you read the rest....

CANDID FAB: Eva, MiMi, & Tyra & Her Man

Fab chick Eva Marcille was spotted doing some flea market shopping on Melrose this weekend:

Loving this laid back weekend look for her. And Tyra Banks and her man John Utendahl were spotted vacaying it up in Hawaii this weekend:

They even enjoyed a romantic dinner together.  Cute.

Pics of MiMi when you read the rest...


Rihanna's Got A New Baller Crush?

While Rihanna was out and about in NY last night, she likely made sure to catch the NBA finals game. Word has it she is crushing hard on Orlando Magic baller Rashard Lewis. So much for Lakers baller Andrew Bynum--who both camps say is "just a friend." Here's what the Daily News is reporting: A source tells us that the “Umbrella” warbler attended the game at the behest of Magic forward Rashard Lewis, whom she’s currently crushing on. Says a pal of the singer, “Rihanna is trying to get to know Rashard. She’s digging on him, and she hopes the feeling is mutual.” Although reports claim that Rihanna was at the game to see her rumored lover − Lakers center Andrew Bynum − our insider denies that’s the case. “Ri and Andrew are just friends, and they have been for a while. It’s Rashard who she wants. She thinks he’s hotter than hot.” Hmm. Her ex Chris Brown loves b-ball too. And speaking of Chris, the same source also said he acted very mature and spoke and shook hands with Rih's entourage at the game they were both at last week. More pics of Rih out and about last night when you read the rest...

Kanye & Amber: WHAT BREAKUP?!

Candids & A Concert

Erykah Badu and Snoop performed at 2009 Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival in Manchester, TN this weekend:

Loves her.

I'm mad at that satin bonnet.  Gotta love Snoop for it though.

An over in Vegas, Mel B. and Stephen and the kids kicked it poolside.  Little Angel Iris is looking just like her mama more and more.

And Timbo--who's almost unrecognizable these days--was spotted having lunch at a pasta restaurant out in Malibu this weekend. More pics when you read the rest...