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Joy Bryant's Wedding Day+Iman & Others Cover J'Adore+VIDEO FAB

Joy Bryant and her hubby of 1 year stuntman Dave Pope are celebrating their anniversary by reliving their wedding day through pics on Essence.com. Beautiful Hamptons wedding.

Iman, Melyssa Ford, Ester Baxter and Gloria Velez are all gracing the cover of J'adore Magazine for their triple cover anniversary edition. It is their past, present, and future for women focus:

Um, if current and former video chicks with nothing else on their resumes are THE present and future for the female community, we got more issues than I thought. I'm just sayin'... Melyssa Ford Quote While men love all she has to offer, Mel says interactions with women vary from one end of the spectrum to the other, with them either idolizing Ford’s career and looks, or breaking her apart with criticism and inconsolable hatred. “There are so many women who can’t stand me,” the sultry Scorpio candidly reveals. “They think that I’m the lowest common denominator of what a woman could stand for: a woman who uses her body to gain popularity and is nothing more than that. At the other end of the spectrum, I also come across girls who thought I was the epitome of perfection and wanted to do what I did.” Addressing misconceptions, she adds, “When I come across the opportunity to talk, people are kind of surprised that I have some degree of intelligence.” Iman on Fashion "In fashion, most women know what looks good on them and I don't mean those who are stuck in their ‘high school years’ look–you know who you are! Most women want to follow the up-to-the-minute trends and that is when they get into trouble. You are supposed to make trends work for you and not make you a fashion victim. " Iman on Africa "I AM AFRICAN, so I am staying on course to make the work that we started a reality to more Africans. All I want for Africans is what is possible for the West, which is AIDS no longer being a death sentence, but a manageable disease as long as you can take your medication. I want that for Africans. I am not a scientist, but I wish we can find a cure for AIDS in my lifetime." This magazine hits stands June 22nd. Must-see Video Fab when you read the rest...

Chanel Iman Plays Hostess+EXCLUSIVE PICS From Lebron James' More Than A Game Movie Premiere

Gorgeous chick Chanel Iman hosted the Bensoni Cocktail Party in NYC last night. Loving her red dress and shoes. YBF D.C. Correspondents were on hand Monday evening for Lebron James' More Than A Game movie premiere:

He and his five best friends from his high school basketball team, bka  "The Fab Five", and their coach were honored at the SilverDocs documentary Film Festival in downtown Silver Spring. Lebron and his teammates were featured in the documentary.  It's about the trials and tribulations that they all faced in high school as a team and how they overcame those tribulations to become the young men they are today. And they're all still BFFs.



'Bron's fiance Savannah was by his side the entire night.  And no, she's not pregnant.  The two were being pretty private all night, then kicked it at the outdoor concert for before leaving.

More pics when your read the rest....

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Party It Up?+Common Is A Hot Bachelor

Alicia Keys and her beau--at least that's what others are now calling him--Swizz Beatz were spotted partying it up in NY last night:

SPLITSVILLE GETS UGLY: Usher's Demands & Nas' Money Backlash

FOOLERY: T-Pain Goes Country

Sigh.  T-Pain popped up on the Country Music Awards red carpet last night in Nashville.  Looking like Mr. Coonery himself:

DO WE LOVE IT?: Kelis' Preggers Look

Kelis left her divorce and financial stresses at home as she hit up the 8th Annual Four Seasons Of Hope Gala at Cipriani's Wall Street last night in this peacock inspired look:

More Fun With Kanye, Drake, & Amber Rose...

It was a lot of lovey dovey kiss kisses going on while Kanye and Amber Rose were out on the town recently with Drake and Amber's alleged sister:

I guess it's safe to say there's no Kamber breakup around these parts.  And little sis may be gettin' a lil sumthin' sumthin' too. More pics of these folks when you read the rest....