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‘Sidechicks of Charlotte’ Say They’re FORCED Into Being Sidechicks & That They Help Marriages Stay Together

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“The Breakfast Club” and these interviews this week! The “Sidechicks of Charlotte” are speaking out about being forced into sidechick-dom and how they help marriages stay together. Hear it for yourself inside…

Apparently, “Sidechicks of Charlotte” is a real thing.

The ladies that will appear on the show jetted to NYC to chop it up with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” to try and explain what the show is all about and what they’re all about. Comedian Lil Duval sat in on the conversation as the honorary 4th member of the Breakfast Club and y'all know he had jokes.

First, they want everyone to know that they’re not the “bad” guy in these types of situations. They said men cheating on their main chick have been going on for years, they’re just shedding light on the issue and they’re not here to BLAST whomever they’re dealing with.

At times, they feel bad about the whole “sleeping with someone else’s man,” but then again, they don’t. Why? Well, in some cases the ladies said they are forced into being sidechicks without being given an option to choose. One of the castmates explained:

“We do feel bad at times, but sometimes we can’t feel bad because we have to feel bad for ourselves. We was forced into a situation instead of given the option. So, if the dude would have told us upfront ‘I have a situation,’ then maybe that would have given one of us the chance to be like, ‘Ok, I want to deal with this or I don’t want to deal with this.”

While they do admit to sleeping with married men, they said sleeping with a guy who’s just in a relationship and not married doesn’t really mean anything. Nothing matter until that mad has a marriage license.

So why be a side chick? Apparently, it comes with benefits that can’t resist. They said being a sidechick over a main chick is way less stressful. They get what they want (i.e. bills paid, peace and some d*ck) and don’t have to worry about anything else.

Outside of having their wants and needs met, the ladies said they’re actually helping marriages stay together. One woman (who was married once and now divorced) said married people get bored and they provide that excitement. OH.

The ladies said they are looking to use this opportunity to brand themselves and to get into entrepreneurship. They said the name is just a name. The executive producer of the show, named 704, was also there and he said the show came about after he made a song mocking the "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

The only white woman in the group revealed she's a 2nd generation sidechick, revealing her grandmother was a sidechick. Chile...

They said they’re not encouraging folks to be a sidechick, they just want to bring awareness to what’s going on. Some of them have kids and said they aren’t worried about their kids being teased in school because everyone gets teased for something.

The “Sidechicks of Charlotte” said the advice they would give their kids is, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Their philosophy is, if they’re labeled as sidechicks, their main girl is too because they’re sharing the same dude.

As for the show, they said several networks have reached out to them. But, it’s still unclear where this show will end up. Charlamagne asked them which network picked them up so we can protest it. Lord.

Hear the full interview below (starting at the 13:40 minute mark):


By the way, the "Maury Povich Show" had jokes:






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