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EXCLUSIVE PICS: Inside The Front Lines Of D.C.'s Women's March -- What The REAL Message Was About

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Go inside the front lines of the epic Women's March, now being called the largest nation-wide march in history in number.


Women came out in droves all around the country to make their voices (and their beautifully petty and brilliantly creative signage) heard.  The main march in D.C. saw over a million women, this according to multiple reports.  The founders of the Women's March -- including activist Tamika Mallory and executive director of the Arab American Association of New York Linda Sarsour -- mobilized women to march the streets for equal pay, rights for survivors of sexual assault and people with disabilities, access to proper healthcare, equal rights for other marginalized groups, choice, and plenty of other causes. Get into the messages HERE.

While some anti-women's march folks on social media claimed this was purposeless because "women weren't losing any rights" since it's been said by a few of Trump's Cabinets members that Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land.

Yeah, for now. Trump also will be appointing several Supreme Court Justices (CNN just reported Ted Cruz was at the top of the short list, chile). Since Republicans already have control over both the House and the Senate, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of anti-women's health (beyond abortions) legislation that will get presented, passed, and upheld. THESE are the things that keep millions of women up at night and fearful all day.

Since the government is SUPPOSED to operate according to the will of the people, like Trump alleged during his campaign ("Give America back to the people!," remember?), millions of women wanted to be VERY clear about what they want...and don't want.

Sure, 99.9% of everything that comes out the Trump's administration's mouth is complete B.S., but thanks to our Democratic system, we have ways to take him to task.  Voting against over 5 million women who PUBLICLY voiced their collective opinions in multiple states is grounds to not re-elect Congressmen, or Trump. 

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We're proud of the women (and men) who took action on Saturday and made their voices known!  Icons like Angela Davis and Nona Hendryx were in the mix, and actor couple Jeffrey Wright and wife Carmen Ejogo, as well Maxwell, Zendaya and more.

And to those who say "why didn't they do this at the polls on Election Day," people surely did.  That's why Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by millions.

It's time to mobilize and strategize beyond the marches as well.

Check out the gallery below to see the women and men who led the charge in D.C. and who we expect to continue leading to 2018 midterm elections.  Find out HERE how you can join other women in 10 actions to hold the new administration accountable during Trump's first 100 days.




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