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Plies Arrested For DUI, But He's Already Out...With A Drink

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Plies was arrested in Tampa early this morning and was charged for a DUI.  But he's already out...with a drink in his hand.  Deets inside..

Rapper Plies -- government name Algernod Washington -- found himself behind bars just before 5AM this morning.

Cops arrested the 40-year-old Florida "Bust It Baby" rapper in Hillsborough County and charged him with a DUI.  According to his police report, he refused a breath/blood/urine/saliva test.  Check out his arrest report below:

 photo Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 1.57.22 PM_zpsb3guq6bj.png

He posted his $500 bond rather quickly, because this is what he just posted about an hour ago:

 photo Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 1.48.27 PM_zpszj3wycff.png

Apparently, he's already back to lounging in a beach chair with a drink (it COULD be coca-cola, who knows).  He asked if he should go to the Falcons game this upcoming weekend.  Hmph.

Just a few days ago, he posted a bunch of drunken videos while he was in the front seat of a car and singing Mary J. Blige.  Then he swore to never drink again:

“I’m going to go and share something with y’all. I ain’t drinking no motherf#cking more. I ain’t. I ain’t drinking no motherf#cking more. I’m getting too motherf#cking young for this sh#t, oh man,” Plies said.

He also blamed his friends:

“It’s all of my motherf##king friend who just sit there and just motherf##king let me get this motherf##king drunk. Y’all ain’t s##t. Ain’t none of y’all s##t, because y’all know when I get that motherf##king look in me…I ain’t drinking no motherf##king more.”



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