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Jenifer Lewis BLASTS 'Con-Artist' Ex-Boyfriend Who Allegedly Duped Her Of $50K, Sues Him & LA Fitness

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Jenifer Lewis has fallen to a scammer whom she had high hopes of spending the rest of her life. Not any longer. Details about how her “con-artist” ex-boyfriend swindled her out of $50,000 and the new lawsuit she launched inside…

Jennifer Lewis fell prey to a man with an extensive rap sheet who conned her!

The “black•ish” star was allegedly swindled out of $50,000 by her con-artist (now) ex-boyfriend. She explained in a Facebook post that she learned about his extensive criminal past hours before her mom passed away. Yikes!

Not only did he trick her into investing thousands of dollars, he also allegedly conned other investors out of $4 million.  She dished:

“On September 11, 2015, only hours before my mother passed away, I learned that the man I planned to build a life with was a convicted felon and con artist whose criminal career spans more than 25 years, with a special skill in swindling women.  This man, whose name is [redacted], had been sentenced in 2010 to four years in federal prison for conning investors out of $4 million and was currently out on parole. I learned also that his name wasn’t [redacted]—it was [redacted].”

After some Internet searching, Jenifer said she learned about his alleged criminal scandals where he pretended to be an “Oscar winner” in sound design and pretended to have Oxford-educated Ph.D. in Theology and supposedly lectured at UCLA.

“By searching online, I learned that [redacted] is a convicted felon and con artist. By searching online, I learned that [redacted], as [redacted], had falsely claimed to be a three-time “Oscar winner” in sound design and had paid a jeweler to create fake Academy Award Oscar statues to lure unsuspecting investors for his sound effects business. By searching online, I learned that [redacted]’s current alias—[redacted], an Oxford-educated Ph.D. in Theology who lectures at UCLA, and who is a self-published author of religious books and a former Navy SEAL—was concocted while he was incarcerated in federal prison.“

Jenifer said she first met him at a LA Fitness gym she visited frequently. He worked at the facility as the gym’s club manager. Once she found out about his sketchy past, Jenifer notified LA Fitness in an effort to help protect other women, but the health club basically told her stop going to that location and that she should stop accusing its Club Manager of being “a fraud and a con artist.”

“Ironically, LA Fitness protected [redacted] by providing him with an email confirming that LA Fitness was notified that [redacted] was ‘a fraud and a con artist.’ [Redacted] then used the email provided by LA Fitness as evidence against me in court. The LA Fitness email allowed [redacted] to allege that I had ‘wrongfully attempted’ to have him fired from his job at LA Fitness by bringing to LA Fitness’ attention that he was ‘a fraud and a con artist,’ which, in fact, he was—and is.”

Since LA Fitness decided to “protect” her then boyfriend even after she presented them with evidence of his past, she launched a lawsuit against him and the health club.

“I have worked hard and now feel emotionally capable to take the final step in my healing, which is to protect others.

“Therefore, I have brought suit against T[redacted] and LA Fitness, given that LA Fitness has continued to protect [redacted] and has continued to place him in a position to prey on LA Fitness’ members, especially its women members, as [redacted] is still—TO THIS DAY—gainfully employed by LA Fitness.”

Glad she found out exactly who he was before she married him. He messed with the wrong one!


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