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Tyga Gets SERVED New Lawsuit On His 27th Birthday, Finally Pays Off Jewelry Debt In Full

Win one, lost one. Tyga got served with a new lawsuit as he was on his way inside the club to celebrate his birthday. The good news is, he paid off that $200,000 he owed to a jeweler. Peep the clip of the west coast rapper getting served and the latest on his jewelry debt inside…


Tyga takes another L!

It was supposed to be a fun night out. But a new lawsuit put a bit of a damper on things.

Last Saturday (November 19th), the “Rack City” rapper and his entourage were headed to Penthouse nightclub in West Hollywood to celebrate his 27th birthday. T-Raww and his security team pushed through a slew of photogs all trying to capture a picture. As he made his way inside, a man slid through his security and served him legal documents for a new lawsuit. Yep, he got served on his actual birthday. Savage!

The G.O.O.D. artist didn’t seem fazed by it though. Right after he was given the legal documents, his security team pushed the server away. Tyga looked down at the documents and continued making his way inside the venue to turn up. 

Take a look below:


In good news…


The Cali rapper finally paid that $200,000 jeweler debt in full.

After coughing up $100K earlier this month, Tyga reportedly paid the other $100K, plus interest, to Beverly Hills jeweler Jason Arasheben after he filed a lawsuit against the rapper. Jason wanted his money for a watch and chain Tyga copped back in 2013.

And get this, Tyga supposedly paid it in full using his own money, not his girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s coinage. Mmhmm….

Luckily for Kylie, he paid the debt just in time because Jason’s legal team was gearing up to question her in a hearing about her and her boyfriend’s finances. Remember when he suddenly suffered convenient “memory loss” and became "ill" during his hearing last month and had it to be rescheduled? Hmph.

Now that the jewelry debt is behind him, he can focus on this brand new lawsuit he just got served. Sighs... 


Phots: Tyga's IG/Kylie's Snap




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