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FOOLERY: Pregnant Woman ACCUSES Columbus Short Of ABUSE, Files Restraining Order + Claims He Threatened To Kill…Jamie Foxx?!

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In new Columbus Short foolery news….because it never seems to end....a pregnant woman is accusing the fallen actor of abusing her and her son.  And she has filed a restraining order to keep him as far away as possible. Not only that, he allegedly went on a rant threatening Jamie Foxx’s life. Sighs…deets inside….

So it appears Columbus Short isn’t leaving his foolish antics in 2014. The former “Scandal” star is back in the headlines and it’s not for anything good. Dammit Harrison!

It’s being reported that a pregnant woman named Agostina Laneri, who claims Columbus is the father of her baby, has filed a restraining order on the actor after he allegedly turned abusive towards her and her son. She claims he was emotionally abusive to her and soon became physical to her child and now he must stay at least 100 yards away from them.

Then, during one of his rants, he claimed if he had to kill someone he would do it.  And he would be known as the crazy fool who killed Jamie Foxx. Chile...

TMZ reports:

She also claims in the docs, Short told her, "If I choose to kill one of these n****s ... I will do that. I'm that crazy n**** that will be on the news as the n**** that murked [murdered] Jamie Foxx." She says he then went on, "Y'all should be very afraid. Very afraid."

Laneri also claims Columbus hit her child, justifying it by saying the boy needed to learn.

She says he was definitely a threatening dude, once telling her, "Don't forget who I am. I have a knife."

Sound familiar? His estranged wife filed a restraining order on him back in April 2014 after he allegedly assaulted her, then allegedly threatened her with a murder/suicide. And we all watched his career crash and burn after he lost his job on he hit ABC series "Scandal".


How long is this guy going to self-destruct before he gets it together? We thought he may have learned his lesson after he owned up to all of his mistakes in his public apology to all of his supporters...but maybe not.


Photo: Columbus' IG




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