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Stevie J's New York Property At Risk of Getting SNATCHED Over Failure To Pay Child Support

When it rains, it pours.  Not only was Stevie J. arrested in Georgia for his outstanding $1 million child support bill last week, but once he posted bail and started popping bottles, news surfaced that the state of New York is ready to confiscate his property!


Deets inside...

Since "LAHH ATL" star Stevie J doesn't seem to be concerned about paying off his $1.2 million child support debt, and would rather pop expensive bottles of champagne in the club, the state of New York is ready to snatch up his property to pay the bill.

And it doesn't help he has an ADDITIONAL four--yes, four--income tax liens due to owing the Feds close to $400,000.

According to reports:

TMZ has obtained documents issued by the state informing Stevie it now has the power to seize any property he owns. Interestingly, the state sent Stevie 4 separate notifications between 2011 and 2013 ... all of which he apparently ignored.

TMZ broke the story, Stevie was arrested Monday at his home in Georgia for failing to pay the support.

This guy's also an alleged deadbeat with the IRS -- we've learned there are FOUR income tax liens against him totaling $371,000.

So you ignore four notifications about taxes, but make sure you spend time paying for plenty of new body parts on your wife, a new restaurant (which we hear is ALREADY shut down), and parties?

Foolywang material....


Photo: Prince Williams/ATLPics.net



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