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THE RESPONSE: Mimi Faust ADDRESSES The Sex Tape! + Benzino & Stevie J's "Who You Foolin" (VIDEO)

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 Mimi Faust has a few words for the naysayers throwing dirt on her sex tape.  See her response inside and watch the new video from Stevie J and Benzino.  

By now you've all heard about (and perhaps watched) Mimi Faust's sex tape with boyfriend Nikko.  Now, the 43-year-old mother of little Eva has a few words for people making fun of her decision....

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Nah boo.  You're a public figure (and a mother but we don't even need to get into that) who signed up to voluntarily show your life to the public on the most ratchet show in the land.  And you agreed to make money off it.  And you make your money off of people weighing in and tuning in.  If you don't want people weighing in on your PUBLIC decisions like shooting a porn that you sold to Vivid Entertainment for pubic consumption....then get out of the business of making money off making yout private life public.  You signed up for this.

On another note, Mimi is able to laugh at herself.  On her Instagram, she and Nikko invited their followers to a party and she captioned "Were swinging through the building tomorrow!!!"   

SMH.....have your SHOWER RODS ready! And not those dollar store ones either....



In other "LAHH ATL" products...

The Magnificent 757 (aka Benzino & Stevie J) have a product to promote as well!  The BFFs shot a video for their single "Who You Foolin" with Zino rapping and Stevie J handling the vocals.  You know what....it's not bad.  At least not compard to the standards of what's already out there these days.

Don't forget that Stevie J was one of the top producers at Bad Boy pre-Mimi Faust/Joseline.  While you might be on the fence about Benzino's lyrical skills, Stevie J's voice, piano licks and production skills can't be denied.  


Photos via Mimi Faust's Instagram




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