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DADDY DEAREST: Mathew Knowles' Child Support Payments SLASHED DRAMATICALLY, And He Allegedly Continues To DENY Son's EXISTENCE!

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Mathew Knowles has succeeded in having his child support payments slashed, but folks from his baby's mother Alexsandra's side want more than money...they want his presence in the child's life.  And they say Baby Nixon is siffering.  More inside...

Mathew Knowles scored a small victory in his financial battle (if you want to call it that) with estranged baby's mother Alexsandra Wright, who's raising their 3-year-old son Nixon. You'll recall that Alexsandra was demanding $12K a month, but a judge recently sided with Mathew (who claimed his yearly earnings dropped from $3 mill a year after Beyonce fired him in 2011) and reduced his payments to $2,485 a month. 

In documents he submitted to the judge, Mathew said he made $127K in 2013, but his monthly expenses are around $51,000 a month! Lately, he's been liquidating his assets to stay afloat.

Beyond the money issue, friends and family of Alexsandra spoke to Radar Online about Mathew's absence from in Nixon's life and the damage they fear it is doing to him.

Alexsandra's brother, Jonathan Wright said,

“I find it kind of odd that somebody that’s proven as somebody’s biological father has never ever seen their son. And when they’re a wealthy individual, it’s odd that they would be a deadbeat dad. I just don’t understand it. I have a son. I love my son and I would go to the ends of the earth for him. I don’t understand.”

You'll also recall that Alexsandra did a television interview with "Inside Edition" where she revealed that Mathew has NEVER met his son. Following that interview, one insider with ties to Alexsandra,  told Radar Online,

“Friends and family are growing increasingly worried about the damage being done to Nixon by his biological father denying his existence and allowing the public to bash his mother.Alexsandra just wants the truth to come out...and the only way that this will happen is if Mathew Knowles is held accountable for his actions and his child like every other citizen in this country!”

Messy messy messy.  We truly hope Mathew will step up to the plate and be the same presence in Nixon's life that he was for Solange and Beyonce.  Or, something....


Photos: ITV



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