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INTERVIEW: Chrissy Lampkin -- "I'm Not PLAYING Stepmom....I AM Stepmom!"

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Now that Chrissy Lampkin & her fiance Jim Jones are bringing Jimmy's son Pudie into the VH1 fold to star in season 2, we had to ask one of our fave hip hop couples (we can't help it...we love them) what their relationship is like NOW.


Check out what the realest couple on VH1 dished to us inside....

More cuteness has entered the Jones household in season 2 of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones".  And it's in the form of youngin' who is just as cute as his pops.

 photo CMJ2_201_6_zpsbe58ebde.jpg 

As Jimmy's son, Joseph "Pudie" Jones, Jr., moves in with rapper Jimmy & Chrissy full time, Chrissy switches her priorities to step mommy duty.  Especially because Pudie's adorableness, brilliance and "shrewd operator" style--as he's been described to us--causes instant chaos when teamed up with his daddy. 

Chrissy & Jimmy chatted with TheYBF.com about the new season.  And we asked the budding fashion designer what it's like playing stepmommy.

"I'm not playing step-mom, I am a step-mom," she told us.  "It's family life and I think it brings a lot of joy in our household."

We stand corrected.

And if having Pudie in the house gives her baby fever...she said not exactly.  But the couple isn't ruling anything out:

"I don't know about baby fever but we would definitely welcome a new addition."

 photo CMJ2_201_5_zpsabff0e6e.jpg

And since Chrissy & Jim's story has been teetering between marriage or no marriage (it seems to change every season), Chrissy confirmed to us they're still engaged...but there's no wedding date set....STILL.

"No [there's no date set]," Crissy revealed.  "We've been focusing on raising our son and getting to the business. That's been our focus."

And the ever romantic (when he wants to be) Jimmy chimed in about the key to having a successful business and personal relationship.

"Having a business and personal relationship is a real test but if everyone knows what's going on then it shouldn't be that hard. Chrissy and I have been together for a long time so we know each others' strong points, weak points, and what ticks the other person off. But when it comes to doing business, we got put all that to side and get straight to the business. We got a cool understanding."

And then there's Mama Jones' relationship book.  On how Chrissy feels about it and if Jim could learn anything from the book?

Chrissy told us, "I don't know. Mama Jones is Mama Jones. I have the book but I haven't read it. A part of me is scared and she's telling me don't be. I don't know what to expect from that book."


Jimmy stuck up for Moms and said, "My mom has lived a lot of life and she's been a lot of different relationships so I'm sure there's a few lessons in there."


And as for Chrissy's goals for her Lady Vamp collection (a line she's developing alongside Jimmy's VAMP brand)?

"I would love to see it as a full lady line. I want it to be sexy, edgy, chic, comfortable, etc. You will definitely be seeing more of my business side this season."

In case you missed it, check out the trailer below for the new season kicking off October 28th on VH1:

We'll be watching...

Correspondent: Barbara Collins, Photog: NPG/VH1



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