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Mister Cee Stars In New SEXUAL FREEDOM & AIDS PSA + Mack Maine OFFICIALLY CHARGED For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Female On Tour Bus

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Mister Cee has taken his new sexual discovery (well, new to him...we all figured it out the first time he was arrested) and put it to good use.  Check out his new PSA he shot with the Aids Health Foundation inside.   And what he says about being sexually free...

Mister Cee has decided to make good out of his new scandalous sexual situation.  After being arrested again a few months ago for soliciting male prostitutes, and video proof leaking that presented indisputable evidence, Mister Cee has come clean about his sexual preferences.

So after he resigned from his job at Hot 97 last week, he shot a PSA for the AIDS Health Foundation. 

A couple interesting quotes from his enlightenment video:

"The decision I have made this week to open up about my sexuality has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life.  But I felt like this was the time to do it both personally and professionally."

He continued:

"For me, I felt worried about how my family would be affected, how my co-workers and my friends and even my fans would be affected by this decision.  Because in this hip hop community of ours, it's not cool to be gay. It's not cool to be bisexual.

 ...the more I kept lying and the more I kept trying to deceive you and myself, the more I was closed in.  And not being who I really am."

Cee said he's no longer being self contained...and he's exercising his right of sexual freedom.   And he encouraged others to do the same, while protecting themselves during this "sexual revolution".

We're glad you're now free Mister Cee.  Be you.




And in other news:

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Mack Maine's alleged foolish antics aboard the Young Money tour bus has now landed him with criminal charges.  Back in August, a woman named Rachel Reed accused the YMCMB member of groping her and then punching her friend in the face while they were on board the tour bus in OKC.  She also claimed Mack Maine helped himself to squeezing her breasts....after reaching down her shirt.

The accuser's friend, Cailey Maddox, was punched after the accuser slapped Mack Maine and tried to get off the bus.  She says he broke her friend's jaw.

Fast forward to today....and Mack has officially been charged.  So things aren't looking for dude.

TMZ reports he's been officially charged with two felony criminal charges.  And is due back in court soon.

It's always the team members who are trying to hard that get everybody in trouble....


Photos: Mack Maine's Twitter, Youtube



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