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K.Michelle Admits To A Butt Lift...And Doing "LAHH NY" In Exchange For Her OWN Show

 photo kmpower105_zpsa8870f12.jpg

K. Michelle let it all hang out recently when it came to her ASSets.  She admits to getting a butt lift, but swears she doesn't get injections.  We don't know the #NewRules of the Ass game, but the Twiterverse is debating if that makes her booty "real." 


The rebellious chick's got something to say to the female butt haters, and explains why doing "LAHH NY" is a trade off to get her own show...


Recently during an interview with Power 105's The Breakfast Club, K.Michelle finally gave a full explanation about her mysteriously growing booty.  While folks everywhere believe she's had some enhancements, esp. recently because some think that thing has doubled in size, K. says she's all real.  Besides that butt lift...

When Angela Yee asked the "V.S.O.P." singer whether she's been getting fat injections, K. said nope.  She did go in to get a butt lift recently, and thanks to getting fat taken out her midsection and losing weight, her booty looks even bigger.

Fairytales?  Who knows.

 photo BFASTCLUBMICHELLE_zps9b0867b3.jpg

And as for why she's jumping one "Love & Hip Hop" ship just to hop on another, K. says it's all a trade off to get her own show.  And she refuses to film with any other "LAHH NY" cast members.

"I met with VH1 and with Mona and said I'm not doing that this time.  I'm only filming with my real friends.  Don't get it twisted Mona Scott Young is still the boss and she's going to do what she wants.  But I had to do the show as part of the deal to get my own."

While the NY cast has already started shooting K. is expected to start her own show, which she revealed Elle Varner will be a part of, at the end of this month.

 photo k-michelle-butt_zpsf9088a51.png

And about her latest baller boyfriend, Pacers baller Lance Stephens, she says she's never been in love but she's having fun.  Oh, and he bought her a puppy...which she named Pacer.  Obvi.

K. claims she doesn't let rich boyfriends pay her bills, she likes doing it for herself.  And she's clearly not turning down any trips to Puerto Rico either (pictured above a few weeks ago on vacay together).


Peep video of K.'s full interview below.  Her album Rebellious Soul is in stores now.


Photos: Power 105.1/K.Michelle's Twitter




Ya'll be straight hating on

Ya'll be straight hating on K. She the realist b#$%^ on reality T.V. Real hair, real nails, real teeth, real tits, real azz, real..........sarcasm! The only thing that's still hers are them eyeballs.
luvles's picture

Lol GirlBye!

Lol GirlBye!
REdSKin's picture

What?! That butt ain't real?

What?! That butt ain't real? Lol. Like people didn't know that already. She and Nicki Minaj look a HOT MESS. Emphasis on the mess part. And that picture of her from the back is horrible. She need not ever wear shorts again.
SunshineChey's picture

Butt Lift my ass!!!.....ain't

Butt Lift my ass!!!.....ain't shit lifted about it..... and plus it just looks Unclean, Unhealthy, Unjustifiable, Unpleasant, Unbelievable, Unruly and Unmanageable.... it just looks UN!!!!!!....These dudes got these idiots out here looking Ri-damn-diculous.....smdh
Twinkles's picture

Lol..Just look unnatural. Lil

Lol..Just look unnatural. Lil kim, tiny, nicki minaj, and k. michelle just look unnatural. K. michelle dont know if she had her ass done or a butt lift, I could have swore 3 weeks ago she said nothing was done to her unnatural ass.

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mary2234's picture

i guess her horse teeth are

i guess her horse teeth are real too :/
Anonymoustoo's picture

She looks totally ridiculous.

She looks totally ridiculous. All these chicks with fake hips and bootys do. Like we can look at a picture of you from a few years ago and tell you did not happen to gain weight ONLY in those two areas perfectly but nowhere else. Stop it.
PrettyGirlTee's picture

Why do women admit to fake

Why do women admit to fake breast, but lie about butt injections. We all know what is looks like now wide hips and a huge funny shaped booty.

An opinion is the easiest way

An opinion is the easiest way to start a debate/argument. In my opinion K Michelle looks like a fucx.kxkk.kkxk.ing fool and her butt looks like it stink. This is a blog site we are entitled to type what ever we feel?
SlowNeckBecky's picture


LIFT?????....YEAH IIIIGHT....Honey Why even speak on ya ass if you not gonna tell the truth....Im NOT GONNA LIE music is okay ...but very gross and un-natural looking BODY... ...but hey...shes not the only one...
pattygk's picture

I agree with lola. She looks

I agree with lola. She looks like an animal from the behind. That photo is making me nauseous. Daisy Dukes are not for everyone and they damn sure aren't for K!
PacificGirl's picture

Lunges and squats are your

Lunges and squats are your friends ladies, and they are free.
Suga Bear's picture


pattygk's picture

I'm sorry but she looks nasty

I'm sorry but she looks nasty as hell, like she don't wipe good, and them knocked ass knees, thats a no go! And she's a LIAR trying to act like she only got her teeth and tit tays done!! Girl Please!!!
Didshesaythat's picture

People wasting time about

People wasting time about someone else's butt, idk I just listened to her album and I like it. you should be too busy looking to better yourself that you don't have time to critique someone else.
Miakoda's picture

Let me repeat what you just

Let me repeat what you just said...."You should be too busy looking to better yourself that you don't have time to critique someone else"? Uhhhhh....not only did you just CRITIQUE her album but you're CRITIQUING people comments as well.......Why aren't you busy looking to better YOURSELF?.....and please keep your BULLSHIT LIE about how you have your Masters and you're working on your PHD or you just came from walking on the moon or you just finished medical school. You know what this site is about, that's why you're here......Cause you're about that Critiquing Life, so don't come on here acting all brand new. CUT THE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!
Twinkles's picture

This is a blog dear. If you

This is a blog dear. If you only want to read inspirational comments, go elsewhere.
love7endures's picture

Don't dear me, your so junior

Don't dear me, your so junior high with that comment, is that how you live your life? That's what you come here for? So you can read who makes the most ratchet comment. Well I guess I should expect such low expectations in this forum. Stay classy
Miakoda's picture

If your expectations are so

If your expectations are so HIGH, why are you on this site, taking the time to create a login ID, AND commenting? Does that make sense? That's a rhetorical question. Look up the word 'rhetorical' since I can see the wrinkle on your brow indicating confusion. SMH.
love7endures's picture

You have the option to go to

You have the option to go to other blogs dear. I'll add to the other comment and state that if you don't like the comments then by all means....bounce. You know what this site is about. Stop acting all brand new dear!!!
love7endures's picture


Suga Bear's picture

I don't have time to comment

I don't have time to comment on another females assets. I got my own. #Next
tuffcityBX's picture

She needs to demand a refund

She needs to demand a refund on that butt job ASAP!! All along she has been saying that she got her butt from her Mama. I knew that was a lie. She is not proportional at all. She looks like she can barely hold that butt up. SMH. I think that the last thing that BLACK women need to do is mess with the butt that God gave them. So now she has fake teeth (veneers), fake breast (implants), and a fake butt. Good grief. She needs to upgrade that nasty bi-polar attitude.
love7endures's picture

thats her second set of teeth

thats her second set of teeth the first ones looked like donkey teeth. Google her for past pics her body type was small framed now she's built like a oompaloompa
SlowNeckBecky's picture

***donkey teeth and

***donkey teeth and oompaloompa***** LOL!!!!! HAAAAAA!!!!
love7endures's picture

K Michelle is such a liar a

K Michelle is such a liar a butt lift is when they cut you from hip to hip, Drs just dont magically lift your ass like viola im GOD let that as.z be lifted! B!tch it isnt our business but if you went to Jimmerson chick u had lipo and fat transfer plain and simple. Your problem is you didnt get those recommended massages and ya booty look like a home depot booty and she had the nerve to dis Karlee Red. Smh i feel sorry for delusional chicks like her
SlowNeckBecky's picture

She shouldn't have gotten

She shouldn't have gotten that butt lift now her ass just looks wrong like her legs are struggling to hold her ass up they are so small compared to her ass. Why are so many females obsessed with big asses like seriously my ass is flat and it will stay that way lol
babygirl123's picture

she needs to stop that. This

she needs to stop that. This Hoodrat looks like an animal from behind. not a classy look at all.
lola69's picture

Why does it matter honestly?

Why does it matter honestly? So many people out here getting work done to their bodies, whatever makes them happy it's their body. Clearly, if she had a flat behind everyone would have something to say about that too. Do you boo!
LuVMeSumMe's picture

I dig K, HOWEVS, but lift or

I dig K, HOWEVS, but lift or not, her ass looks disgusting in those pix. and sittin on top of them KNOCKED A** KNEES. LAWD????
shylibra's picture

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