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HAIRY TALES: Is That You Tyra Banks? + RGIII Gets New Hair Y'all!

 photo wenn20569064_zps7816ffe6.jpg

Not sure what Tyra's going though these days but she looks like she went through it and more this weekend.  Check out the "Top Model" host was in Cali looking like that chick from "The Ring," plus RGIII's got some new hair y'all!

Tyra Banks was spotted peeking around the corner outside her friend Jennifer Klein's Annual Day of Indulgence party in Brentwood this weekend:

 photo wenn20569062_zps7dd19de3.jpg

We're not sure if she was going for the weekend flower power grunge look, or if she needs a good nap and a some Argan oil, but Ms. Banks wasn't looking herself this weekend.  We expected her usual fun loving and gorge self to emerge from what was a festive occasion, but....no.

In good news though, she's got some serious "Top Model" Cycle 20 premiere ratings.  It's the series highest rated cycle so far in two years!


 photo ScreenShot2013-08-12at64141PM_zpsbc939a38.png

And in other hair tales, Robert Griffin III showed off his new ~hurrr~ in a press conference today.  Looks like the Redskins baller found himself a braider who got rid of...whatever that was before....and gave him some clean cornrows.  Oh, and he had to get designs with them, obviously.

While we wish he would just cut all the braids all together, we're OK with the baby steps.  Check him out talking about his new 'do below. 



He said, "New phase, new hair. ... Been ready for it. It's just a matter of time."

Y'all know his new wife Becky is cursing him out right about now for getting this done AFTER the wedding.

*UPDATE* RG said he got his hair braided by Candace at The Beauty Bar in Richmond.  She's pictured below with him in the bottom left corner:

 photo rgIII-Hair-2_zpsaa469ef4.jpg


Just cut 'em off already....

The Randomness:

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Photos: WENN/AP/IG



Tyra will be in the Ring

Tyra will be in the Ring 3......Shes playing the ghost. That is all grown up now

Is that Tyras' "Just got out

Is that Tyras' "Just got out of bed" wig??
BigJohn's picture

RGIII's girlfriend probably

RGIII's girlfriend probably braided it for him....lol. The one he sexted his pics to. Tyra looks completely different this season on Top Model but the show is great. Loving it.
JewelryLover's picture

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