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NO WORRIES: Chris Brown SPOTTED Leaving The Club Following His 45-Minute Jail STINT, Says He Wants To Quit Music! And Was A Mystery Blonde In Tow??

 photo lac4.jpg

A short visit to the county jail didn't dampen Chris Brown's party spirits as the "Love More" singer was spotted leaving an LA hotspot while being trailed by a mystery blonde. See the pics inside and his revelation about leaving the music insudtry....

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After spending roughly 45-mins in jail yesterday when he turned himself in (regarding his hit-and-run charge), Chris Brown put his legal woes behind him and partied at LA hotspot AV last night.  As he walked to his Lamborghini Aventador sportscar, photographers snapped him with a mystery blonde who was also sharing the sidewalk.

 photo lac3.jpg

We're pretty sure this "random" chick was just trying to have her picture taken when Chris walked by, seeing that dude spent a fun-filled weekend with his boo Karrueche Tran at the 2013 O. C. State Fair recently.  But, you never know....

 photo lac1.jpg 

What's next?  While Breezy's next court hearing for the hit-and-run is set for Aug. 15th, he still has to deal with the issue of his probation (in the Rihanna beating) being revoked! Bottom line.....don't expect him to go on tour with the X album (due August 20th) anytime soon.


He also tweeted this morning about being "over" the industry and making this X album his last:


 photo lucrcx1_zps0dd3120d.jpg  photo yXwHnwZ_zpsdb6ff36f.jpg



Photos via SPW/Splash News/Chris' Twitter




Chris Brown doesn't look

Chris Brown doesn't look happy at all. With anyone.
cutethatsall56's picture

Thanks Chris! Been waiting

Thanks Chris! Been waiting for your tired behind to call it quits. Sorry, but some people don't deserve to be famous. The opportunity to do what you love for a living and to have influence on millions of people is truly a blessing. But he pissed it all away and can't keep himself out of trouble. Good riddance!
SunshineChey's picture

yesssss!!!!! Bye Chris

yesssss!!!!! Bye Chris
JeanP's picture

Aww...he's giving up! He's

Aww...he's giving up! He's tired. Welp, he keep making bad decisions. Rihanna was his saving grace to mainstream forgiveness, then he dogged her...again. Now he dogging karrrrrucheee for a blond 0_o ??
Supermodel01's picture

I am not a Chris fan but, if

I am not a Chris fan but, if he is over the brouhaha and negative press from the 2009 incident then he needs to keep doing what he obviously likes to do and that is music. what would he do besides music anyway??? Perhaps he should not release a CD every year taka year or so hiatus and don't release new music so often. Chris is talented and he was hotter than fish grease before the drama with Rihanna,he did not take ownership of what he did and sort of blame everyone but himself with hsi tempr tantrums, hate filled tweets and throwing a chair thru the GMA studio window after he was interviewed by Robyn Roberts, for some people that was the last straw, amricans are very forgiving if a person owns up to what they have done and apologize and show contrition, Chris did not he developed the bad boy personna.
sweetpea1989's picture

I agree. If he just fessed up

I agree. If he just fessed up and owned up to it, he wouldve been good. But he only blamed others, dodged openess and apologies on the situation.
Supermodel01's picture

All we can do as fans is pray

All we can do as fans is pray for him. Seeing those tweets are disheartening.

the mystery blonde looks like

the mystery blonde looks like trash and a meth-head. (look at her nasty and dirty shoes)... As for Chris, I always thought that he was an amazing talent.. I don't care about his past..keep it moving...
ZenLea's picture

Chris, don't let "mainstream"

Chris, don't let "mainstream" America bring you down. You have a gift. Share it.
JewelryLover's picture

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