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Stevie J, Nikko, Joseline and Mimi Go At During The "LAHH ATL" Reunion, Stevie Talks An ENGAGEMENT Spinoff Show

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Following a failed double-ring ceremony, Stevie J has been tweeting about "marriage" and hinting at a spinoff show.  Get the deets on what's going on and what went down inside the "LAHH ATL" reunion taping in New York before it airs! 

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TheYBF.com was live on the scene for the taping of the LAHH ATL reunion and we saw first hand what went down with Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi Faust.

Fans of the show will recall that the season finale of "LAHH ATL" saw Stevie J presenting Joseline with a "lifetime partnership" ring and offering Mimi a "lifetime friendship" ring.  This, of course, led to Joseline attemping to assault Stevie....

At the reunion taping in NYC a few weeks ago, tensions were still high with several incidents between the ladies on Stevie J's bus and Mimi's new man Nikko.  At one point, a shoe was thrown and Joseline & mimi went at it.  Also, Stevie "made it rain" on Nikko, and we all know what that disrespect led to.

And though Stevie was still seen wearing the ring that Joseline gave him, we're not totally sure where their relationship stands (and he wouldn't comment on their engagement).  


However, thanks to a recent tweet, we suspect Stevie J has something up his sleeves....

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And during a recent interview with Power 107.5, Stevie hinted that he and Joseline were in talks for a spin-off show. “Well, yeah, absolutely. We really appreciate the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ the franchise and you know, we’re definitely in discussions about the spin-off right now.” 

So...we're not sure what Mona Scott Young has in store for Stevie and Joseline but clearly, they aren't going anywhere.


In case you missed it, watch Stevie J give both Joseline and Mimi "rings":


VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” two-part reunion airs Monday, August 5 & August 12 at 8PM ET/PT.


Photos via Robert Adam Mayer




How long will LHHA keep

How long will LHHA keep running the same old story line.
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These reality shows are all

These reality shows are all running the same nonsense in the ground. The only one I actually watch is RBDivas. The rest are too annoying.
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horrible implants! Stevie is

horrible implants! Stevie is more crazy than I thought if he brings that bish around his daughter... no mam she is not any type of role model but then again her biological mom did refer to herself as a "happy kind of bitch" ... never mind... moving on...

He's married to the money. I

He's married to the money. I don't believe for a second that he wifed up Joseline. They both will say and do anything to keep the checks coming in. They are using their lifestyle as a business opportunity.
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Who cares. This is getting

Who cares. This is getting old now.
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This site should be renamed,

This site should be renamed, YBF Home of The Spammers, SMH, good grief.
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