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Dwyane Wade Forced To Hand Over Sons To Siohvaughn For Visitation After HE Decided To Suspend + Tatyana Ali Speaks On Those Drake Rumors

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Dwyane Wade is being forced by the court to hand over his two boys, Zaire & Zion, to their mother Siohvaughn Wade....for visitation.  Sounds like he didn't trust sending them to moms with her latest stints and all.


Deets inside, plus what Tatyana Ali says about those rumors about her and her crush, Drake....

Miami Heat champ Dwyane Wade's been almost all his off-season time with his two sons (pictured above this past weekend on Daddy-Son day).  But that daddy-son time is about to be interrupted.

Remember earlier this month when Siohvaughn hit the streets of downtown Chicago looking like a homeless person and holding up signs claiming she was, in fact, homeless because her NBA ex-husband stole her life from under her? 

Well, Dwyane obviously didn't take kindly to it.  So he took away her visitation rights last week by not delivering the boys to her as scheduled.  According to the custody docs, Sioh gets the boys every other weekend, and two weeks during the summer.

But last week, D had his lawyers filed an emergency suspension on visitation (we're sure the antics above had everything to do with that).  And they requested that she get a psychological evaluation for her "anger management issues."  This is where we would typically say cheating can indeed drive a woman crazy and unable to "manage her anger," but we digress.

According to Gossip Extra, the 3-hour hearing took place today in Miami--with neither Dwyane nor Sioh present.  And the judge ordered him to hand over the boys.

“They (Wade’s legal team) didn’t have a sufficient legal basis to justify the suspension of Siohvaughn’s visitation schedule,” said Lisa Macci, Funches’ attorney.

Sioh did spend Mother's Day a couple months ago with the boys (pics here), but now she has been ordered to continue to receive her rightful visitation.

And more good news for Sioh: She and Dwyane finalized a post-divorce financial settlement last week that gives her $5 milli and other niceties.



 photo 89qhUiyG_zps694a536a.jpg

In other news, fab "Second Generation Wayans" star Tatyana Ali is revealing all about those Drake rumors on tomorrow's episode of "The Real."

Earlier this year, it was rumored that “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” former child star and rapper Drake hooked up and the story of their one night stand spread like wild fire.  We knew it wasn't true so that's why you didn't see it here...but Tatyana dished to the ladies about what really went down.

Tatyana said:

"No, it’s not true. I literally said in a Huffington Post article that one night stands were my ‘guilty pleasure’ but it was like a joke. All my answers on that thing were jokey. I said a lot of stupid, outlandish things and of course that’s the thing that gets picked up.

...he happened to be at the same club that I had my birthday party at, Supper Club. He got me a bottle of champagne or whatever, we took a picture and then the picture went everywhere."


Check out a clip below and tune in Thursday, August 1st to see what else she says about her dating life.


Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros., Splash, Dwyane's IG



i love how siovaughn was

i love how siovaughn was claiming to be homeless but her nails were manicured. haha. try again boo.
merci's picture

This broad is bat s**t

This broad is bat s**t crazy...i wouldn't want to hand my kids over to her either. I don't know why they're getting divorced...according to this i guess he cheated on her but she need to get a grip and stop acting like thats the first time she got cheated on. This is not a good look for woman kind..but then again, these ballers CHOOSE these broads

Thank God this is finally

Thank God this is finally settled. Like the sister said she was a mother that wanted to spend time with her children. The majority of black women who end up in divorce, are living from paycheck to paycheck while their husbands enjoy the good life. I suppose Dewayne was trying to run the game on her with this multi million dollar attorneys. But God! who sits high and looks low will not keep one thing from those that walk upright. I wish nothing but blessings to S. Wade. No woman should ever be denied the right to see her children. He needed those children in order to capitalize a scheme to make his self look great in the eyes of the public. He got to Miami and got a taste of Gabby, and he was never the same. I never thought for one second there was something wrong with S. Wade. I would have clowned too if that son of a biscuit tried to throw me away and take my children, so he could live the good life. It's funny, these stars and athletics think they are above the law. It's amazing what wealth can do for the ego. Lord keep us humble, and allow us to be good stewards over all the finances you have blessed us all with.
Miss D's picture

She did what she had to do to

She did what she had to do to receive her kids God bless her. He is treating her like she hasn't been down with him from the beginning like shes garbage. She is not crazy just a mother that had her kids taken away from her for no reason. She said in an interview she is not homeless she just want to see her kids. She deserves 25,000 and the some the white women usually gets the millions and the men are left with 25,000 in the bank. Do you Ex wife.
Tray's picture

The former Mrs. Dwayne Wade

The former Mrs. Dwayne Wade needs some help. He was giving her $25,000 a month; yet she is holding a sign on the street saying he left her broke and homeless. That alone shows that she is unstable which is sad for their sons. There is no need to have clips from THE REAL everyday, then again, Vince has deep pockets.....
love7endures's picture

Tamar no matter what

Tamar no matter what wig/color or style your hair....U still look scary as hell....It's the face Boo, it's the face...LOL
star's picture

now girl get your money get

now girl get your money get your self together and show that man that you are a strong women and then go FUCK ONE OF HIS TEAMMATES

Wow, her sexing his teammates

Wow, her sexing his teammates makes who look stupid..so being a "hoe" will show Wade she has move own..where did you go to school?
Frankandberry's picture

Woooooooow, you would really

Woooooooow, you would really show him! Ummmm yeah! Lol.......did you really say that? GIRL GO GET YOUR LIFE! And next time don't use strong woman and fuck one of his team mates in the same sentence.
toomuch's picture

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