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FAB CHICKS: Paula Patton Takes Son Julian To "Jimmy Fallon" + Tracee Ellis Ross Poses It Up For COVETEUR

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Fab chicks are at work these days.  Paula Patton rocked a sexy white mesh paneled dress while toting her 3-year-old son Julian along in NYC today.  Plus, Tracee Ellis Ross is giving us all kinds of diva life in her new spread for Paris' Coveteur magazine where she also shows off her envious closet.


Pics inside...

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While leaving the Bowery Hotel today in New York, Paula Patton was spotted on mommy duty, in a body con dress and heels, bringing a Beatles-loving Julian to her taping of "Jimmy Fallon."

 photo spl586795_023_zps2dcda02b.jpg

The 2 Guns actress picked up her baby boy, snapped him into his car seat, and kept it moving on her busy day of promo.  Last night, she rocked a gorgeous Basil Soda gown for the big premiere.  Looks like she's making some good fashion choices this time around.


And speaking of pretty ladies:

 photo cov3_zps25a35249.jpg

Actress and blogger Tracee Ellis Ross gave us fabness in her brand new shoot for Coveteur magazine.  The Euro-mag focuses on fashion & luxeness, and seeing that she's the daughter of a true diva who embodies all that, it's only right we get Tracee in this type of spread.

Diana Ross' daughter tells the mag:

“I was spoiled when I worked in the magazine world. Fashion closets are heaven and I seem to model my organization after a fashion closet,” Ross revealed. Each shoe was strategically arranged in an editor-approved fashion and, trust us, she knows exactly where everything came from; don’t even try to test her. “Open any of my drawers and you will think you are in a store.”

Ugh, we so love that.  The mag also revealed Tracee had the best vintage collection they had ever seen.  And we so believe it.


 photo cov1_zpsf8d10d36.jpg  photo cov2_zps2fc0c190.jpg  photo cov4_zps9aff03d8.jpg

 photo cov6_zpsf6f5c2ae.jpg  photo cov11_zps9ee4cc2c.jpg  photo cov9_zpsf52cdfa9.jpg

For the shoot she did everything from button ups and jeans to full out diva gowns embroidered with floral patterns and complete with the perfect hat piece.

   photo cov10_zpsea1e6f1d.jpg photo cov8_zps6fb0589f.jpg

 photo Tracee_Ross-005_zps021f4993.jpg

Tracee said about her closet (pictured above):

I go through phases: a ring phase, earring phase, no jewelry phase. But, I always love my gold “Tracee” door Knockers. And I love, as you can tell, statement pieces.

Check out more pics over at Coveteur.


Photos: Splash/Coveteur




Paula is beautiful and so is

Paula is beautiful and so is Ms. Ross. Julian is just like daddy Robin.

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