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INTERVIEW FAB: Jay-Z DISHES To The Breakfast Club On How The "FAKED Pregnancy" RUMORS Affected Him & Beyonce, Why He DIDN'T Sign Lil' Wayne & Why He & Nas Are Cool Again

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Jay-Z appeared on Power 105 this morning for an in-depth interview that covered his music origins with Damon Dash, the goal behind his move into sports management and how those ridiculous rumors that Beyonce faked her pregnancy affected them.  Watch the interview inside...


Jay-Z chatted with The Breakfast Club this morning about the success of MCHG, how he ranks his greatest albums of all-time and his true motivation for starting Roc Nation Sports.  During the in-depth chat, he also talked about Blue Ivy and how he and Beyonce responded to rumors that she faked her pregnancy.  And he revealed why he never signed the other Mr. Carter, Lil' Wayne, to The Roc.  Check out the excerpts here:

On sports:

Jay revealed that he's a big Dallas Cowboys fans because it was his dad's favorite team.  "It's my pops fault.  The era.  Those guys who wantd that cowboy lifestyle.  All thoses guy was on coke (jokes).  It's my pop's team. I had to watch them growing up. 

On ranking his top albums:

"Reasonable Doubt is the first album I made.  That's the joint I took my whole life to make.   Then Blueprint, then The Black Album.  Sometimes I switch the Blueprint and The Black ALbum...don't tell nobody."  He says MCHG is his fourth best album. "Thats part of the reason I put it fourth because you can recreate those times. Just for it to be so high says what I think about it

On who inspires him:
The era I grew up in is Biggie, Nas, Tupac. It's very difficult to compare to those guys. I'm inspired by my previous work. I have to measure myself against that.

On Yeezus:
It's polarizing. Some people love it. It forces you to have an opinion. Someone has to experiment and go do it first. It all pushes the genre forward.

On making art vs. making money
Me, myself I can operate in that venue. I can walk the line between making great art and getting paid for my art. I just happen to be really good at the music business.

On his lyrics possibly being taken out of context:
I'm an artist. I have creative license to say whatever I want at that moment.

On the "Ether"/"Takeover" beef with Nas:
That was a great moment for hip hop. But we really have a great relationship. We laugh.....it's so far in the background that it's not awkward for us.

On Fatherhood:
I hope I'm great. I'm learning. It's a new thing to me. I guess it's changed me in a way that I know that [certain] things that are important. I have a pretty good sense of that but it reaffirmed the things I knew.

On Dame Dash and his finances:
Dame is a smart guy. He'll figure it out. People have to understand, nothing is gonna change the way I feel about Dame. No time or space. I got love for Damon Dash the same way I did before. I don't know if we can be around each other 'cause times have changed.....but nothing can erase that era. We did something great. We built something that will be talked about forever....

On why he didn't sign Lil Wayne:
The truth is, I had a relationship with Baby (Birdman). I felt it was only right to call him out of respect. So I was like, 'Yo I was talking to Wayne.' And then boom boom, after that we received a letter at our office for, I think it was, 'Torturous interference.'"
I would rather lose that situation and do the right thing than the opposite. I could have signed him and called [Birdman] after that, but I made the right choice."

On why he became a sports agent:
For the most part, I'm going to do more for the athlete than what he can do for me. I do this because it's an extension of the bigger goal. The bigger goal is for all artists to get their due. That's why those guys are broke in four years....that's terrible money management. We are a better money management firm than agents.

         On why he's no longer president of DEF JAM:

I want to do more things that just being able to make music.  In that position I was able to foster artist's career and make money....but I was like yo...I can do more.  Before "Beats By Dre" I was like...I can do things like that.  But they were like, "Bring some hits."  I was like I gotta move on...my time is being wasted.

         On rumors of Beyonce faking her pregnancy:

That's probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. And the fact that people would run with it.  It started going so far....That's really messed up.  This is the time when it;s supposed to be most joyous...and to have to deal with that?  Whether you say you care about it or not...it's annoying.  

On the lyrical meaning of "Magna Carta Holy Grail" and rumors that it's about Beyonce cheating on him:

That record is about fame.  And its about how fame is fleeting...that whole first verse is about fame...she cheats on me.  But I took her back....

Listen to the 2-part interview here:





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Rihanna and Jay-Z star in Budweiser's brand new Made for Music campaign. In Rihanna’s spot called “Dreams are Made”, fans get to see her behind the scenes as she works with her fashion team to create her vision. Watch Rihanna's ad:


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At the Pace Gallery in NYC, Jay-Z is currently taking part in a 6 hour long performance art piece. According to sources at the gallery, Jay is going to spit “Picasso Baby” over and over for 6 hours and the performance will culminate in a music video for the Magna Carta Holy Grail track.

Watch the Instagram video here.




Photo via Angela Yee's IG/nahright/wil_powerIG




Baha..yea u was affected

Baha..yea u was affected alright..cuz u dummies actually believed  DAT horrible lie wud fly! Smhlol..not even in another lifetime! Idiots *sips wine
Like Really's picture

I love when Jay talked about

I love when Jay talked about how he was dropping new music back in day the same week with other heavyhitters like Outkast, Lauren Hill, etc. He was going up against other platinum artists and they all were going hard. Good competition and no regional crybabies. Good stuff Jay, good stuff. Very mature and honest interview.
PrettyGirlTee's picture

Don't love the new album, but

Don't love the new album, but I will say, Jay is one smart business man. I'm sure they were more than annoyed with the fake pregnancy rumors. Sadly, that may always haunt them since unfortunate people have nothing better to do than to push hurtful rumors. ANYTHING to discredit her. Shameful Losers.
ucanthandlethetruth's picture

Cathy White <----- is Jay Z

Cathy White <----- is Jay Z dead mistress who was found strangled to death.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Great interview. Checkout

Great interview. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news and videos on there
V's picture

I still say that jayz did a

I still say that jayz did a lot of people Dirty to get what he want in the music bussiness...you can see it in his eyes....He was behind Matthew Knowles getting fired...He also expose chris brown to the media,cheated Dame Dash,Nas,R kelly,half of Def jam,And Now kenya west...Beyonce is by far the only one fell for his mess....As Far As The Baby Go's 's Alive And Well That's All The Matters....No Hate But it is what it is....Jayz Done Screwd A lot of people over even beyonce did Destiny's Child Wrong Back In The Dayz..Always trying to out do kelly rowlands...Now Beyonce And Jayz Cheating Her Fans Out Of Their Hard Earn Working Money on the Mrs Carter Tour...She's Not Coming Out With No New Album,She's Playing Her Fans Because She Knows That They're Retared And Will Fall For Anything...300.00 just to see crazy in love lol...I'm done
GOLDEN HEART's picture

Jay also had his Mistress

Jay also had his Mistress murdered while Bey was Preggo (google it).......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Lol At All The....."Fleahives

Lol At All The....."Fleahives And Camealtoes"...Coming Out To Attack For Jayz And Beyonce.......Jayz And Beyonce Slaves Not Fans
GOLDEN HEART's picture

loved the maturity witnessed

loved the maturity witnessed btwn him and Nas even tho I luv me some Jay Z music Nas killed him w/ Ether lol I'm not goin to address the nonsense about Bey's pregnacy (seen her during ha!) the so called people that dislike, since its not hate, will go on for days about that but I will say someone needs to stay off blogs and do real research about the woman he so called had killed and find out who she really was dealing with and what really happened to her ijs

You make good sense. Unlike

You make good sense. Unlike those who have such hate for them but always run to their posts like dogs to a bone. lol
LBA1's picture

Angela Yee is a Chinese bitch

Angela Yee is a Chinese bitch who practices ALL DAY to try and sound like a black woman........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

who calls their own kid "BIC"

who calls their own kid "BIC" ???? Batty Bey does. ZERO attachment to that baby....smh.....
Jesus H. Christ's picture

So because she calls her

So because she calls her child by a nick name, she has no attachment??? Who doesn't have nick names for their kids...johnny for Jonathan, Mak for Makenzie, tommy for thomas...and all the other silly names out there with personal meanings...whats the difference?
Intysingsuga's picture

B.I.C. <----- is

B.I.C. <----- is passive-aggressive.....lets be real here
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You might as well stop. You

You might as well stop. You can't win with this person. She's insane about Bey! Needs some form of therapy.LOL
LBA1's picture

Her surrogate was

Her surrogate was Preggo.....Batty Bey never had a kid...........
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