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Diddy covers the latest issue of LA CONFIDENTIAL Magazine.  See pics from his photoshoot inside as well as Ciara on the cover of LURVE and Karrueche Tran's new weavery.

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In the latest issue of LA Confidential, Diddy, one of the world's most influential tastemakers, proved that he lives a normal life...just like the rest of us.  (But just with more money.)

"'I like nice things, but life's pretty normal around here. 'People think. ''Oh, Diddy's probably running around his mansion spooning caviar into his mouth. 'I don't even like caviar."

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And when asked about having "yes" men and spoiling his family, he told the mag,

'A lot of people say yes to me, I admit that. But I’m blessed by how much the mothers of my children love to tell me the truth. They don’t let me get away with anything!' he revealed. I don’t make apologies for what I have. Especially in these economic times, it’s an achievement to have financial success. If part of that is to spoil your kids, to give them things, it’s okay, as long as they appreciate what they have."

 photo article-2350472-1A8C5514000005DC-700_634x761.jpg  photo article-2350472-1A8C5510000005DC-267_634x760.jpg

The well dressed mogul also talked about discovering new talent like Janelle Monae and Cassie.  "It’s really like a spiritual type of experience, making that connection with someone. You get these goose bumps when you encounter a diamond in the rough. You see potential. You see possibilities unfolding before your eyes. It helps me to help them.'"

Read the full article here.



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"Body Party" singer Ciara covers the latest issue of LURVE for their special Givenchy-themed issue.  And since she's Riccardo Tisci's muse it's only right she's the model for the spread.

 photo 38af8f1cdf6711e28d2722000a1f8fa0_7.jpg  

The "I'm Out" singer will be dropping her new video with Nicki Minaj on Sunday during the BET Awards red carpet pre-show.

 photo f043f0dadece11e280a722000aaa08b2_7.jpg

And Cici will be dropping the Ciara disc on July 9.  Chick looks flawless in the shoot, as expected.


And in new weaves.....

 photo kt003.jpg

Karrueche Tran took her new weave on a stroll at the Vibe Vixen BET Awards kick off at Just Extensions Salon.  The company had Kae come in to give her a brand new look.

 photo katrdd.png

Before hitting the event, she tweeted a Thank You for her Just Extension’s Mico Links treatment.  You feelin' her new look?


The Randomness:

1. QVC is the latest company to drop Paula Deen as a partner.  The television shopping company joins Target, Wal-Mart, Smithsfield, Home Depot and plenty more in parting ways with the embattled chef.  STORY

Photos via Karrueche Tran's IG/Ciara's IG/LA Confidential Magazine





What raw talent does Cassie

What raw talent does Cassie have Diddy? You mean head games...right. Where are Karroochies parents? Diddy only looks good for a hott second, then he smiles and shows those short teeth and gums and its over. #alllll-right
YaHeard's picture

I know it sounds mean, but I

I know it sounds mean, but I just think Karate is such a loser. That is all
nikki6's picture

Karrueche you just don't know

Karrueche you just don't know when to stop do you. Enough is enough, chile bye.
Tannygirl's picture

Diddy is so sexy

Diddy is so sexy
Martina666's picture

In a gargoyle sort of

In a gargoyle sort of way...LOL!
Burself's picture

Ok Diddy you lookin real

Ok Diddy you lookin real sexy. I like when you throw on your swag. Ugh! Ciara, please tone it down you are taking this image thing a little too far. Its time for some sweet innocent pictures. Not what your doing now.

Those tips on Karrueche's

Those tips on Karrueche's hair look like their gonna wrap around her neck and choke her.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Diddy's shoot is fabulous.

Diddy's shoot is fabulous. He really looks good in the pics. Ciara's are just ok for me. She's not styled right or something. Now that Rih is out of the picture I really don't need to see Coochie anymore. Rih made Coochie and Chris hot for second, but I'm over all three of them and am only interested in the music and other entertainment endeavors at this point.
Bird's picture

Diddy-Meh!! Ciara-

Diddy-Meh!! Ciara- Zzzzzzz!!! Karrueche- that weave looks so stiff just like straw, she may be cute but she is a fashion fail still trying to extend her 15 mins.
sweetpea1989's picture

Ciara has such a mannish face

Ciara has such a mannish face at times.
star's picture

Karrruche is a cutie.

Karrruche is a cutie.
star's picture

diddy is so delicious. im a

diddy is so delicious. im a grown ass woman and i promise you i would still hang a poster of him on my wall (lol!!). surprised he never got at Ciara. As for Karrauche, i just feel bad for her. yes she is getting free perks but theyre always sup par and embarrassing. the hair looks dam near stapled on.
shuga honey's picture

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