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CONGRATS J.LO! The "Original Fly Girl" In Dior Cops The 2,500th STAR On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

 photo JenniferLopezJenniferLopezGetsStarWalkbBqCorqAwMyx_zps76b197cb.jpg

From being an original Fly Girl on "In Loving Color"...to a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Jennifer Lopez, who's been named by Forbes as the richest person in entertainment of Latino descent, nabbed her much deserved award yesterday afternoon in front of the W Hotel.  And chick looked stunning as usual.


Check out the folks who came out to support her inside...

 photo JenniferLopezJenniferLopezhonored2500thLLxymWzcyeex_zps53118695.jpg

Of course this flawless chick would twirl her way onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame in CHRISTIAN DIOR, the Pre-fall 2013 collection.  The gorgeous  cashmere & silk white & coral gown, accented with a bowtie belt, was accessorized with Brian Atwood platform black ankle strapped pumps and an animal print Valentino clutch. 

And the actress/dancer/producer/philanthropist/businesswoman/fashion diva was spotted entering the space with her long time manager Benny Medina (not pictured):

 photo JenniferLopezJenniferLopezLeavingWHotelN55grP3-JB2x_zps22f79a3b.jpg

 photo JenniferLopezJenniferLopezLeavingWHotelt_9Rc87XL8Wx_zps53bba90a.jpg

Her diamond H.Stern earrings matched her diamond ring, and she looked fabulous as usual for her big day.

 photo JenniferLopezJenniferLopezGetsStarWalkKCzMCb6XLqQx_zps655a2995.jpg

Keenan Ivory Wayans, who created "In Living Color", was on hand to give a tear jerker of a speech for J.Lo about the show where she made her first major tv debut as a dancer.  Jane Fonda, her co-star from Monster-In-Law (one of our faves....admit it, you've seen every cheesy J.Lo movie and loved it) was also there to give some words.

 photo JLO1_zps58ffaa26.jpg

 photo spl552791_010_zps6ca1b2cd.jpg

And Pitbull, her mom, dad and sister and kiddies Max, Emme and her niece were all there to support.  Sweet!


 photo spl565658_010_zpsa542a3bb.jpg

Don't cry away all that bronzed fabness Jenny.


 photo article-2345432-1A6D55C0000005DC-921_634x509_zpse69e6e12.jpg

 photo spl565826_008_zps04405a43.jpg

And, of course, her man Casper Smart was there.  Not sure how much longer that's gonna last, but dude better soak it all in:

 photo spl565658_022_zpsfb4ffc5d.jpg   

Congrats J.Lo!


BONUS: Tupac Shakur will also receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame posthumously.  Check out the story here.


Photos: Pacific Coast News/SPLASH/INF




J-LOW is trash! She has

J-LOW is trash! She has always been trash and she will always be trash! But of course, I expect that ugly Puerto/colored man LetsGetit to praise her because she is a Rican like him, although J-LOWER -Than-Dirt is light skin and hates all dark skin Ricans like LetsGetit. J-LOW doesn't deserve a star anywhere except hanging on the bathroom walls of all the men she slept with in Hollywood in order to get roles. She stinks wears a blond weave has had a nose job and dyes her skin to look more like a naturally beautiful Latina...like Sofia Vergara! But JLO is a Puerto and she will never be in the same class as Vergara. Mexicans did not want this Puerto to portray Selena either!!!
Oxamara's picture

lol it's all good

lol it's all good sista.......Im not rican sista, IM A BLACK AMERICAN MALE.
LetsGetIt's picture

Love fly old ass Jane

Love fly old ass Jane Fonda...Her plastic surgery is the Best I've ever seen on anybody!
star's picture

Congrats JLO!!!! She looked

Congrats JLO!!!! She looked stunning and her fashion game is always on point!!!! She came along way from being Jenny on the Block. On that note Diddy and Dontella Versace should of been there because thanks to Diddy picking out the infamous "green Veresace dress" many would not know JLO however she seems like a hustler always on top of her game whatever it is. Once again congrats la bella!!!
Negrita14's picture

J.Lo was like the Kim

J.Lo was like the Kim Kardasian of the 90's. Not that it's a bad thing, and not because she slept with anybody. She just had that look and body.....She made it to the top BEING JENNY FROM THE BLOCK lol. Then she made the movie with her being Selena/A FAMOUS MEXICAN SINGER. Living color just got her out there THEN SHE SHOWED SOMEWHAT OF A TALENT and made it to the top CAN'T HATE ON THE WOMAN. But what's kinda of strange to me is........she looked very HISPANIC OR LATIN back in the day, now she just look like a white woman. And looking at her mom, dad, and sista THEY LOOK LIKE THE CRAKKKAS NEXT DOOR IN THE SUBURBS who keep peeping out the window. BUT ANYWAYS CONGRATS J.LO!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Did she thank her vagina for

Did she thank her vagina for getting her to the top? Interesting that Keenan gave her speech. Wonder if he hit it again recently for ole times sake!
PacificGirl's picture

lol ruthless

lol ruthless

Congrats J. Lo! Bronx trash

Congrats J. Lo! Bronx trash dreams came true! (If you've ever been to the BX then you know what I'm talking about). Her kids (especially that little girl) look like spoiled, whiny brats.
CoCo's picture

LOL! Yes the BX is gross.

LOL! Yes the BX is gross. That little girl looks just like Marc!
PacificGirl's picture

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jackfr's picture

Fab chick...but does her

Fab chick...but does her daughter EVER smile?

I could've picked her out a

I could've picked her out a better outfit.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

That dress is awful.

That dress is awful.
PacificGirl's picture

Omg enough with the P diddy /

Omg enough with the P diddy / other shit made her famous. She did some stuff on her own you know. & I'm so happy for J Lo she has come so far, & she deserves that star.
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cvmvcmftfgj548's picture

Go JLo congrats and looking

Go JLo congrats and looking hot as per usual. Girl you need to bottle that glow look as your next project. Jane looks good as well. Keenan Ivory - not sure what's happening with him, kinda look off to me.
Chicknchips's picture

She's hot. I love her

She's hot. I love her hustle...

actaully her dancing is not

actaully her dancing is not that great.. I have Zumba instructors that could outdance her... her Loreal commercials are pathetic with all the weave since her real hair is very thin.
ZenLea's picture

Loved J-Lo in Maid in

Loved J-Lo in Maid in Manhattan with Ralph Fiennes.....one of my fav movies.
JewelryLover's picture

Wow!!! She looks stunning!!!

Wow!!! She looks stunning!!! Congrats to her!
Mama Mia's picture

Congrats to her! Checkout

Congrats to her! Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment news on there too
V's picture

J Lo has ZERO talent....thank

J Lo has ZERO talent....thank you P. Diddy 4 making her famous
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I don't know if I would say

I don't know if I would say ZERO talent because she can dance but she should leaving the SINGING and ACTING to other folks.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

her booty made her

her booty made her famous...just like Kim K.....America is Broken.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

No way P Diddy made her

No way P Diddy made her famous, A little bit of a push but she didn't start from him at all. I would say her ASSets at the time is what really kick start her success. Different topic: All she needed to do is just touch up the dress with an iron, but it look very Hollywood never-the less
Tren's picture

the average American has her

the average American has her same "talent"....
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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