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Kelly Rowland DISHES On Beyonce & Michelle Writing "Girl" For Her, Reveals Her Celebrity Crush And Throws EX-FIANCE Roy Williams SHADE

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During a revealing chat with HOT 107.9 Philly, Kelly Rowland dished on her celebrity crush, threw shade at her ex-fiance Roy Williams and revealed that Beyonce and Michelle wrote the song "Girl" about her.  Get interview deets inside...

While prepping for a tour stop through Philadelphia, PA, Kelly Rowland appeared on Hot 107.9 where the subject of "Dirty Laundry" was a hot topic.  Chatting it up with the host, Kelly remarked that Destiny's Child fans were pretty clever in connecting the dots between the "Dirty Laundry" single and the Destiny's Child song "Girls".  Because that track was written to help Kelly get out of her abusive relationship.

“The girls wrote it for me...Destiny’s Child is deeper than what people see on the surface. Those are my homies for life. Golden girls! We stuck with each other, period!”

And when asked if she'd heard about her ex-fiance Roy Williams making a snide remark comment about the "Dirty Laundry" song, she threw a little shade and asked, "Who?".

As the candid chat continued on, Kelly also divulged the identity of her celebrity crush, "Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams.  Now that he's married, Kelly said "No disrespect to his wife....but he's beautiful."   Listen to the clip here:



And more on her abusive relationship.....

Kelly also sat down "omg! Insider" Kevin Frazier for a tearful interview that went a bit deeper into the bond she shares with Bey and Michelle, sharing that they know her better than anyone else.

And when speaking about her emotionally abusive relationship, Kels said that a small piece of her died everytime time he said something mean to her. She explained that he tried to drive a wedge between her and the people in her life who cared about her.

But Kelly stopped short of naming the ex-boyfriend who abused her, saying that "his" name wasn't important.  "He's a different person now. A better person now."  

She says she walked away from the relationship when she decided she was tired and deserved a better life.




*Hears NeNe Leakes screaming

*Hears NeNe Leakes screaming "Kelly, close your legs to married men!"* (Refer to Kelly's crush on Jesse Williams)
C2C's picture

Yes i saw the connection b4

Yes i saw the connection b4 the song come out with Bad Habit as well Kelly was always lead singer it made me think if it was really something real and not just lyrics going on with her.. good thing she got out some women aren't as lucky :(
Dgabbaba_'s picture

Kelly is a beautiful girl and

Kelly is a beautiful girl and has a cute voice, but she just does not have that x factor to me. Good that she's still trying tho...
BlackDiva's picture

I still think she's covering

I still think she's covering the real story of that abusive man being her father....anyway, I know these questions are starting to get on her nerves.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Kelly's taste in men sucks ~

Kelly's taste in men sucks ~ but to each her own. Luvv her nonetheless.
GetUrLife's picture

I need for Kelly to have one

I need for Kelly to have one conversation without mentioning Beyonce or Destiny's Child. Just ONE! I know she loves them and they are besties, we get it but she will never be taken seriously as a solo artist until she learns to exist on her own outside of the group. She had a great start w/Motivation but now is falling back into weak mode.
PacificGirl's picture

I love Kelly and I hope she

I love Kelly and I hope she earns success as a music artist. The more she talks about this the more my side eye activates.
EWord's picture

Kelly looks beautiful!!!! Did

Kelly looks beautiful!!!! Did Kevin call Beyonce "Bay?" Come on now Kevin!!! You should know this woman's nickname by now! She's only been in the business for 15+ years!!
Mama Mia's picture

Ooh I love that song "Girl" I

Ooh I love that song "Girl" I have had to sing that to a couple of my girlfriends over the years....
Kelli99's picture

I agree with her about Jesse,

I agree with her about Jesse, those eyes are to die for, beautiful beautiful man.
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tom066's picture

I'm convinced that Kelly said

I'm convinced that Kelly said to herself.... "F--K IT.......if talking about Bey is the only way i'll receive attention and interviews then that's the road i'll take." Anywho....What snide remark did Roy make? Didn't he jut say it wasn't him? ....and something tells me that on the sly, Kelly put out that "Jesse is beautiful" remark in hopes that he'll hear it and leave his wife for her......IJS
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Do you know how stupid you

Do you know how stupid you sound tho?
olivegirl's picture

lol! Ms. Thang hates all

lol! Ms. Thang hates all things and all people at all times.
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xbxbxbrtktybmbtytyu568's picture

KElly seems so honest and

KElly seems so honest and sweet, bless her!
Najaah Ramkissoon's picture

Love Kellz! So proud of

Love Kellz! So proud of her... watch the Beyonce haters come in hating Kelly for saying she love her sister! PPl really just don't want them to be friends...
Educateddiva's picture

love k.rowland

love k.rowland

Kelly is finally getting the

Kelly is finally getting the respect that she deserves. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff On there too
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