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Halle Berry and Monica are Double Duty mommies as they nurse buns-in the-oven and the littles ones at home.  See the ladies throwing parties and grabbing passports inside...


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Looking absolutely amazing in a pale green t-shirt dress that shows of her baby bump, Halle Berry was spotted with daughter Nahla Aubry in Beverly Hills, California. 

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Halle, who had a great year at the box office with The Call, was recently nominated for a Teen Choice Award for best actress in a drama.

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As she celebrated news about her nomination, she and Nahla headed to the FedEX to take a new passport photo.

 photo kimkos4.jpg

Though the terms of Halle's custody agreement with Gabe Aubry won't allow her to permanently move to France with Nahla, it certainly won't stop her from traveling around the world!

 photo kimko5.jpg

After nailing a pretty photo, Nahla gave her mommy a high-five!

 photo kimkos6.jpg

Then.....the "little" leading lady asked to see the flick.  We all know A-listers get photo approval!


In other mommy news....

 photo horsey9.jpg

Monica shared a few family photos from her son Rocko's 8th birthday celebration.

 photo horsey4.jpg

Rocko's Uncle Ludacris surprised him with a visit from Zoo Atlanta's Reptiles.

 photo horsey3.jpg

 photo horsey6.jpg

Meanwhile.....Monica and Shannon surprised Rocko with a new set of hot wheels.  And she posted a special message to him on IG, thanking him for being such a wonderful child.  "@LilRocko8 I'm so proud of u!! Remarkable grades, respectful ,loving to your family & an awesome big brother u are!!! #UDeserveIt (FutureVoice) LOL"

 photo horsey1.jpg

Rocko's little brother Romelo had a great time at the party too.  He posed with Monica while riding one of the horses provided by Uncle Ludacris.


Watch Rocko get his big birthday surprise above!



 photo horsey2.jpg

While celebrating her son's birthday, Monica treated fans on Instagram to a "throwback" photo that Shannon snapped of her on vacation.  She called it a "throwback" get she can't wait to get back....


The Randomness:

1. Evander Holyfield's license may get revoked because of outstanding child support payments. Story.


Photos via Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Europe/ Headlinephoto / Splash News and PCN / Monica's Instagram



Monica you look beautiful!

Monica you look beautiful! God Bless you and Shannon!
yonna15's picture

By the time Nahla is 10 she

By the time Nahla is 10 she will tower over her mom. Halle and Monica look so beautiful pregnant they can definitely give Kim K advice for wearing flattering maternity clothes.
Twila's picture

Congrats to Monica, and Halle

Congrats to Monica, and Halle on their new bundles. Hope Monica gets her lil girl. :)
Cynthia Cole's picture

monica makes beautiful babies

monica makes beautiful babies
cassandra29's picture

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zxxndsfhry5484's picture

Monica looks beautiful.She

Monica looks beautiful.She wears her pregnancy like a lady should unlike Kim K. i don't want to sound like a hater but i have never really cared for Halle on any level. She cannot act for one thing and i don't think she cares for black men. wanna take bets on how long this relationship lasts? She is somewhat beautiful but she can't maintain a relationship for long. Do you think maybe summin is wrong with the bitch?
d.g.ward's picture

LMAO!!! This is a hilarious

LMAO!!! This is a hilarious assumption! You think she doesn't care for black men because she has dated two white men??? She has been married twice... to black men!!!! And she is mixed with black and white! Her mother is white! Who cares if she dates black or white. Some people are open-minded, some are closed-minded. She gets blamed for the failed relationships but we all know one beat her and two cheated on her. Should she stay with these men??? What we know is that she picks guys that are not so good for her. But heck, she isn't the first and certainly isn't last. Also... what type of person wants to take bets on how long someone's relationship will last? That says a lot about you as well. Have you only dated one person in your lifetime?
Mama Mia's picture

Both ladies look great, I

Both ladies look great, I swear Kim K stay on you people's mind, she is like crack to some of you, saw a pic of her yesterday in a very similar outfit to Monica Maxi Dress and Blazer and she looked great but I bet because it's her people will have something to say. SMDH!!!
kayla1010's picture

These ladies both look

These ladies both look beautiful pregnant and look very happy!
Keys's picture

Pregnancy agrees with these

Pregnancy agrees with these lovelies!☺♥
Peace Silas's picture

Awwwww both ladies are

Awwwww both ladies are beautiful, they make pregnancy look so effortless.
Realist's picture

Halle and Monica don't scare

Halle and Monica don't scare me like Kim K does about having kids someday, they both look LOVELY & AMAZING as pregnant woman!
Shay's picture

I'm sure that child has

I'm sure that child has already been travelling the world; surely it's a renewal passport.
MissPammyJ's picture

That race car (or whatever

That race car (or whatever you call it) has to be every little boy's dream. It looked like Rocko was about to cry. lol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

while the other kids in the

while the other kids in the background look like they hatin lol
litebrite's picture

I bet when they got home,

I bet when they got home, they walked up to their bikes, kicked them over and mean mugged their moms for the rest of the night. lol.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL, especially lil miss with

LOL, especially lil miss with the arms crossed and the face saying "hmmppp whatever!"
goeze's picture

Hahahaha....all kinds of

Hahahaha....all kinds of hating going on in the background
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Nahla looks less salty today

Nahla looks less salty today
Jesus H. Christ's picture

For real, she actually looks

For real, she actually looks "happy"!
goeze's picture

I love Monica & Halle!

I love Monica & Halle!
Beautyfulones's picture

Both ladies look lovely! Kim,

Both ladies look lovely! Kim, Take notes.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

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