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TELLING HIS SIDE: Kordell Stewart Admits To Changing The Locks....AFTER Porsha Allegedly ABANDONED Him And His Son!

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Amid reports that he locked his estranged wife, Porsha Williams, out their house, ex-NFL star Kordell Stewart has filed documents claiming Porsha ABANDONED him and he feared his safety!  See what he told the courts inside...


As Porsha Williams (Stewart) lay sleeping at her mom's home, Kordell Stewart and his legal team quickly filed documents "explaining" why he changed the locks on their Atlanta mansion.  HipHollywood obtained the documents.  Sip your tea and coffee slowly while reading....

On when and why he changed the locks:

The locks were changed on April 2, 2013. He claims Porsha established a routine of leaving (the) pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties’ marriage , and (Kordell’s) nine year old son.

On how he informed Porsha (via text) of the lock out:
“Hey, reaching out not knowing who may or may not have keys to the house at this point, I was concerned for our safety so I changed the locks on the house. If and when you need to get in, give me a heads up so you can get in”

On why he shouldn't have to provide Porsha with any money for relocation:
“She is a celebrity, and has the income through appearances, endorsements, Bravo and other entities …(Porsha) should be capable of supporting herself but may not be able to as a result of her own financial negligence.”

You can so tell this dude is bitter about Porsha ever doing the show and choosing "celeb" life over housewife life that caters to him.  The whole "well she's a celebrity now" and "she supports herself" comments are so sarcastic.  And we would know, it's our first language.

We've shown you several pics of Porsha out and about in Atlanta, so we do understand that she's NOT sitting at home dealing with Kordell's anger and resentment.  But did her really try to insinuate that he going out for a few drinks and/or club appearances amounts to abandonment?! Damn...how needy are you Kordell?

So, we've learned that he waited for her to leave one night and quickly changed the locks.  After that...he sent her a text saying he's "concerned" for his safety.  Now we're confused.  Isn't he a former NFL superstar with the physical capabilities of protecting his home and family?  And who would Porsha be "giving" her house keys to? 

Is it just us, or does it seem that if a chick gets her own check...it makes him feel threatened.  Given, Porsha knew what she was getting into when she signed her name on that marriage license.  But damn son.  No leeway for the weary?

Reality TV will continue to be the death of couples...

See the documents here:

 photo kordeldoc_zps0d9f9ab5.jpg  photo kordeldocII_zpsd9d1ae85.jpg


Photo via WTAE





he is acting like a typical

he is acting like a typical controlling black man regardless of status or income. They r controlling they want their woman to cater to them talk and deal with no one else or guess what u ratchet, u a hoe u don't love me. hmmm sounds to me he gonna b alone again with his boy until his boy grows up and leaves his ass.

Regardless of whatever

Regardless of whatever personal issues were going on in there marriage, he had no right to do what he did. He's coming across like a bitter, angry ass man mad about whatever and trying to hurt her the best way he knows how. Either way, they both knew what they were getting into. I wish them both the best of luck but I find it highly doubtful that this women abandoned anyone and who in the world would be trying to harm him and he looks like a Tonka truck himself? Seriously, Kordell? It don't even sound right that you waited for her to leave then texted her, you didn't even have the decency to call her, or how bout TALK TO HER before she left and say what was going down? She seems better off without him and as stated the "celebrity" comment is definitely sounding like he wanted a trophy wife and not someone who was all out there for the World the see. Communication between these two suck.
ellemarie's picture

He has a great lawyer...I

He has a great lawyer...I know that he didn't think of "abandonment" as his excuse all by himself.
C2C's picture

LMAO hahahaha all these women

LMAO hahahaha all these women want to be mad at homeboy. But he had a right to switch them locks up. Homegirl should've been home before those porch lights was on. wuahahaha
apowerfuldude's picture

I am so sick and tired of

I am so sick and tired of this mutant ninja. He's the definition of a true jerk
nikki6's picture

I'm so sick of seeing this

I'm so sick of seeing this big MOON ROCK forehead mf AND his ugly ass wife...ugh! Who gives a shit about him changing the locks? He needs to change that big, wide forehead...ugly mf. He, she and they are so irrelevant to me...next.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Yes he is bitter and ugly as

Yes he is bitter and ugly as fuck.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Give her the house, and 2

Give her the house, and 2 years alimony and move on. Not that deep.

you lost your mind.

you lost your mind.
The ZuluKing's picture

Kordell is too petty for me.

Kordell is too petty for me.
cutethatsall56's picture

Abandonment is a legal reason

Abandonment is a legal reason to file for divorce and makes the party who left look like they are in the wrong. Another negro fool in the making. He'll feed lawyers and their families rather than take care of one woman of his own race. And then these fools claim the white woman is holding the race down when it is their own selfish greed.
cassandra29's picture

I totally agree, cassandra29.

I totally agree, cassandra29. It's funny because if this was a white woman, he wouldn't be going this hard. She would have been better off marrying a rich white man lol.
Zetagirl's picture

I don't understand his claims

I don't understand his claims of abandoning him and his son. THAT IS NOT HER SON! The son's mother is Tania Richardson who is friends w/Sheree Whitifield and was on a few seasons ago. Why the phuck does he keep talking about her abandoning a child that is not hers!
PacificGirl's picture

he wants to b n control.

he wants to b n control. Porsha needs to let him go. She is young, black and fabulous and can find another man that appreciates her.
msmimi1995's picture

He is an ugly person inside

He is an ugly person inside and out. He's a gay man and living in denial.
ZenLea's picture

Y'all are crazy! I'm married

Y'all are crazy! I'm married and have been divorced. They both need to stay out of the media, but let me tell you about divorce. If he wants her out of the house before the divorce he had to show that she regularly doesn't live at the house and that she is capable of taking care of herself. Also, the fact that he has custody of his child gives him a huge advantage. So he is doing what women have done forever to stay in the marital home. They mention the kid. They mention the fact the spouse can take care of themselves. They mention that not knowing when their spouse is coming home creates a risk. He is doing the smart thing. Anybody saying couples should live together until their divorce is final should use Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders as an example. As Christian as the Sanders claim to be, how did the Sanders handle living together doing the divorce? Porsha is not going to get the house in the divorce settlement. She has no children and she didn't earn the bulk of the marital income. She may get paid for her contributions toward making it a household, but she isn't getting the home. She should have moved out and concentrated on getting her fair share of spousal support and her half of marital assets. For her to want to live under the same household as someone who wants a divorce screams that Porsha doesn't really want a divorce.
The ZuluKing's picture

Being fair is something the

Being fair is something the courts used to do. In today's divorce court black women are getting NOTHING, the black men is being robbed, and lawyers get everything. That's why his lawyers are advising this fool to do everything dirty to cause division, so that the spouses will only be communicating through them. The courts have changed.
cassandra29's picture

Lord, don't start that poor

Lord, don't start that poor black woman stuff. The courts follow the law. This is about divorce. If you bring nothing into a relationship, then you shouldn't be rich for the rest of your life. The reason black women may get the shaft in court is because they are marrying men without anything. He married a woman without anything. He isn't asking for half of what she is earning now. He just wants what he had before she came into the relationship.
The ZuluKing's picture

She comes from old money

She comes from old money

See. Family money isn't her

See. Family money isn't her money. I doubt they put a dime into her household. Porsha went from a preacher to a housewife to Housewife on ATL. Have you seen how the show portrays Porsha? I don't blame Kordell for wanting out. That is not the woman he married. Name a classy woman on ATL Housewife? Maybe Cynthia. Nobody got time for that.
The ZuluKing's picture

Interesting read of the

Interesting read of the proceedings by the blogger. I don't think Kordell is threatened one bit by his soon-to-be ex-wife's reality TV check. What we are seeing is actually quite smart on his (and his lawyer's) part. Kordell is saying to the court that Porsha is financially self-sufficient -- she doesn't need my money (i.e., alimony). In fact, if I recall correctly, initially Kordell didn't want her to participate on the show and then relented. If I were a cynical one, I'd bet that Kordell agreed to allow the filming solely to help establish her financial stability when he filed for divorce. I suspect Kordell has been playing chess all along while Porsha has been playing checkers. They were married 2/3 years (?) and they don't have children. Porsha won't starve, but she's not going to live large off of Kordell when this is all over either.
Sepia Siren's picture

I think it's irresponsible to

I think it's irresponsible to sway public opinion in anyway when couples are going thru a bitter divorce. Truth of the matter is you don't know the whole story, not even if they tell you, because there are three sides to a story, Yours Theirs and the TRUTH.com. We really don't know what's going on behind closed doors. So I'm not taking either one of their sides.
I'mThatDude's picture

Porsha, hire Gloria Allred.

Porsha, hire Gloria Allred. That bitch will get you everything, even his funky skid marked draws!
JewelryLover's picture

He is a punk azz bitch!

He is a punk azz bitch! Unless the house is in his name only, he had no right to do that and even if it was, he has to give 30 days notice. I hope she takes his nigga azz to the freakin cleaners!
JewelryLover's picture


GetUrLife's picture


wildlife's picture

He's probably not feeling the

He's probably not feeling the fact that she has her own little change now and she doesn't have to go through him to get what she wants, like a 7 year old who sees the ice cream truck coming down the street, that has to run in the house and beg for a dollar and they only have 2 seconds to explain to their parents, what they need the dollar for, all while the ice cream truck is almost in front of their house about to pass them up, while you're sitting there waiting for them to go dig in their purse or wallet.........ain't nobody got time for that. BTW....where and who is that little boys real mother? (rolls eyes)........BOY BYE!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I think he's immature, but

I think he's immature, but I'm not going to join the Kordell bashing bandwagon that fast. His whole life completely changed due to Porscha's involvement with Real Housewives (aka I know who he is now) and he did not sign up for that when he married her. It is within his rights to remove himself from a situation he thinks will become toxic. I'm definitely not in favor of women being independent, but if you sell yourself as wanting to be a devoted housewife who doesn't work and then flip the script 2 years in ...
Girl's picture

Again, if Kordell Stewart

Again, if Kordell Stewart disapproved of Porsha's involvement in the show, he wouldn't have taken part in it. He is simply upset that he can no longer keep her on a leash. The end!
SunSandSea's picture

think you are so right

think you are so right

Correct, he did agree to be

Correct, he did agree to be on the show. She was a submissive wife and would not have taken part without first getting his approval, nor would Bravo been able to tape him. I really don't think he liked the way he was portrayed on the show and he probably blames her for the bad reputation he received after the show exposed his ways.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

marriage is about commitment

marriage is about commitment for better or worse, richer or poorer. it shouldn't have anything to do with whether your work or not. in light of the fact of women not getting anything in court today, even women with children, he should understand why she needs the security of her job, because he is being the bish she knew he would be.
cassandra29's picture

LOVE me some KORDELL. He's a

LOVE me some KORDELL. He's a REAL MAN. Porsha knew what Kordell expected in a wife when she married him. She is the one who did a 180. Who cares if he doesn't want her on the show? He's his own man, in his marriage, and again, they discussed it and he said he didn't want to do the show again. She went behind his back to do it, he found out, and said goodbye. Seems some ppl on here are just pathetic and desperate, and don't understand the concept of HONESTY AND MARRIAGE. I've got nothing against Porsha.So if the shoe was on the other foot, and Porsha put him out, because he was lying and being sneaky, you know all y'all would be cosigning for Porsha, for standing up for herself, so why can't you do that for Kordell? You mad he has a backbone, unlike those losers in the streets?

How could Porsha go behind

How could Porsha go behind Kordell's back and do something that he took part in?? Kordell Stewart was right there filming for the show. The trip to Anguilla, the doctor visits discussing her pregnancy issues, etc. Kordell was front-row and center with the other husbands for nearly every function or event. NOW that Porsha is bringing in those cheques he has a problem? Now that she has gained a little more attention and is no longer being referred to as "Kordell Stewart's wife", but is known as "Porsha Williams Stewart"?? Men feel threatened by women who can hold their own, especially if you make good money - or worse, more money - than they do!
SunSandSea's picture

He does not have a back bone.

He does not have a back bone. He has a bitch bone. You don't abandon a real marriage over that bullshit. Ok sista? Kordell is an ugly ass, gay ass, controlling ass nigga.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

If he was SO AGAINST the

If he was SO AGAINST the show, what was he doing cheesing in front of the cameras? lol
LBA1's picture

Sounds sensible but we really

Sounds sensible but we really don't know all the dynamics of what happened in their marriage
I'mThatDude's picture

People only do to you, what

People only do to you, what you allow them to do. Porsha should have gotten to know the man before marrying him (probably for his $) and pretending to have the perfect life while ignoring the fact that he is a controlling, jealous, chauvinist ass. He is a terrible person, but this is the man that she chose, which makes me question her already questionable intelligence.... She is an airhead and unfortunately, now she is paying the price.
Maat's picture

One afternoon watching Judge

One afternoon watching Judge Judy will tell you that Kordell is bogus!! You can not just lock someone out who is resident in the home. They are separated, yet he still wants her to check in. He wanted her to rely on his check, but now she can pay for herself. She pays for herself by making appearances, but that is considered abandonment and makes an unsafe situation. Damn Kordell, you can't have it both ways. Punk!!
SweetDivaT's picture

Obviously he could and did

Obviously he could and did Lock her out. I guess you missed the part about he and his legal team. LOL
I'mThatDude's picture

Rephrase: He can do it, but

Rephrase: He can do it, but that doesn't make it legal. His legal team is playing with fire preventing her from entering the residence.
SweetDivaT's picture

his legal team intends to

his legal team intends to create havoc over and over so that ALL his money ends up in their pocket. an intelligent man would accept his wife for better or worse OR reach a fair settlement without vulture lawyers
cassandra29's picture

So I'm assuming when they got

So I'm assuming when they got married, she didn't become an equal partner to anything. Can't be a grown ass woman getting put out of nowhere. Nonetheless, from what it seems this guy is as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

This is beginning to be one

This is beginning to be one big circus! Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads and videos on there
V's picture

Good Job brother get that

Good Job brother get that useless chick out your home. She wanted the celebrity life and not being a wife! When a blackman do marry a blackwoman she leaves him behind for fame, but these are the same women complaining all the time about not being married. Brother take your money and get you a Brazilian, Carribean or African woman. That bitch in the clubs searching for her next meal ticket. Stay away from the fame whores!!!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

STFU and take your nigger ass

STFU and take your nigger ass back to Africa somewhere! This is America.....Fuck you.
JewelryLover's picture

He is so controlling. I hope

He is so controlling. I hope Porsha comes out on top.
sexe757's picture

Porscha is no saint and has

Porscha is no saint and has admitted to being Rachet. She should have smarter and not a gold digger with no sense or she would have enough to move.
lola69's picture

She doesn't want to move! She

She doesn't want to move! She wants the house in the settlement. If she moves voluntarily it will lessen her claim. That's why neither one is budging from the home.
SweetDivaT's picture

B*tch*ssness at its finest.

B*tch*ssness at its finest. Two snaps and a twirl for you, Ms. Stewart.
MrsCPA's picture

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