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Well GOOD MORNING.  OKC Thunder baller Serge Ibaka is giving us some chocolate for our morning coffee today with his brand new photoshoot.  We've got what the NBA baller is serving in his new shirtless promo shoot...

He's 23 and taken.  But we can still look. 

Congolese-Spanish basketball player Serge Ibaka is busy with the NBA playoffs as his team is ranked #1 in the Western Conference.  But he's found time to give us some sexy in a brand new promo shoot.


 photo Serge_Ibaka_02-copy_zpsde7bf77c.jpg  photo Serge_Ibaka_01-copy_zps2e3a0673.jpg

He may be a little pissed that he was snubbed for the second year in a row for Defensive Player of the Year, but he can be our defensive player anytime.  Well, if Keri Hilson allows it.  He and his singer/songwriter boo have been dating for a few months now, even taking a sexy mini-vacay together to Cabo for Valentine's Day & during the All-Star break.

By the way, the 6'10 Serge, who played for his country, Congo, in the Summer Olympics, started his own company called Avec Classe--which focuses on the classy lifestyle of himself and the people around him.  Oh, and he speaks five languages.

Could he be any sexier?


Photos by Julian Ungano & Tommy Agriodimas (UNGANO & AGRIODIMAS PHOTOGRAPHY)




BTW...I'm pretty sure Serge

BTW...I'm pretty sure Serge played for Spain during the olympics, not his native Congo. And yes, the 5 languages makes him even sexier.
CheyPie's picture

How does this article only

How does this article only have 15 comments! That man is gorgeous. Good luck to OKC.
CheyPie's picture

He's Taken? Well Whomever

He's Taken? Well Whomever Have Him, Can Keep Him.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Keri, I wouldn't be able to

Keri, I wouldn't be able to make any new music either if he was my man cause I'd be on that ALL DAY. OMG..he makes me gasp. Fking GORGEOUS.
PacificGirl's picture

Lmbo! Forreal though. If they

Lmbo! Forreal though. If they ever get married, she shouldn't even care about anything else. They make a beautiful couple. But until he gives her a ring, she better stay focused!
CheyPie's picture

Smart and sexy are a great

Smart and sexy are a great combo!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Oh yeah. I approve THIS

Oh yeah. I approve THIS message!!!!!!! #justfine

You know what I like about

You know what I like about these photos? They are not forced and he is not over styled. He is a handsome and sexxxxiiii young man.
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MsMidwest's picture

good googily goo!

good googily goo!

Yummy ;-D

Yummy ;-D
GetUrLife's picture

I been eyeing Serge for a

I been eyeing Serge for a minute, very fine, educated BLACK man. Keri Hilsom better hold on tight to this one. #heysergeeeee
SkeeWee's picture

the thoughts I had cannot be

the thoughts I had cannot be typed as I am sure they violate several FCC regulations. whew chiiiiiile!
shuga's picture

What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL

What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL man. Arguably the finest specimien in the NBA.
Bird's picture

That dude is pounding Keri

That dude is pounding Keri into next week...she having AFTER SHOCK orgasms 2 days later!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Lol... U so cray!

Lol... U so cray!
Like Really's picture

he is gorgeous...

he is gorgeous...
ZenLea's picture

Damn....that is all

Damn....that is all

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