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Ciara hosted an exclusive listening for her Ciara album in New York last night where she opened up about her new approach to music, her relationship with Future and what it was like seeing Bow Wow at "106 & Park."  See what she talked about inside...

Yesterday, Ciara tweeted a pic of herself on the way to her exclusive listening party for Ciara, saying"Hittin The Streets of NY. Outchea."  The event was held at Germanos Studio and attended by an intimate group of media, including TheYBF.com.

When asked what's different about the Ciara album and her overall approach to her career, she said,

"When I did a recap you have to look at yourself in the mirror and see what you did right and wrong but people haven't got to get to know me. I can't grow as an artist until people get to know me. Embrace your imperfections to get closer to perfection."

In addition to being more open musically, she was also forthcoming about her relationship with Future.  She revealed that the storyline for her "Body Party" video was very similar to the way they hooked up in real life.  She said he was very upfront about liking her and she's very happy with him.

She also talked about running into her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow on "106 &  Park" saying it wasn't awkward at all because she was more focused on the fans and talking about her new video and album.  

While working on the Ciara album, she revealed that she felt very "free" and she's been in a very creative zone.  She added that she's "turned up" about heading back to Atlanta to prepare for her upcoming tour because she really wants to perform her new songs.

During the session, she previewed several tracks for those in attendance.  The songs ranging from bouncy pop tunes to ballads and R&B.  The disc will also feature production from Mike Will Made IT ("Body Party"), Future ("Where You Go"), an appearance by rapper Nicki Minaj on "I'm Out" and an ode to oral sex called "Read My Lips".


 photo ciaralady4.jpg

On the passionate balled "DUI" she croons,  "Im driving under the influence of your love, I might have to pull over".

 photo bodyciara1.jpg  

And on the "Super Turned Up" track, Cici raps a few bars that she penned herself.  

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 photo ciaralady1.jpg

The Ciara album is expected in stores July 9th.




Photos via Raven Jones




I've always liked Ciara and

I've always liked Ciara and hope this album does well for her. I like the Body Party song and video. Both are real sensual.
MzTee's picture

Body Party is the #1 video

Body Party is the #1 video already and it just came out, Got me Good has over 7 millions views on vevo.com, Sorry has more than 14 million views. Ciara please toot your own horn so that the world will know that haters are jealous liars. Personally she has never song a song I didn't like, nor made a video I didnt like. She and her King Future have everything it takes to be the next IT couple, and I cant wait. I'm sick of Bey and her Camel. They are not hot and sexy at all. Ciara and Future are sexy enough to make millions on a sex tape LOL They are so evenly matched.
cassandra29's picture

Love the sweatshirt.......

Love the sweatshirt.......
star's picture

The only song I like that

The only song I like that I've heard so far is "Got Me Good"... that is my shit and the dancing in the video is so fresh. The song should have been a hit.
Yas's picture

I find odd that those who

I find odd that those who claim not to like her or say she is irrelevant run to her threads to read up about her. She is revelant enough to get your attention.

No talents pay fools to

No talents pay fools to follow those they deem competition and those they are jealous of/hate. The haters are in America and they are being felt everywhere in American society. But what American entertainers should be doing is paying LOVERS and bloggers to be MORE POSITIVE on their blogs. I heard Steve Harvey say the most foolish thing I have ever heard. He said that he doesnt want his son Wynton to go in show business because of haters on blogs!!! DOESN'T HE KNOW HATERS ARE EVERYWHERE? They are on the streets of our cities, in our board rooms and in corporate america too. The only way to fight these haters is with love. There is no reason that American entertainers with millions to not support the blogs and encourage them to have a mission of being kinder and gentler, and stating true FACTS, not made up lies and slander. They could give the bloggers incentives to create positive but truthful blogs. Most people dont mind when the truth is told, good or bad, but the hurtful lies can be stopped. It is up to them to stop the haters, not try to run from them. They are everywhere.
cassandra29's picture

In other words, entertainers

In other words, entertainers should put people they know and trust into the business of positive blogging, or identify existing positive bloggers to support and promote. After Steve Harvey said that he hates blogs, he sit up there and let Shirley Strawberry give bossip.com a plug.
cassandra29's picture

thanks for clarifying but I

thanks for clarifying but I still dont understand shit u said.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Thanks for your two cents

Thanks for your two cents which amounts to nothing asshole.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

THANK YOU! you didn't write

THANK YOU! you didn't write anything that most people don't already realize, including ciara herself. i would be shocked if her record company keeps her on payroll if this last ditch album doesn't return a profit.
wildlife's picture

I don't care about Ciara.

I don't care about Ciara. She is slowly fading from relevance.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I think with her being boo'd

I think with her being boo'd up with future and a hot new single...this will be her real comeback. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

i think Ciara should stay

i think Ciara should stay more in the A-town, it'll probably allow her to be more creative. I love the Body Party song and video. Future and Cici make a good team. i can't wait to hear her album.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Ciara- Zzzzzzz enough said

Ciara- Zzzzzzz enough said
sweetpea1989's picture

Is that you Rihanna? Still

Is that you Rihanna? Still stalking ciara everywhere she goes I see, hoping to get a peek at her goodies, and when you dont you go to the strip club and look at second best. Poor lil Riri. Ciara will never return your love and devotion. Now dont hate on Future cause he got what CiCi wants and you dont and stop hating on Cici cause she wasnt born like you. Maybe one of the strippers will like you enough to let you pay for plastic surgery that will make them look like Cici. That's better than nothing.
cassandra29's picture

Rooting for Ciara hope this

Rooting for Ciara hope this album does well I've liked what I heard so far....the Body Party video is dope......

Cuz she gettin' old and needs

Cuz she gettin' old and needs to find a Baller FAST!!! Jesus would force her to be his sex slave..........
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