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FREE SCRAPPY! Lil' Scrappy TURNS HIMSELF IN, Mama Dee In TEARS! + K. Michelle's "I Just Wanna" (VIDEO)

 photo jail7.jpg


Lil' Scrappy was jailed this morning for refusing to re-take a suspect pee-test back in March!  Get the deets on the recent lock-up inside and see K. Michelle's latest video, "I Just Wanna."

 photo jai6.jpg

It was a scene made for reality tv (and yes VH1 was there!) as rapper Lil' Scrappy walked alongside his somber baby mama Erica Dixon and dramatic mother Mama Dee (holding a "FREE SCRAPPY" tee) to turn himself in for a parole violation in Atlanta, GA this morning.

We knew something "suspicious" was going on when Lil' Scrappy failed to appear at the NYC press party for "LAHH ATL" last week.  You'll recall, we told you previously that any wages Lil' Scrappy makes will be garnished (because he owes a bunch of folk) and now the reality star won't even be able to promote the show (or his music) because he's locked up!

He turned himself in this morning based on a parole violation from March.  "The Prince of The South" was accused of tampering with his required urine sample after the pee he submitted for a routine drug test was cold to the touch.  When he refused to provide a "fresh" sample, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Fast forward to this morning....he turned himself in...and we'll get to see it all this season.


It all played out like a framatic ass unnecessary BLACKbuster tv movie....

 photo jail11.jpg 

 photo jai12.jpg

 photo jai1.jpg

 photo jai4.jpg

 photo jai15.jpg

 photo jail9.jpg

All the main players were snapped by photographers (who were likely tipped off).

 photo jai5.jpg

And of course there was a shot of Lil' Scrappy speaking to someone in a suit (most likely his lawyer).

 photo jai13.jpg

The "family" walked into the police station.


And Mama Dee was in rare form with the dramatics.... 

 photo jai2.jpg

First, "The Queen" watched "The Prince" get taken away in handcuffs.

 photo jai3.jpg

Then....she held it together for as long as she could before bursting into tears while clutching her fresh of the stencil iron "Free Scrappy" tee.  #endscene


In other "LAHH ATL" news.....


K. Michelle won't be wasting any of the season 2  "LAHH ATL" hype machine as she drops her first video from the Rebellious Soul album.  The song, "I Just Wanna" lets you know from verse one that she is TRULY the protege of R. Kelly. The lyrics speak for themself:

Cuzz I just wanna fuck
And not fall in love
Dont wanna go through the pain that love can bring
Tonight I want sex that dont mean a thing
That dont make me no slut
A woman has her needs
So dont go catching feelings for me
Tonight I want sex that dont mean a thing

Are we ready for K. Michelle?


Photos via FreddyO.com



Why do Scrappy's cheeks

Why do Scrappy's cheeks always look like they are stuffed with cotton balls? Erica, is this really the type of ninja you want for your daughter. You can do so much better! His mom is ghetto and ignorant, so what do you expect from her son? K. Michelle has a really pretty voice and with a voice like that, she is better suited for pretty, lyrical, sensual songs. they can be about sex but just make it pretty. The song she is singing now is too raunchy.
montycarlo105's picture

You know all BS aside I wish

You know all BS aside I wish more women were real with their s**t because what K Michelle said is very real but a lot of women act like its not to appear the way society wants them to act! F that!! If you want to get down let's get down..sometimes it is what it is...here for a reason and here for a season...Let's make it happen ladies!!!
Money First's picture

true, the message is honest

true, the message is honest for a lot of ppl both men and women but the delivery was crass and wearing spanx in a video never helps. joint reminded me of a SNL skit like cock in a box.
shuga's picture

LMAOOO...DEAD @ spanx & cock

LMAOOO...DEAD @ spanx & cock in a box. So true!!!

or Brian McKnights crazy ass

or Brian McKnights crazy ass song about showing you how your P works.....lol. as a joke, yes but trying to be serious with those lyrics NO. only R. Kelly can pull that kind of stunt and get away with it. ie. you remind me of my jeep
shuga's picture

Brian McKnight is ONE

Brian McKnight is ONE grey-hair way from doing Hoveround or Life Insurance commercials. He had his day-its over. You're 110% right that only Kels can do that. But even he knows when to switch it up. Right about now he's singing classic R & B-that 'jeep' song is from years ago. And yes I'm choosing to ignore his Trapped In The Closet ridiculousness in favor of his HOT music. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

K.Michelle really has reached

K.Michelle really has reached a low with one. After "How Many Times" and "Kiss My Ass" I was loving her music and really thought she was going to make it into the mainstream. But now that she has received a new record deal, this is what she puts out?! Even the music video looks low budget and like it was shot by an amateur. Mama Dee is crazy, you don't wear a "free so and so" shirt after Scrappy PUT HIMSELF IN JAIL. Everyone mentioned in this post needs to have several seats!! SMH
Ratchet911's picture

That song sucks, its not cute

That song sucks, its not cute and the beat too slow, the not bout that life line was horrible
shaneice225's picture

Momma Dee actually lookd

Momma Dee actually lookd pretty to me.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

like Wendy responded I'm

like Wendy responded I'm alarmed that someone can profit $7727 in 1 month on the internet. did you read this web site www.bic5.com

so this is what the fuck

so this is what the fuck K.michelle been working on this whole time?
BritJackson's picture

The world we live in today.

The world we live in today. K.Michelle has a beauty voice, but this song is not a winner. beautyNbetrayal.com

"Free Scrappy in that Order."

"Free Scrappy in that Order." WTF?¿ This is what happens when Ghetto Betty produces offspring.
GetUrLife's picture

SMH. black people my black

SMH. black people my black people. why must we be so damn ghetto and dumb! This fool who claims to be a grown woman is walking do the street with a "free scrappy" shirt? His ass got himself in jail...stop with the mess. And you want to start crying and what not. Where the hell were you while your son was growing up because from what I can tell, that boy has always been a coon type.
ccshawn's picture

OMG. I just watched that

OMG. I just watched that video. #deadfromlaughter
TrueThinker's picture

In my Dave Chappelle/Rick

In my Dave Chappelle/Rick James voice....."THEY SHOULD'VE NEVER GAVE YOU N****S MONEY!!!"

Black folks love them a

Black folks love them a t-shirt or two. If ain't "RIP so and so", it's "Free so and so". I don't have much love for any one who willing breaks the law again and again and again.

The shirt was premature since

The shirt was premature since the nigga wasn’t even in jail yet!
Suga Bear's picture

she probably saved it from

she probably saved it from the LAST time he was in jail which is a fkn shame.
shuga's picture

Mama Dee please have several

Mama Dee please have several seats....she is doing way too much!!!!! This incident looks like it's early in the morning...where the heck is she coming from dressed like that at a police station?????
eewhipple59's picture

He's got an ignorant mom as

He's got an ignorant mom as an example so he's not getting to far.
cutethatsall56's picture

WOW. k Michelle wasting her

WOW. k Michelle wasting her vocal abilities on songs that does not help out one bit. for her sake i hope it sells and sells well. i wanna see her do well
mona1402's picture

I like Erica but mama Dee

I like Erica but mama Dee need to get out her child business maybe she should date Buckey ugly azz and K. Michelle is this video a late April's fool joke girl you can't be serious smh.....

I swear...Mama Dee stays

I swear...Mama Dee stays doin' the most. Sit down somewhere!!
holmesa925's picture

Damn disgrace-Mama Dee looks

Damn disgrace-Mama Dee looks a hot, ashy mess and Scrappy needs a shower & invisilign. Who wears heels to turn their son in to the authorities? Ugh! We all know she didn't mass-produce that ONE T-shirt either. SMHHHH she knows she went to Michael's and spend last night ironing those cheap initials on there. Erica probably helped with the spelling...F-r-e-e. S-c-r-a-p-p-y. Maybe jail will do him some good: is he actually doing any GOOD out here in society? And K. Michelle-wtf...as soon as black chicks gets $10 nowadays they go blonde (enter LetsGetit)...SMH-#hoodfabanticsshouldnotbeglorified

bwahahaha! I am cracking up

bwahahaha! I am cracking up at work. I cosign everything. Now where is Letsgetit?
myopinioncounts's picture

lol.....now why did you

lol.....now why did you summoned him like that?? you know saying blonde hair & black woman in the same sentence is like saying bloody mary 3 times in the mirror. no good can come from that. *making miss celie gang sign fingers* til u do right by ybf!
shuga's picture


Suga Bear's picture

LOL your comments have me

LOL your comments have me LMAO during the day. You know Letsgetit is lurking somewhere nearby or he fronted Scrappy's Momma the .85 cents she needed for those iron-on letters :-). When u said 'bloody mary' u made me think of that old Candyman movie, LOLLLLLLLLL

Please tell me she can't be

Please tell me she can't be serious about releasing this as a single? Black women we are so much better than this! Don't get caught up in this ratchet mess. We will never be respected if we continue down this road. Trust!
Sexy10's picture

Mama Dee needs to sit her

Mama Dee needs to sit her crazy ass down somewhere. She stay doing the most, with her Free Scrappy tshirt...but that's exactly what she needs to do! Free his ass! I bet he still sucks her long titties. She is what's wrong with so many black men today. Big babies. Their mama's stay cradling their ass. He violated parole, he is SUPPOSED to be locked up! His behavior is not acceptable as a grown ass man, and someone's father. She is the reason why he's not a responsible adult. He's not held accountable for his bs.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Didn't care to look at

Didn't care to look at Keyshia Cole Oops I mean K Michelle's video until people started commenting about it. Wow, I didn't miss a thing, her song just welcomes a whole heap of negativity. And that negativity is STD'S, rapists, serial killers, HIV...etc Damn K Michelle if you "just want to F*ck" just pic a corner and start tricking!! like the pure prostitute that you are. Like WTF kind of message are you sending out to young girls? WOW nice video but dumb a*s song, what she need to do is seek therapy.
sexybrownpyt's picture

K Michelle looking like

K Michelle looking like Keisha Cole with the blond hair and the new age teeth and I don't know how I feel about the song but if K wants to be a role model for the little girls this is not the song for that
nikkool's picture

He ain't no

He ain't no Mendeeeeeeeceeeeeeees, or however you spell his name.
Yas's picture

Mama Dee's dramatics makes

Mama Dee's dramatics makes her so cunt....besides her ashy knees, she looked nice though. I'm officially going against all artists putting out Satan's songs, so with that being said.....K.Michele- one yourself. Those lyrics are irresponsible, triflin', and despite what you think, it definitely makes you a hoe. Songs like this will do two things: Block your blessings (you ain't neva gonna be bigger than what you are now) and push all rightous men VERY far away from you!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Agreed! Is K. Michele effing

Agreed! Is K. Michele effing serious whis this song?!? Her video is as cheap as she is! I don't care if she is "rebellious", a "I just wanna F*ck song over a love ballad? This is beyond tacky and classless and she is a Keisha Cole reject with that nasty plumped up pillow booty, blond hair, mammal teeth and tacky tattoos. I was rooting for her but now I just want her to go away. This is not the direction R&B should go.
myopinioncounts's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

Does Erica not see she

Does Erica not see she resembles Momma Dee?? lol
Missy's picture

You'll real funny.

You'll real funny.
TeaNicole's picture

Is this chick serious with

Is this chick serious with that song?? Those lyrics are insane. But looks who singing it.... a bird. GTFOHWTBS Please... and scrappy's mother is an enabler WTF!!
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Mama Dee need to go find

Mama Dee need to go find herself a man, she's too focused on her grown a*s son's life. I sick of mama's boy syndrome. You get what you put out and he needs to do better, especially for that lil girl that he has.
sexybrownpyt's picture

This right here, is just too

This right here, is just too much, if momma dee don't take those tires ass payless pumps the fuck off. With these VH1 checks I kno she at least grab from Steve Madden. Cmon this people are killing me, did they not WATCH themselves on TV the first time?? #ghettotrash
SkeeWee's picture

payless pumps. lmao. tbh, the

payless pumps. lmao. tbh, the mother's ENTIRE outfit is inappropriate. how are you going to drop off your son in a government building wearing a short flimsy skirt/dress, tattoo arms exposed and hooker heels on?? i guarantee the mother alerted the media to the exact time her son planned to turn himself in.
wildlife's picture

So much going on here, I

So much going on here, I can't...................SMH, LMMFAO!!!
My Moniker Is...'s picture

she may need to go ahead and

she may need to go ahead and amputate them legs tho. joints look gangrene-ish. cant fix that with cocoa butter, thats from the inside out.
shuga's picture

This post is too

This post is too hilarious!!!! "gangrene-ish"! They do look super ashy tho like she's been praying in Lil Scrappy's baby powder
myopinioncounts's picture

LMAOOOOOOO......let that

LMAOOOOOOO......let that grown ass manchild go to jail. negro prolly be in there for 45 minutes and they crying like he going 6 feet under. and IM MAD AS HELL the mama wont put on the tshirt because it dont match her outfit even tho it does match with them stains around her ankles!!! thanks for this laugh today, ybf!
shuga's picture

Oh well Scrappy got to suck

Oh well Scrappy got to suck it up since you didn't want to retake or take it the right way the first time and why Mama Dee look like Bootsy Collins IJS!!!!!!
nikkool's picture


TrueThinker's picture

Black people..............smh

Black people..............smh
sexe757's picture

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