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"Love & Hip Hop ATL" Takes Over New York With Stevie J, Joseline, K. Michelle, Mimi Faust & More

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The cast of "LAHH ATL" landed in New York to kick off the upcoming season of the show with cast favorites Stevie J, Joseline, Mimi Faust, K. Michelle and Erica Dixon in tow. See pics inside....

Joseline Hernandez...who showed up looking like she and Stevie just had a pimp-property conversation before they hopped out of the car...finally looked more lady like as she was on hand with her cast members to promote their show in NYC last night.

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Mona Scott Young and her colorful cast of characters from season 2 of VH1's “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” attended a screening and press reception at Stage 48 in New York City last night.  And TheYBF.com was on site to take in all the foolery that ensued.

Mona posed it up with Mimi and Erica (above).

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She also posed with "LAHH" star Yandy Smith and K. Michelle (who's rumored to be leaving the ATL and joining the NYC cast).  

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Joseline, who went on to become one of the show's breakout stars if you want to call it that, showed off her assets.

 photo myx5.jpg

And her boo Stevie J was there....still driving the bus.

 photo myx22.jpg

Erica Dixon, in a sexy red dress, wasn't wearing an engagement ring but she confirmed to TheYBF that she and Lil' Scrappy are still engaged.   Mona later revealed that legal issues (meaning his checks getting garnished by people he owes) kept Scrappy grounded in Atlanta.  

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Mimi Faust, who loves a good pop of color, also came to the press reception solo.  There was a little buzz once again that she's no longer with Nikko, the man she and K. Michelle argued about. 

 photo myx12.jpg

Yandy seemed to be in good spirits considering that she's still going through some very troubling times with her baby's father Mendeecees and all of his legal issues.  Cute Louboutins though...

 photo myx24.jpg

K. Foxx, who stars on Mona's other VH1 series, "The Gossip Game" looked foxy in a cheetah print jacket.

 photo myx30.jpg

Angela Yee, also of "The Gossip Game" and Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, interviewed Emily B.  No clue why she was there since she's adamant about not being a part of LAHH.  But maybe because she's appearing on the upcoming season of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones."

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TV/Radio personality Ed Lover, who hosted the classic hip hop show, "MTV Raps", asked the cast a few questions.

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 photo myx19.jpg 

During one "touching" moment, Mimi and K. Michelle made up after their blow-up this summer.

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As Mona fielded questions from the press,  guests sipped on Myx Fusions moscato, Malibu Red and Ciroc.

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 “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” premieres Monday, April 22 at 8pm ET/PT on VH1


Check out our one on one video interviews with the cast below:

TheYBF.com reported live from the scene were we spoke to Erica, Stevie, K. Michelle and Mona.  Erica told us that Shay is still a thorn in her side and is constantly trying to get Scrappy leave his family.  And she can't stand women like Shay.  K. Michelle told us she and Rasheeda don't get along because Rasheeda is very close friends with the man she accused of beating her (Memphitz). Stevie J said Joseline left the party early because he paid MiMi a compliment! And Mona talked to us about her upcoming Bravo show "Taking Atlanta" which focuses on people trying to achieve their dreams.  And she's also working on a film called "The Promise Keeper."


Photos via James Pray/Video by Shirley Vernae



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bipasho123's picture

Although I'm a huge fan of

Although I'm a huge fan of this ridiculous level of foolery, the people that appear on this show don't seem to realize that Mona is just using them and laughing at them all the way to the bank. She currently has (from my count) 4 reality shows in rotation and walks away with a huge payout for every successful season. The people who sign up for it aren't even getting high 5 figures for the entire season! She's making a fool of these idiots and they have no idea. I bet they think they're getting one over.
Santi114's picture

I love Erica's dress, Mimi's

I love Erica's dress, Mimi's hair and shoes are nice, love Yandy's Loubs, Joseline looks nice in her last pic, and Steebie actually looks kinda normal lol Looks like fun..Lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture


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henrynolan151's picture

Another show that portrary

Another show that portrary black people as ignorant,violent,uneducated,pole dancers,weave wearing,sex craved idiots who can't form a sentence. Are these people portraying typical people in the industry or are they desperate for money and attention? I would have said fame but none of these people have any bankable talents. That man Stevie J really has some issues. Did someone tell him that he was fine? They lied. He reminds me of a peeping tom. Yuck
d.g.ward's picture

K Foxx is a really pretty

K Foxx is a really pretty woman. Also, Yandy is too. She looks great after having that baby. Emily B always looks like she is about to POP! Erica Dixon looks like a str8 skank. She tries too hard 2 be sexy. K Michelle is a cutie but her fashion choices are not good.
sexe757's picture

That guy has a nice ass

That guy has a nice ass
Jesus H. Christ's picture

VH1 should clearly take The

VH1 should clearly take The Gossip Game and Chrissy and Mr. Jones off the air...Everyone looks nice except Stevie J....why does he look like Katt Williams....
imjustsayintho's picture

Why is there another season

Why is there another season of Chrissy and Mr. Jones? If there's another season of Gossip Game I will SCREAM! I used to look up to Mona but she's making it really hard with the horrible product she keeps recycling.
PacificGirl's picture

They all look fly. Different

They all look fly. Different but cute. I have no complaints...Could possibly be because I am happy enough with me to not JUDGE. Damn, y'all are a harsh bunch. I wonder what the ones talking about Emily's body or Yandy look like. There is nothing wrong with anything any of these women have on.
EJ's Girl's picture

is it just me, but standing

is it just me, but standing next to Mona and K. Michelle Yandy looks a hot piping crazy mess. She does not look like the boss business woman she attempts to portray but more like a hoodrat. *shrugs*
Only1raquel's picture


"RAPUNZEL, RAPUNZEL, LET DOWN YOUR HAIR!" Damn, haven't seen this many long spirally weaves since I last stepped into the beauty supply store. L&HHATL please "get your life!!"

Love Yandy's shoes!

Love Yandy's shoes!
getyourlife33's picture

Joseline actually looks

Joseline actually looks classy for ONCE. Mimi is okay...Erica's dress has commit capital murder for KILLING!!!!!! IT! Emily is trying hard to maintain that video vixen body but in real life she needs to shred 20lbs.
cutethatsall56's picture

Yandy that face needs SOOO

Yandy that face needs SOOO much work. I just CAN'T.
lalarey's picture

Why does everyone find her so

Why does everyone find her so ugly? I think she is very exotic looking. Pretty in my eyes.
sexe757's picture

Emily is freakin' OBESE.

Emily is freakin' OBESE. Girl your motto needs to be EAT LESS, MOVE MORE.
lalarey's picture

LOL I was just saying how

LOL I was just saying how she's trying to hard to maintain that video vixen body, but she needs to lose at least 20 lbs.
cutethatsall56's picture

Joseline H is looking like

Joseline H is looking like Rih here minus the centerblock head!
Shay's picture

Mona Scott-Young is not doing

Mona Scott-Young is not doing a good job. She's letting the money dictate these images. I don't fucking like her.
SkeeWee's picture

The only articulate one is

The only articulate one is the creator of the Show!!?!? Mona Scott! Get that Mone$$ Mona!

She's getting it! What a

She's getting it! What a price to pay. BeautyNbetrayal.com

I loooooooove YANDY!!!!!!!!!!

I loooooooove YANDY!!!!!!!!!! Look at Jose trying to be a lady, lol. I love Yandy and Mimi's shoes!
Yas's picture

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