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CHANGE OF HEART: Porsha Stewart's Returning To "RHOA" Next Season...

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Looks like Porsha Stewart is officially returning to "Real Housewives of Atlanta" afterall...despite telling BRAVO she was set on leaving.  The self proclaimed Black Trophy Wife was spotted leaving her NYC hotel today.  Check out the pics, and find out what we scooped from inside sources....

Divorce papers always seem to bring a change of heart in some way.  And where "Real Housewives' stars are concerned....that usually means dating much younger men than their ex husbands, changing their attitude into something better, or in Porsha's case...having a change of heart about leaving the show.

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So here's what we know:  Before Kordell Stewart filed those papers on Porsha..well, blindsided her with them, the Evangelist turned Barbie Trophy Wife had already given Bravo the deuces. Show development sources tell us it was all due to alleged pressure from Kordell and his disdain for how the show made him look. 

Kenya, Cynthia, Phaedra, and Kandi even appeared together as a cast on last night's episode of "Conan", but Porsha didn't appear because the show was booked previously when BRAVO was not planning on bringing her back.  NeNe had a previous engagement for "Glee."

But now, we're told BRAVO has ixnayed off the casting call for new Housewives all because Porsha has convinced BRAVO to take her back.  And we all know Andy and co. never miss out on a juicy divorce storyline.

Porsha appeared at yesterday's Upfronts, which is further proof she will be a cast member for the upcoming season.  We also hear Kim Zolciak may be holding a peach again in the opening credits again as she may return as a "RHOA" castmate once again.  Even though we all know she needs to stay her ass where she's at.  But apparently, her possible return depends on ratings for her "Don't Be Tardy" spinoff.

Good luck with that.


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bipasho123's picture

Ok I can see Porsha staying

Ok I can see Porsha staying as a castmate but that damn Kim can kick rocks.
Trustnotone's picture

Aww horse face, throwing

Aww horse face, throwing stones from a glass house, stuck up Bitch Porsha, has to come back on the show now until she finds her next meal ticket... *In the words of Dwight* How DREADFUL.... I wish her nothing but Karma.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Someone's jealous. I guess

Someone's jealous. I guess you're stuck paying for your own meals and from the tone of your post, seems like you are a bit famished. I never understood how women can be so proud to be independent. If you were smart, you'd make money off your looks too. Oh, but you can't so you hate...
Sabs4Prez's picture

Wishing Porsha much luck.

Wishing Porsha much luck.
Happy Lady's picture

i wish porscha the best. kim

i wish porscha the best. kim will never get my support for any show shes on. i wish those ladies luck tho
leesh's picture

I can't stand Kim, especially

I can't stand Kim, especially after she slammed Kandi's home, saying it was in a ghetto neighborhood, even though she was walking around evicted and homeless and Kandi had just paid cash for 2 homes right next to one another. Kim's jealousy was obvious. Bravo gonna make sure they take care of the lily, pure, white woman (KIM) that the big, mean, black girls ganged up on last season (sarcasm) Bravo gonna make sure Kim ALWAYS has a gig.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

love Porsha

love Porsha
Marniece's picture

That must be her sister in

That must be her sister in the 2nd pic, poor chil, she looks like the female version of 'Slim', part owner of YMCMB. Porsha knows she's going to need those Bravo checks now more than ever before.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Well isn't that special?

Well isn't that special?
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