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Beyonce's "Mirrors" Pepsi Commercial + New "Grown Woman" Snippet?

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Beyonce just revealed her big 4/4/13 mystery.  New music?  Not exactly.  It's her brand new Pepsi ad....with a sliver of new music in the background.  WOMP.  But we're still kinda loving it anyway.  Check it inside...

After yesterday's big pre-announcement of something popping on April 4 at 9am EST, this morning folks tuned in anxiously awaiting something big. 

And the big reveal....is the "Bow Down" singer's brand new 2013 Pepsi ad.  It's called "Mirrors" and showcases a reflection on all the changes Beyonce has experienced through her career: "Bootylicious" Bey, "Single Ladies" Bey, Sasha Fierce, and more.

At the end of the commercial, the bleached blonde diva, who celebrates her 5th wedding anniversary with Mr. Carter today, says "Embrace your past, but live for NOW."  The quote plays into Pepsi's "Now" theme.

In the background of the minute long commercial, a snippet of a new upbeat dance track (which she reveals in BTS footage is her new "Grown Woman" track) is playing as the theme.  I'm sure we'll be hearing the full version soon.  Check out the commercial below:

Chick looks fabulous as usual.  But while dropping this Pepsi ad is cute and all...we're ready for this new album.  Have a feeling she's going to drop that mug out the blue with no promo or warning though.  Get ready...

Speaking of new music, this new snippet of an upbeat Timbaland-produced song, allegedly off Beyonce's new album, called "Grown Woman" leaked on the net today.  It sounds like someone recorded her singing it acapella while rehearsing or in the studio.  Check it below:


Let the hate...and love...begin....

BONUS: The date of Bey's ESSENCE Music Festival 2013 performance was just announced.  She'll be tearing down the Superdome Sunday, July 7 as the headlining finale.

Source: Beyonce.com/LoveBScott.com





UGH....SHE...IS...DOING...IT!!!! #inspiring
Classic87's picture

I love her hair like this.

I love her hair like this. It's sexy and sleek..more mature..love the snippet! Drop that album girl!
cutethatsall56's picture

Where's Tamar Braxton with

Where's Tamar Braxton with the real R n B hits. Beyonce is still looking the same and doing the same old hing.
TeaNicole's picture

lol! Tamar is like Olivia.

lol! Tamar is like Olivia. one passionate single and done. probably just a challenge to see if she could do it and then lost interest.
shuga's picture

I liked that song playing in

I liked that song playing in the background...it sounds kinda Timbaland-ish lol Ya'll are going to have to stop hating on this chick...she ain't going nowhere!


Bimbo....will do...ANYTHING...for...MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

commercial is pretty

commercial is pretty good...however it's the same ole bey. nothing new.
wildlife's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully she's just saving some of the new stuff for when her new music is released. The ad really seemed more like an ode to Beyonce than a promotion for Pepsi. But I'm sure that was included in the contract. Now KIA and State Farm (actually most insurance companies) know how to utilize a celeb AND get the product's name a lot of attention. Pepsi should take note.
CheyPie's picture

Beyonce is so simple. Nothing

Beyonce is so simple. Nothing new or innovative, no growth whatsoever.
Finemadam's picture

I loved the throw back to all

I loved the throw back to all of her past looks and the choreography was cute!

LOVE IT!! You can hate her or

LOVE IT!! You can hate her or like her but either way she is a SUPERstar! Only Bey can generate the most comments on YBF (from haters & fans alike) and have OVER 20,000 likes on EVERY IG pic. Now, why yall mad?
BooLuv's picture

She has conformist traits. I

She has conformist traits. I am not hating on Queen Bey but what I am seeing is that she has the ability to conform when necessary and I really don't think it has anything to do with her Cerole bloodline - when they are paying you a large sum to back their product there is a sit down amongst the higher bees who will definitely dictate the type of look they would like represented for their product...it all boils down to dollars and cents...
lifeisgood's picture

She looks very crisp and

She looks very crisp and white. smdh....I know the stans, set their clocks for this..... and this is what she served them?..... Clearly she's celebrating April's Fool's Day 3 days late. smhlol.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Before I head off to tend to

Before I head off to tend to my career, I find it hysterical you think you are belittling her fans, but you find your way to every Beyonce post, 10:24a.m. post her huge announcement, and are so preoccupied with her where about more than any stan I have seen on this message board. I enjoy reading up on Beyonce, and find it odd you display such a disgust for her yet you comment on every single post. You are truly a little girl mentally. You should be sitting at your desk or in your home office beginning your day with the things you enjoy. But, you can't deter a person who is determined to be offended and miserable. Grow up honey!
marylou's picture

She'll be here with all the

She'll be here with all the others on all the forthcoming KingBey posts..because they Stan for her just like we do #boom
TrueThinker's picture

She she has to "grow up"

She she has to "grow up" because she likes to comment on YBF? Why do fans/stans of this chick get so defensive? Is your connection to her that strong that you take every negative comment personally? This is all just internet fun. Beyonce is head of a billion dollar empire. She'll be ok. For you to notice her negative comments in every Beyonce post means you too are in every Beyonce post so yall on the same team as far as i'm concerned.

Her stans are mentally

Her stans are mentally unstable. I actually be sitting here lol when they reply to me, with their emotional rants. It's not that serious. I come here for shits and giggles, while they come here to deliver daily praises and demand that you do it with them....... all for a person, that don't know or care to know them. Sad.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I applaud this comment! It

I applaud this comment! It amazes me how people who dislike her, come into EVERY SINGLE post just to say it! Clearly they have an issue with a woman who doesnt even know they exist! Instead of posting so much BS on a person you dont like, go to the other HUNDREDS of posts and read up on something that interests you! Or is positive something they cant do...???
BooLuv's picture

It's funny but the "haters"

It's funny but the "haters" act crazier than any "stan" I've ever seen. The fans comments are normal and sane while the "haters" comments are deranged and hate filled. I co-sign on your comment.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

You think you just said

You think you just said something, don't you? smhlol.... GIRL BYE!!!! Btw...... Clearly you're the one with the mentality of a little girl, going through this post, replying to everbody, throwing temper tantrums, (as if you're gonna get us to change our mind) cause we're talking about your Master. Now here, (passes Kleenex through screen) wipe your tears, get your emotions in order and have a seat sweetie. Not a good look. smdh...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I like the commercial....cute

I like the commercial....cute idea!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

This is one bad chick and for

This is one bad chick and for those who says she looks white.....Black people come in all shades. Get a life, a passport and ticket to Africa, only to find that many Africans are light-skinned and have beautiful, straight, silky hair or bouncy natural curls. Beyonce has good old Creole blood as many of us do and it shows!! What you all need to do is stop worrying about skin color amongst blacks and become comfortable with your own!! What is she supposed to do? Darken her skin so you can feel like she's one of you? Umm, she's Black!! Get over it!!
jdotty's picture

Agreed. But I honestly don't

Agreed. But I honestly don't think people would make so many comments about her wanting to be a white woman if she didn't insist on wearing a bleach blonde weave all the time. I'm the same color as Beyonce and best believe, if I came home one day with blonde hair, my family would ask me where my mind went. Her situation is obviously different because she's an entertainer and I'm a little biased because I'd personally like to see more black entertainers sport their natural hair. But still, I think the comments are a little warranted.
CheyPie's picture

Nail on the head! You learn,

Nail on the head! You learn, ignorant people hate whatever they are unfamiliar with! Most of the people on this site, despite the name, have never experienced true success. Thus, they will go at everything they deem beyond their reach with a vengeance. If Beyonce was dark skinned, they would say she's too dark, if her hair was brown they'd scream they liked her better blonde. I think Beyonce and her team have given up on the idea of pleasing the masses, and focused on the ones who truly matter!
marylou's picture

OMG!!!...lmao! Now she's

OMG!!!...lmao! Now she's Gwyneth Paltrow?!!!! WTF? This is the big announcement? Girl boo and bye!
JewelryLover's picture

I give 2 shits about a Pepsi

I give 2 shits about a Pepsi ad...had me all hype for this tomfoolery! ***goes back to scratchin' my ass****
And There Ya Go's picture

What is going on with this

What is going on with this site? For two days I could only see the first story and the rest are blank pages? Still unable to see posts.
nlwilliams60's picture

Thought I was the only

Thought I was the only one....I can still see the stories, I just have to scroll alot.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I love the way Beyonce can

I love the way Beyonce can cause mass hysteria among ppl who claim to dislike her...lol. All the ppl who cant like her are about to blow up the internet with their sob stories about how and why they dont like her and that its their constitutional right to say so at every given opportunity. Post of the moment.....here you go!
shuga's picture

True dat boo.

True dat boo.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

she just won't go away and

she just won't go away and stop letting others do her job as a Parent and raise your own child. Not a role model. Model of disgust
lola69's picture

All speculation with no

All speculation with no substance!
marylou's picture

the commercial was cute. But

the commercial was cute. But i see why ppl call her burlesque dancer
olgurl25's picture

She's turned into a beautiful

She's turned into a beautiful WHITE WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You hit the nail on the

You hit the nail on the head!!!!! She's so washed out now, totally drinking the Kool Aid of the white standard of beauty. Her lace front wigs are looking wiggier and wiggier too.
The Real Thing's picture

Welp, she told Oprah before

Welp, she told Oprah before meeting Camel...that her #1 Goal in life is to be a Billionaire....she will achieve it....but at what cost?????????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

agree, that is what happens

agree, that is what happens when you hang out with only Gweneth and the bunch. she has always had an identity crisis going on. she want to be hood yet sophisticated. Not
lola69's picture

She lost her

She lost her identity...because she is soooo focused on just MONEY!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I was starting to count

I was starting to count Beyonce out of contemporary music. I am definitely feeling where she is heading with this single. It's the retaliation she needed to release in place of that god awful bow down. This concept is is clever!
marylou's picture

I wish Beyonce would go to

I wish Beyonce would go to either the black or dark brown hair, kind of tired of the blonde/dark blond color. the song sounds good, I want to hear the entire CD, as for he commercal, it is okay, cannot wait for other future projects.
sweetpea1989's picture

I'm mad this wasn't a new

I'm mad this wasn't a new single promo...but that commercial was hot tho Bey... :)
TrueThinker's picture

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