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SPEAKING OUT: Lil' Wayne Releases Video Saying, "I'm More Than Good" + Promotes Upcoming Tour With T.I.

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Lil' Wayne taped a message for concerned fans to let them know he is doing well and appreciates the love.  And he only sent it to the site he's been beefing with.  Watch what he said inside and see rapper T.I. drop in to show some support AND promote their upcoming tour....


In a video made for TMZ, and directed by DJ Scoob Doo, Lil' Wayne shot a taped message for his fans (taped Wednesday night at 11:30pmPT) in response to all the rumors about his hospitalization and alleged drug overdose. Lil' Tunechi starts off the clip with some Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation-realness where he counts down "5-4-3-2-1" and thanks his fans for all of the love and support they showed while he was in the hospital. 

"I just want to say thank you to all ya'll for ya'll prayers and your concerns and all that. I swear to God I felt that love when I was laid up in that mother----in' hospital bed. I want all ya'll to know that I'm good ... more than good." 

Then he announced that his album, I Am Not A Human Being II, will still drop on March 26.

He was then joined by T.I. and the fellas used the moment to promote their upcoming tour, which will kick off on July 5, saying, "Get you some barbecue on the 4th and holla at us on the 5th."

Then before he got up to leave, Weezy looked at the camera and said.  "Kiss my fist." 

And in his most vulnerable moment on tape, he said, "I'm more than good. But thank you for real. Thank you to all ya'll out there for your prayers. I'm more than good. I swear to God, thank you."

And whatever was going on in the hotel room (prior to shooting the video) had both of their Southern drawls dialed up to level 10!  The last part of the video will be hard to understand for folks who grew up above the Mason Dixon line. 

But for what it's worth, Lil' Tunechi is back!

Watch the video here:






Nothing against gay people,

Nothing against gay people, But I seriously think a guy is secretly gay when they suck on lollipops. It just doesn’t look right. Even if this sounds ignorant because had I read it from someone else I would have thought it was ignorant. BUT JUST DONT LOOK RIGHT. Straight men just should not suck on lollipops sorry.
kimaras31's picture

They sound like slaves!

They sound like slaves! Straight up coons.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Lil Wayne is starting to look

Lil Wayne is starting to look like Flavor Flav...
C2C's picture

Hopefully, he'll stop using

Hopefully, he'll stop using that syrup stuff. I don't even know the real name for it - lol.
Happy Lady's picture

TI stay putting up the gun

TI stay putting up the gun symbol and did time for gun charges he is azz backwards and Lil Wayne why do you keep swearing to a GOD you do not believe in?
Tippie Toes's picture


star's picture

See alot of sistas on here

See alot of sistas on here calling this tomfoolery and niggerish, but i see alot of black women with negros that act just like T.I and Lil wayne, then they also complain about negros being in jail but date niggas with a prison gangster type of mentality. AND IT AINT JUST HOOD CHICKS, black women period, if he aint a thug, he a clown as negro, if he aint a clown, he soft and let the sista run over him. I honestly think black women don't like progressives black men, they don't SWAG enough for em. And thats why we gonna keep producing the likes of T.I and Lil waynes in our community. What happen to the marcus garveys, medger evars, booker t's, dr bens, black women are procreating with fools and creating a even more foolish like male.
LetsGetIt's picture

TI needs to quit acting like

TI needs to quit acting like a damn coon, since he been out he been acting a damn fool, very extra. Talks intelligently on Chelsea Handler and a damn coon when around black folk. Get it the fuck together
shaneice225's picture

It always cracks me up when

It always cracks me up when people say T.I speaks intelligently. No he doesn't!!! LOL. I love T.I., but NO, he's a bit more coherent than the other hood rappers at times, but that's about it. #nolovelost
SkeeWee's picture

If you've ever seen TI in an

If you've ever seen TI in an interview setting, discussing serious things he CAN be very well-spoken. When I was in Philly he was on the radio giving advice to wannabe rappers and singers and he spoke well then too. He puts his hood persona on & off as needed.

Clearly he has ben sober for

Clearly he has ben sober for days, but sorry to say, next time he is gonna die from that shit. DJ Screw + Sizzurp= Dead Pimp C+Sizzurp= Dead. If he cared about his family and himself, he would go into a rehab A$AP! Between smoking weed, popping mollies and drink syrup, its looking kind a grim. #truth
SkeeWee's picture

He got dread weave now?

He got dread weave now? because I could've sworn...

plain tomfoolery at its

plain tomfoolery at its best!!! he needs to go sit down somewhere
peacelovebunny's picture

Slow the eff down Wayne!

Slow the eff down Wayne!
SweetDivaT's picture

So, I know everyone is

So, I know everyone is saying, "well, what about his kids... his family and friends... why are people being so negative..." FUCK that!!! Was he worrying about his children when he was partying excessively, drinking that mess, popping those pills and doing all those other drugs??? I don't think so. I know he loves his children, what father doesn't? But your actions make it hard for people to have sympathy for you! I am tired of celebrities riding dirty like they're invincible, then when the shit hits the fan, everybody wants to scream "he has kids, oh, we feel so bad for the kids, pray for him..." Nigga, for what??? If anything, if he were to die because of his own decisions and actions, then his life will be a lesson to his children. Don't spend your life getting wasted! Of course, I know that people party and have fun, but when it begins to affect your health and you continue to do the same things over and over, then you've made your choice! Personally, I could care less if he had passed away... Shoot, it's people that I know in real life that have died and I don't even blink, so why would I put so much care and emphasis into this lil muhfuckka!?


wildlife's picture


LBA1's picture

For the future of our

For the future of our generations, Wayne and the like need to go on to the Upper Room. Yeah, I said it.
inmyskin318's picture

Whatever happened to people

Whatever happened to people saying positive things? Any who, I'm glad to know that he's out of the hospital and he's healthy. I know his kids are happy. I didn't understand everything he was saying, but still. Lol. If drugs is what put him in there, I hope it was a wake up call for him.
Iridescent One's picture

Honey, get over it... This is

Honey, get over it... This is not the first time he's been hospitalized and I'm sure it wont be the last, if he doesn't die eventually. Look at Pimp C. Never been hospitalized, but found dead because of the same stuff that this idiot has been consuming!

"Whatever happened to people

"Whatever happened to people saying positive things?' Please--ask Lil Wayne that after listening to 90% of his music. I'm not saying that I wished illness on him-cuz I'm glad he's out of the hospital, but his CONFESSED drug use/addiction is probably how he wound up in the ICU in the first place. He is talented though; so is T.I.-so why they choose to PURPOSELY speak and act so ghetto-fabulous in this video is beyond me. What a nice message for their young fans, and what a sterotypical way to behave for TMZ. Sickening.

I could give a damn what

I could give a damn what happens to this little racist ugly troll.
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