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EXCLUSIVE: Lance Gross Reveals If WEDDING BELLS Are Ringing With Girlfriend Rebecca Jefferson

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While promoting his new film Temptation, Lance Gross talked exclusively to TheYBF.com about his relationship with his hot stylist girlfriend, pictured above, Rebecca Jefferson, and if they are planning to walk down the aisle.  Get the deets inside...


Temptation star Lance Gross should have learned a thing or two about marriage after his latest intense role in the Tyler Perry flick.  So when we saw Mr. Gross looking so in love at Saturday night's Atlanta premiere, we had to ask if he's ready to jump the broom himself with girlfriend Rebecca Jefferson.

"That's big!" Lance dished to TheYBF.com on the red carpet. "Not anytime soon, not anytime soon. I'm comfortable where I am. We're in a great place, we're in love, just taking it slow."


Also, the busy actor told us about his newest role in an upcoming unnamed NBC series:

"I'm playing a secret service agent. It's a political, drama, action show. I'm playing a secret service agent, I'm working my first day on the President's son's detail, he get's kidnapped under my detail. So it's my responsibility. I won't tell you too much, but it's a lot of action."

And we can expect for him to take on another Tyler Perry flick in between in his TV gigs....if the script is good.  He revealed about his character this go-round:

My character Brice, he is a small town guy, he works very hard. He married his childhood sweetheart, played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell, whose character's name is Judith. In his relationship, he has kinda lost touch and got comfortable in his situation that he's in.  He stopped doing the things that he use to do. It's kind of like flat, so that's when the temptation comes in. This other guy played by Robbie Jones comes in the picture and shows her a whole new world.

Check out Lance Gross when Temptation hits theaters March 29th.


Photo: G Paras Photos




Lance Gross' wife looks old.

Lance Gross' wife looks old. Is she 40? Someone's pulling another Usher. IJS
MsNicholeP's picture

Pretty sure she has a famous

Pretty sure she has a famous father, Herbert Jefferson Jr.
The YBF's picture

This girl can run circles

This girl can run circles around the ex. She's educated, (We attended the same college) not at all fake, and has a clean reputation. I don't believe that the ex has a chance. Besides, from what I've seen, these two are really happy. Why not be happy for him?
The YBF's picture

She is gorgeous. Thank

She is gorgeous. Thank goodness she's a black beauty.
KENNEDY78's picture

This girl to sum it up is

This girl to sum it up is basic. I mean I just don't get any life from her, but then again men love to marry the basics.
cutethatsall56's picture

She's very pretty.

She's very pretty.
I_love_laughing's picture

I won't throw shade at his

I won't throw shade at his girl or talk about her but I will say that I liked him better with Eva!! sorry Lance, this girl seems a lil blah to me.
KimChi's picture

I know...I loved him and Eva

I know...I loved him and Eva together.
Laia's picture

Lance is a Cancer and

Lance is a Cancer and Cancerian men love to be in love.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Don't mean to sound harsh but

Don't mean to sound harsh but she's just there until Eva returns. Same thing with Eva and her guy. Eva and Lance will find their way back to each other.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

(squinting eyes)There's

(squinting eyes)There's something about her..... I don't like the way that she looks... to be cont'd...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL...I can't wait to read

LOL...I can't wait to read what you come what up with.
CheyPie's picture

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